[Download] Pat Lok reMixes Back Back Forward Punch’s ‘Solid Gold’



Australian ElectroPop duo Back Back Forward Punch continue in their quest to have everyone cool on the planet reMix them. Having already tussled with the likes of MiGHty mOUse, Dublin Aunts and The Penelopes, the Aussies then set their sights on Canadian House wizard Pat Lok for reMix duties on their latest single. The track’s called Solid Gold, and any new Pat Lok reMix is a cause for a party. So, yeah, let’s party.

But what do we have here? This isn’t a Lok-ian House tune riding a 4/4 kick. What we’ve got here is a board mix of 90s dance and Bristol beat (and yes, being from Bristol, this makes me very happy). In fact, this might be my favourite Pat Lok track to date, or maybe it’s just that the sun is shining and here’s a lazy vibe going on that the track’s slick mix of laid back 90s Hop Hop beats and warm Chicago keys feeds into. Either way the warm bass is filling my head and the shuffling hats are shaking my shoulders and I’m loving it. Enjoy.

Back Back Forward Punch – Solid Gold (Pat Lok reMix)

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[Download] G.L.O.V.E.S. reMixes Passerine’s ‘Paris Morning’



G.L.O.V.E.S.. Now there’s a dude who doesn’t release nearly enough tunes for sate out appetite for his music. The Australian Nu-Disco staple’s productions never fail to impress and, particularly on a Friday, get us in the mood for the weekend. His latest work is a reMix of Melbourne Tip-Hop outfit Passerine’s Paris Morning.

Mixing up a little bouncy House and a little poolside Disco into one synth funk fuelled whole, G.L.O.V.E.S. transforms the deep, atmospheric original into a dancefloor mover. This reMix is like a Chicago House track with added Disco swing. The 909 beats, organ riff and punchy digital bassline are all straight out of the classic House playbook, but the smokey vocals and carefree daytime swing give the track a definite mirrorball vibe. A nice combination of genres coming together to birth a good-times floorfiller.

Passerine – Paris Morning (G.L.O.V.E.S. reMix)

Passerine’s Paris Morning is released 8th November.

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[Release] FREE EP! Various Artists–electronic rumors Volume 1: The reMix EP


This 13th February marks the one year anniversary of the release of electronic rumors Volume 1. The compilation, spawned from a blog, that spawned a record label.

Released in association with Ninthwave Records, ER Vol. 1, collected 15 of the best ElectroPop, Nu-Disco and Dreamwave artists around onto one big CD and digital release.

To mark Volume 1’s birthday, we’re giving away a free EP. Four artists who appeared on ER Vol. 1, reMixing four other tracks from the album. All exclusive and specially recorded for this EP, and our gift to everyone who has supported us and the artists we’ve worked with in the last twelve months

Some of the finest talent from electronic rumors Volume 1 have kindly contributed to this free reMix EP with the worlds of ElectroPop, Dreamwave and Nu-Disco all represented. Lending their amazing songs to the EP are the queen of DiscoPop Ronika, ElectroPop siren Queen Of Hearts, 80s SynthPopper Kid Kasio and Indie-Electro dreamers Echoes. Turning their skills to reworking these fine tunes are Electro future stars Substatic, the cream of New York ElectroPop She’s The Queen, Dreamwave O.G.s LexiconDon and Electro experimentalist beaumont.

The EP is available as a FREE download here: http://electronicrumors.bandcamp.com/album/electronic-rumors-volume-1-the-remix-ep

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Charleston are a London based three-peice who are drawing in a range of eclectic influences for their moody début single, released next month.

If ‘Peice By Peice’ is an introduction to Charleston’s sound, then they will definitely be a group to keep an ear on in the coming year. Initial comparisons, both musically and vocally, would be to Portishead, but there is something more contemporary going on here too. ‘Peice By Peice’ is a deep, soulful tune that has it’s roots in Trip-Hop but displays a more experimental attitude, even including elements of Dubstep and ChipTune in the mix to create something that, despite it’s low groove, is pretty majestic sounding. The smokey, sultry vocals don’t hurt either.

♫ Charleston – Piece By Piece

‘Piece By Piece’ is released 6th February via Good Bait.

Check out more from Charleston on SoundCloud.



‘Walking Like Children’ is the first single from Canadian ElectroPop duo SolarSolar’s début album for Binary Entertainment.

If this track is any indication of what to expect on the full length record then we’re in for a dreamlike treat. ‘Walking Like Children’ seems to dwell at the point where the laid back retro beach party sounds of Dreamwave meet the deep moods and beats of Trip-Hop (and being a Dreamwave fan from Bristol, that kinda’ appeals to me!). With some interesting instrumentation and an attractive quirkiness to the music, SolarSolar new single is definitely one of the better chill out tracks to be released for a while.

♫ SolarSolar – Walking Like Children

SolarSolar’s début album ‘Pilot’ is out 21st February 2012

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Monsieur Adi reMixes Paper Crows

Paper Crows are a UK duo who incorporate elements of Dub, Trip-Hop, Electronica and Dubstep to create a haunting and atmospheric, yet soulful, sound.

Which, of course, is taken apart and put back together with strips of ElectroPop and Nu-Disco by the awesome Monsieur Adi for their forthcoming début single ‘Stand Alight’. Adi, who literally makes the track sound like a different song, manager to work the melancholic ballad into an upbeat floorfiller.

Paper Crows – Stand Alight (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Paper Crows – Stand Alight

‘Stand Alight’ is released October 11th, until then check out Paper Crows at their MySpace.

Paper Crows @ MySpace

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Broken Bells’ ‘The Ghost Inside’ video


Broken Bells (being Danger Mouse and James Mercer from The Shins) premiered their new video, ‘The Ghost Inside’ today over at The Guardian.

The song is quite a cool, laidback, Big Beat/ElectroPop tune that really grown on you with repeated listens, but the video is awesome as hell! A cool and quirky Sci-Fi story starring the smokin’ hot Christina Hendricks (Firefly/Mad Men) with a punch-in-the-gut ending. Just watch it:

Broken Bells self-titled first album is out now.

Broken Bells @ Juno

Broken Bells @ 7Digital

Broken Bells @ Amazon

Massive Attack & Martina Topley-Bird’s ‘Psyche’ reMixed

It looks like ‘Psyche’ might have been chosen as the next single from Massive Attack’s ‘Heligoland’ album.

Good choice too, Martina Topley-Bird is one of my favourite vocalists. Here she is stepping in on vocal duties on ‘Teardrop’ during Massive Attack’s US TV début on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

And here’s the video for ‘Psyche’.

Massive Attack (Feat. Martina Topley-Bird) – Psyche (Van Rivers And The Subliminal Kid reMix)

‘Heligoland’ is out now!

Massive Attack @ Beatport

Massive Attack @ Juno

Massive Attack @ 7Digital

Massive Attack @ Amazon

She Is Danger out-Dub Massive Attack


Massive Attack’s long awaited new album, ‘Heligoland’, drops on 8th February. Normally a new Massive Attack album is something to look forward to, but I think I am more so this time as it features a couple of tracks featuring vocals by Martina Topley-Bird, one of my favourite vocalists.

‘Girl I Love You’ isn’t one of them, but it has been given a heavy, heavy, Dub reMix by She Is Danger, who we have featured a couple of times before. Our favourite Dubstep girls play an almost flawless Dub game with slight Industrial overtones. Horace Andy’s recognisable vocals just ride what could be and old school Massive Attack track itself (albeit slightly more Electronic sounding). London? Are we sure these girls aren’t from Bristol?

Massive Attack – Girl I Love You (She Is Danger reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

If you’re into heavy beats and bass in any way She Is Danger are defiantly one outfit to keep an eye on!

Massive Attack @ Beatport

Massive Attack @ Juno

Massive Attack @ 7Digital

Massive Attack @ Amazon