What happens when LexiconDon crooner Alex Koons teams up with producer Brandon Light and gets drunk? Orangewood, that’s what. A new dimension of groove.

Orangewood’s EP is available on Bandcamp, and it’s an eclectic affair. there’s a lot going on within the four tracks, a lot of influences and a lot of experimentation, but the duo never let’s things get out of hand. They’re going with the flow, but keeping it funky. The opening track, ‘Dick Daniel’ is like a Shoegaze guitarist jamming out over a Disco influenced ‘80’s TV Theme and provides a nice set up for the rest of the EP as you start to get a handle on what to expect. Following on from that the EP starts to bring in strands from everything from Cosmic Disco to R&B to Dancehall to Dub. ‘Too Long For A Good (A Childhood Medley)’ stands out as the ‘hit’, the only track with vocals all the way though, but don’t be expecting a LexiconDon-a-like, ‘Too Long’ is a strange combination of the Tropical and New York Indie, and even a little very early Smashing Pumpkins run through all the fun the studio can offer. There’s pretty much something for everyone on the EP, and at the amazing low price of free, you can’t really not dip your toe into the world of Orangewood.

Orangewood – Dick Daniel

Orangewood – Too Long For Too Good (A Childhood Medley)

Orangewood’s ‘Dick Daniel’ EP is out now.

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