[Release] FREE EP! Various Artists–electronic rumors Volume 1: The reMix EP


This 13th February marks the one year anniversary of the release of electronic rumors Volume 1. The compilation, spawned from a blog, that spawned a record label.

Released in association with Ninthwave Records, ER Vol. 1, collected 15 of the best ElectroPop, Nu-Disco and Dreamwave artists around onto one big CD and digital release.

To mark Volume 1’s birthday, we’re giving away a free EP. Four artists who appeared on ER Vol. 1, reMixing four other tracks from the album. All exclusive and specially recorded for this EP, and our gift to everyone who has supported us and the artists we’ve worked with in the last twelve months

Some of the finest talent from electronic rumors Volume 1 have kindly contributed to this free reMix EP with the worlds of ElectroPop, Dreamwave and Nu-Disco all represented. Lending their amazing songs to the EP are the queen of DiscoPop Ronika, ElectroPop siren Queen Of Hearts, 80s SynthPopper Kid Kasio and Indie-Electro dreamers Echoes. Turning their skills to reworking these fine tunes are Electro future stars Substatic, the cream of New York ElectroPop She’s The Queen, Dreamwave O.G.s LexiconDon and Electro experimentalist beaumont.

The EP is available as a FREE download here: http://electronicrumors.bandcamp.com/album/electronic-rumors-volume-1-the-remix-ep

Get electronic rumors Volume 1: the reMix EP from:

Chordashian reMixes Touch Tone

We knew it was only a matter of time before we started to hear some reMixes of Dreamwave Original Gangster Touch Tone awesome Make Believe. Make Believe is Touch Tone’s second single under this new moniker and both his track have been in demand for reMixers, once you’ve heard his big, anthemic, DiscoPop you’ll understand why. So, stepping up this time is a duo who have been around for a while, but recently joined the Binary fold, Chordashian.

The Brooklyn duo whip up a nice mix of beach Disco and piano House for their taken on the tune. Alex from LexiconDon’s vocals sound comfortable amidst the stuttering snares and late night House vibe. Chordashian have managed to deliver a reMix that is both extremely dancefloor friendly, but quite musically interesting too, and retaining all the the originals soul.

Touch Tone – Make Believe (Chordashian reMix)

Touch Tone’s Make Believe is out now on Binary.

Buy Touch Tone’s music from:

LexiconDon’s ‘Pretending’


LexiconDon singles are coming thick and fast now, hopefully this means the album is on the horizon the latest track, Pretending, is a freebie. The track shows another side to LexiconDon, set against the three other recent singles. Single four is probably a good time to bring in a different mood ahead of the album.

Haunting and atmospheric? No, I prefer dreamy and hazy. Pretending is like the musical equivalent of waves lapping on a beach. A warm and moody ElectroPop track that is loaded with lush sounds and rich chords that intermix with distant effected vocals. At time the track seems in danger of slipping into Chillwave territory, but never fully crosses the line, the steady kick and LA vibe keeping in firmly in the land of groove. It’s good to know that the new album will be soothing the soul as well as bringing the party.

LexiconDon – Pretending

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Touch Tone’s ‘Make Believe’

Touch Tone

It was May this year that saw the evolution of Andrew Verner from RoboPop commissioner Short Circuit into slick ElectroPop act Touch Tone. His début single, Home Away From Home, was something really special that had talented producers clamouring to remix it. Now the Touch Tone follow-up is here and sees Andrew teaming up with LexiconDon’s Alex Koons for an old school Binary jam.

Make Believe is more Housey then we would have expected, and a lot more Tropical than Home Away From Home, but those two elements, in Verner’s hands, come together to form some sort of blissful holiday ElectroPop monster. An uplifting beast with a kind of unspecific nostalgia, the 909 beat and digital bass have obvious early 90’s House references, but the warm Dreamwave sounds and Island Disco lead line blur the specifics of sound and Touch Tone delivers a smooth, comfortable slice of Pop House that become more infectious with each listen. Alex Koons lends his brand of LexiconDon heartfelt storytelling to the track, and it turns out to be the perfect match, especially in the asthenic chorus. We expect producers to be clamouring to reMix this one too.

♫ Touch Tone (Feat. Alex Koons)  – Make Believe

Touch Tone’s Make Believe is out now on Binary.

Buy Touch Tone’s music from:

LexiconDon’s ‘City Lies’


We’ve Burned and wondered Where We Went, now we can get our third taste of Dreamwave original gangsters LexiconDon’s new album in the form of City Lies, their new single. We’ve seen a variety of new sounds in these previews of the album, as Alex stretches his musical wings, and City Lies adds some new flavour to the mix.

There’s a raw feel to the track. Machine beats, white noise snares and slight distortion on the vocals give LexiconDon’s laid back LA sound a new live, garage dimension. One of LexiconDon’s greatest strengths is Aex’s narrative in his songs. More than many other bands, you always get a real sense of what he’s singing about, capturing the mood and imparting it to the listener perfectly. This strength shines through in City Lies, both musically and lyrically as Alex wears his heart on his sleeve, lamenting the complications of relationships set to a late night urban soundtrack.

♫ LexiconDon – City Lies

City Lies is out now.

Buy LexiconDon’s music from:

LexiconDon’s ‘Burn’


Dropping yesterday was the second new tune from LA Dreamwave capos LexiconDon’s forthcoming sophomore album. Burn sees the guys take a much more chilled, reflective road than their previous work, creating a sweeping, thoughtful peice. I know, right! LexiconDon…introspective…who knew?

Alex and Fabian cock up a rich mix of hazy synths, plucked strings and reverb washed vocals with Burn. Almost like LexiconDon’s take on Chillwave, the track casts a mood of dreamlike nostalgia and melodic pensiveness. Burn is a like a wall of soft noise, or a crashing wave of synths, that provide an intricate stage for Alex’s distant lament to ebb and low in and out of the tune. So far we’re really diggin’ LexiconDon’s new material. Roll on the album.

♫ LexiconDon – Burn

Burn is out now.

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The return of LexiconDon


This week Binary’s bay boys LexiconDon make their long awaited return. LexiconDon were amongst the Dreamwave originators, the original Binary crew, and since the release of their amazing Pink + Blue album in 2010 the Don’s main synth twiddler Fabian went on to have critically acclaimed Nu-Disco hit album Say Goodbye. We’ve been waiting a while but now looks like the right time for the guys to get the band back together! Time for another LexiconDon summer.

The new single Where Did We Go? is pure LexiconDon. The combination of Fabian’s smooth beats and Alex’s croon is something special. Just the vibe it gives off, I dunno’, it’s hard to explain but Fabian and Alex just sell it. I’m not sure what the ‘it’ they sell is, but whatever ‘it’ is it happens in the sunshine with beer and friends. For lovers of laid back, Disco tinged ElectroPop with an Indie aesthetic, this is your summer tune.

♫ LexiconDon – Where Did We Go?

Where Did We Go? is out now on Binary.

Buy LexiconDon’s music from:


Electronic Rumors Volume 1 – Out now on CD & Digital

05_ electronic_rumors_digital_cover

Well, it’s finally out in the wild, the last seven months of my life have come to fruition as we are amazingly proud to present ‘electronic rumors volume 1’.

I won’t go on about it, it’s possible that i would have a hard time reviewing it objectively, so take a listen to Ride The Universe’s awesome minimix of the compilation featuring all 15 tracks.

It’s almost weird that it’s real now and if you like physical media I would really recommend the CD, it comes in a stunning DigiPak designed by Sebastian Bentler.

♫ Electronic Rumors Volume 1 MiniMix (Mixed By Ride The Universe)

electronic rumors & Ninthwave Records
electronic rumors Volume One

Available 13th February 2012 on CD and Digital Download featuring the best in new ElectroPop, Dreamwave, Nu-Disco and Indie-Electro.

For the past four years music blog electronic rumors (electronicrumors.com) has been serving up the latest and greatest news and tracks in the world of Electro/Disco/Indie/Dreamwave/Synth/Stuff/Thing/Pop and now they have teamed up with respected Us ElectroPop label Ninthwave Records (Heaven17/White Town/The Modern) to release electronic rumors Volume 1, featuring of some of the best artists making Dreamwave, Nu-Disco, ElectroPop and Indie-Electro in the last twelve months including exclusive tracks from Ride The Universe (Dreamwave supergroup acclaimed, for their reMixes, with their début original), the much hyped Show Your Shoe, Futurecop!, beaumont, Substatic and Echoes and the first time on CD for Queen Of Hearts and Ronika, both tipped by the mainstream press for chart dominance in 2012. They feature alongside some of the most exciting electronic music that broke out in 2011.

01. Vanbot – Make Me, Break Me
02. Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Diamond Cut reMix)
03. Queen Of Hearts – Where Are You Now? (StardonE Radio Mix)
04. Echoes – Second Best
05. Ronika – Wiyoo
06. Cosmonaut Grechko – All I Hear (Cosmo Black reMix)
07. Ride The Universe – A Little Better (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley)
08. Substatic – Gold
09. LexiconDon – December Sunset (Keenhouse reMix)
10. She’s The Queen – Waiting Game
11. Futurecop! – Me & U
12. Kid Kasio – Not For Turning
13. Show Your Shoe – Krokodil
14. Short Circuit – Let Go (NightWaves reMix)
15. beaumont – Reptile Blaze

Both the CD and Digital release happen Monday 13th February and will be available from most stockists.

Purchase links:




And most other usual stockists!



What happens when LexiconDon crooner Alex Koons teams up with producer Brandon Light and gets drunk? Orangewood, that’s what. A new dimension of groove.

Orangewood’s EP is available on Bandcamp, and it’s an eclectic affair. there’s a lot going on within the four tracks, a lot of influences and a lot of experimentation, but the duo never let’s things get out of hand. They’re going with the flow, but keeping it funky. The opening track, ‘Dick Daniel’ is like a Shoegaze guitarist jamming out over a Disco influenced ‘80’s TV Theme and provides a nice set up for the rest of the EP as you start to get a handle on what to expect. Following on from that the EP starts to bring in strands from everything from Cosmic Disco to R&B to Dancehall to Dub. ‘Too Long For A Good (A Childhood Medley)’ stands out as the ‘hit’, the only track with vocals all the way though, but don’t be expecting a LexiconDon-a-like, ‘Too Long’ is a strange combination of the Tropical and New York Indie, and even a little very early Smashing Pumpkins run through all the fun the studio can offer. There’s pretty much something for everyone on the EP, and at the amazing low price of free, you can’t really not dip your toe into the world of Orangewood.

Orangewood – Dick Daniel

Orangewood – Too Long For Too Good (A Childhood Medley)

Orangewood’s ‘Dick Daniel’ EP is out now.

Buy Orangewood’s music from:

LexiconDon ‘Set Sail’

The boys are back in town! Well, they’re not, they’re currently on tour, but Binary’s finest SynthPop troublemakers LexiconDon are still finding time to drop the third single from last years ‘Pink + Blue’ album.

‘Set Sail’ was the comedown on ‘Pink + Blue’, the final track that eased you out of the LexiconDon world both in it’s chilled ElectroPop and it’s lyrical imagery, with a little heartbreak in the parting too. So with the single release the have enlisted the help of some of the funkiest music creators around to fill a, frankly, stunning reMix package. Chicagoan producer collective of the moment Only Children drop a live sounding tune with heaps of New York Disco groove. At an epic seven minutes their reMix runs the gauntlet from cool Disco licks to sparkling layers of analog synth. Raining heavyweight champions of smooth music, Fiero, grab the laidback beach vibe of the original with both hands and take it yachting. Their synthesizer dream is the kind of emotional soundtrack music that’s perfect for shoreline sunsets, with just the right amount of talk-boxed Disco Funk to keep you wanting more. Worship pick up the pace with their version, more fitting for the dancefloor than the beach, proving that ‘Set Sail’ works just as well as an upbeat dance track as it does as a ballad. Worship pulls out one of my favourite versions in the pack, really playing to the rhythms newly speedy vocals with the groove of the track, to give the song an urgent quality, opening up new interpretations of the lyrics.

♫ LexiconDon – Set Sail

LexiconDon – Set Sail (Only Children Uppers-Downers reMix)

LexiconDon – Set Sail (Fiero reMix)

LexiconDon – Set Sail (Worship reMix)

The single also includes rad mixes from Flash Mode, who drop some full on summer Nu-Disco and Jemex, who morph the track into a New Wave hit. You can pick up the reMixes, for free, in high quality on LexiconDon’s SoundCloud.

‘Set Sail’ is taken from LexiconDon’s album ‘Pink + Blue’, out now:

Buy LexiconDon’s music from:


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