Touch Tone’s début single (pssst, it’s Short Circuit!)

touch tone

‘Home Away From Home’ is the first single from Touch Tone, the new alter ego of Andrew Verner, better known to you lot as Binary staple Short Circuit. Whether this draws a line under his Short Circuit work and represents a new era for Mr. Verner or if this is just a side project we are yet to find out, we’ll have to bug him about it, but it does showcase a big new sound.

A couple of years ago we referred to Short Circuit as RoboPop, with ‘Home Away From Home’ Touch Tone shrugs off that vibe and comes storming back with a huge, emotionally resonant ElectroPop sound. Like Josh Legg’s recent more Goldroom work Touch Tone seems to be getting back to the core of what Dreamwave was supposed to be about, not necessarily musically, but in an atmospheric sense. ‘Home Away From Home’ captures that nostalgic optimism that the original Dreamwave releases professed. It’s an insanely catchy, anthemic, ElectroPop track with a cool Indie vibe and some nice ‘90’s House elements. The passionate vocals flowing effortlessly over the smooth LA vibe, this is a track that feels so comfortable with itself, and could be the one to break Verner to a wider audience. I’m sure a Goldroom reMix could be arranged, that would be sick.

♫ Touch Tone – Home Away From Home

Touch Tone’s ‘Home Away From Home’ is released today on Binary.

Buy Touch Tone’s music from:


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