[Audio] Touch Tone’s ‘Taken By You’


Touch Tone

Touch Tone has only gone and made an ElectroPop record, hasn’t he! Andrew Verner, one time Short Circuit Dreamwaver, has come on in leaps and bound since becoming Touch Tone. From his retro Robo-Pop beginnings through a Tropical House odyssey to this point. With a tune ready for the big time.

Andrew’s output has been solidly top quality for the past seven years since his Binary beginnings (has it really been seven years!). You can always rely on Touch Tone to drop something quintessentially electronic with heapings of synth funk in the bass department. Taken By You is no different. Well, it’s a little different.

Teaming up with vocalist Amanda Ply, Touch Tone serves up his most commercially viable offering to date. Seriously, this could quite easily chart. Built on a core of thick Synth Disco, the track layers up the big-room House elements and isn’t stingy with the coursing sweeps and chill-inducing hooks. This provides a fine backing for Amanda’s massive vocal performance, both epic and insanely catchy.

The track was released at the end of last month, so you can go and pick it up right now. I hope the weather is starting to get better wherever you are, ‘cos this is one for sunny days and free time. Without a care in the world, you’ll be humming this for hours afterward.

♫ Touch Tone (Feat. Amanda Ply) – Taken By You

Touch Tone’s Taken By You is out now.

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[Release] Kids At Midnight’s ‘Unashamed’ & ‘Vapours’


02 Kids At Midnight - Unashamed-Vapours (Single) - Cover

Here it is! The long awaited return of the finest name in Australian Deep ElectroPop; Kids At Midnight.

A singer/songwriter/producer whose reputation precedes her, Jane Elizabeth Hanley, A.K.A. Kids At Midnight, released her début EP, Let You Slide (back in 2012 via Alan Braxe’s Vulture Music label) to critical acclaim whilst simultaneously becoming the Nu-Disco scene’s voice-in-demand; featuring on Edwin Van Cleef’s massive cover of Phoenix’s Lisztomania and Ride The Universe’s A Little Better amongst many others.

Now Kids At Midnight is poised to unleash a brand new double A-side single. Two lush, emotive and rich tracks that blur the boundaries between Deep House, ElectroPop, Nu-Disco, and Indie-Electro. Unashamed and Vapours. If you like your dance music song based, epic and passionate then this release will be unmissable.

A selection of reMixes tune the tracks for every dancefloor with Holmes Price bringing a retro Boogie to Unashamed whilst So Serious (the Deep House alter ego of Phunktastike) give the track an enigmatic groove. Vapours is given a spacey Tropical Tech House workout by Daniel Högberg of Pacific! and a beach party Disco send off by LA’s Dreamwave originator Touch Tone.

♫ Kids At Midnight – Unashamed

♫ Kids At Midnight – Vapours

Kids At Midnight’s Unashamed/Vapours is released 1st September as a Beatport Exclusive followed by a general release on 15th September.

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[Download] Touch Tone reMixes machineheart’s ‘Circles’



Next up for Dreamwave O.G. and RoboPop innovator Touch Tone is this brand new reMix of breezy Indie-Rockers machineheart’s Circles. machineheart are an La based five piece who produce the kind of feel good Indie-Pop that is destined to be selling Apple lifestyle products sometime soon and Touch Tone takes that vibe and runs with it. Check out his reMix below.

Injecting the track with a healthy dose of Tropical fun, Touch Tone sweeps in with an infectious piano hook and a bouncy bassline. The whole reMix has got an island swing to it, giving it a jaunty groove that is bound to put a smile on your face. the lilting vocals match this vibe perfectly. This is proper afternoon sunshine music. Enjoy.

machineheart – Circles (Touch Tone reMix)

Check out more from machineheart on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Touch Tone reMixes Queen & David Bowie’s ‘Under Pressure’


Queen & David Bowie

Frankly we’re surprised no-one has tackled this earlier. In retrospect this track is ripe for a Topical makeover, but it took Dreamwave OG Touch Tone to step up to the plate. Queen & David Bowie’s  Under Pressure, with it’s classic bassline and freeform warbling has already got the groove, all it needs are some big ol’ synths. Enter Mr. Verner.

Mostly the classic bassline is ditched. A brave move, but Touch Tone cares not for you nostalgic attachments, he want’s to build a carefree summering Disco vibe out of Bowie and Mercury mumbling and nothing is going to stand in his way. Piano House meets Island purcussion with rumbling bass and a huge build. This is what the summer’s all about.

Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure (Touch Tone reMix)

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[Download] Touch Tone reMixes Marlene’s ‘Bon Voyage’



LA’s best-kept-secret (which, frankly, is a bit mean) Touch Tone graces us with another new reMix this week. His latest muse is Sweedish Pop singer Marlene, who recently released her début single, Bon Voyage. It’s Bon Voyage that Touch Tone reworks, sprinkling it with a little West Coast magic.

We’re not overly familiar with the original, it sounds a bit R&B influenced, including a half-decent Rihanna impersonation at times, but in Touch Tone’s care it becomes a storming beach House tune. Clean and snappy, with a Tropical edge, this reMix drifts into your speaks like a sea breeze, bring with it good-time and good-weather (both of which are, we presume, in abundance in LA). Chirpy little melodies play tastefully with a booming hook and razor sharp drums. Touch Tone delivers the goods once again.

Marlene – Bon Voyage (Touch Tone reMix)

Marlene’s Bon Voyage is out now.

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[Download] Touch Tone reMixes Work Drugs’ ‘Modern Living’


Work Drugs

Well, this is, without a doubt, the Poppiest thing that Dreamwave OG Touch Tone has released to date. The LA based producer get’s right involved with the catchy sing-a-long anthem Modern Living from Philadelphia Indie outfit Work Drugs and delivers a full on ElectroPop, one which could quite easily chart.

Pairing up Touch Tone’s Robo-Pop with Work Drugs whimsical, typical, Indie vocals seems like a match made in heaven. With it’s saccharine, sin-a-long chorus (and lot’s of ‘”yeah, yeahs”) it;s the kind of tune that begs for waves of pin sharp arpeggios and comforting pads. Mash it up with a solid Disco beat and you have the recipie for Pop greatness. Alright, so the original song might be one of the most irritating things we’ve heard in a while, but in Touch Tone’s skilful hands you’ve got an ElectroPop juggernaut.

Work Drugs – Modern Living (Touch Tone reMix)

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[MP3] Touch Tone reMixes Dive In’s ‘Let Go’


Dive In

Here’s the latest dollop of sunkissed synth Disco from our Robo-Boogie overlord Touch Tone. This time the funkster has turned his attention to quaint Glastonbury based rockers Dive In’s recent single Let Go, a gangly affair in the vein of major label summer IndiePop ‘hits’ that’s given a warm and pulsating treatment from Andrew that slowly build layers of toasty synths.

Stating off gently, with a moody kick and lush pads, every few bars Touch Tone introduces a new element to the mix until you head is nodding along to a Piano House tinged Dreamwave monster. Really, despite the bouncy piano line that admittedly does get stuck in your head, this one’s all about those sweeping pads and little arpeggiated melodies that make up the tunes ambient soundtrack, it’s a pure carefree sunshine concoction that lends it’s laid back vibe to the rest of the song, smoothing everything out.

Dive In – Let Go (Touch Tone reMix)

Dive In’s Let Go is out now.

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[MP3] Touch Tone reMixes Xylos’ ‘Summerlong’



Master of the LA Robo-Boogie Touch Tone is back with a brand new track in the form of this slick reMix. The subject of Touch Tone’s machinations this time is Brooklyn based bombastic Indie-ElectroPoppers Xylos and their breezy tune Summerlong.

Eschewing the raucous synths and wall-of-sound guitars of the original for something a little more poolside, Touch Tone whips up a pulsating summery Disco House tune to bounce you into the weekend. Folding in a little Tropical shimmy, a little Chicago warehouse vibe in the bassline department and a jump-up piano hook that straddles the line between House and Indie Touch Tone serves up an infectious daytime jam that you can’t help but move to. So just keep moving, you know you want to.

♫ Xylos – Summerlong (Touch Tone reMix)

Xylos’ Summerlong is out now.

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[MP3] New tune from Touch Tone

Touch Tone

If your after some bombastic, theatrical Cosmic Disco to shake the cobwebs out of your head and kick off your week, then you’ve come to the right place. LA’s Touch Tone is back with another new tune. raw House beats and insane cinematic strings combine on Voilà, a track that worms it’s was inside your head and takes control like a Ceti Eel.

Once again Touch Tone nails the mood. A tad Housier than his precious offerings, Voilà has got a slightly cacophonous feel to it, like being confronted with a wall of punchy beats, drama fuelled strings and bouncy synth bass all coming down on your at once. But Touch Tone handles this wall-of-Disco-sound with ease, deftly bringing in one phrase after another, building the tension of the track, especially in the breakdown, until the hook kicks back in with such anticipation it’s almost a relief. Touch Tone has masterfully created a track that is not only a dancefloor winner, but manipulates the mood of the listener, drawing them into a sweeping optimist powered by nervous energy. Well, it is a homage to 70s Sci-Fi soundtracks!

Touch Tone – Voilà

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[MP3] Touch Tone reMixes Goldroom

Here’s the recent NightWaves single reMixed by Short Circuit. Wait. Sorry. Flashback. What I meant to say is here’s the recent Goldroom single reMixes by Touch Tone. I do love it when the old Binary crew get together for tracks, makes me feel nostalgic before I’ve even pressed play, and I can always trust that pressing play will live up to my expectations.

No fear here, Touch Tone crafts the prefect breezy vibe for the track. Slightly Tropical, the track flows like water, the dreamy vocals curling in and out of Touch Tone’s laid-back Disco like smoke. Built on a French-Disco-esque piano riff, the reMix takes it time to deliver soul shaking bass and a rolling beat over it’s relaxed five minute run. This is cruising music, a feel good tune that sweeps all your worries away.

Goldroom (Feat. SLL) – Sweetness Alive (Touch Tone reMix)

Goldroom’s Sweetness Alive is out now.

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