[Audio] Soulwax reMixes Hot Chip’s ‘Huarache Lights’


Hot Chip

Soulwax have reMixed Hot Chip.

We could pretty much just end the article there really. That initial sentence have got everything you need to know in it, but we made a big deal about writing more and whatnot so strap in; words to follow.

It’s not the first time this awesomeness has happened of course, the Belgian live dance music dominators reworked Hot Chips Ready For The Floor back in 2008, now a classic track. Although having been quite, to the point of retirement, in recent years when it comes to original material, Soulwax/2 Many DJs have been knocking it out of the park recently on the reMix front and with their plethora of side-projects (Klanken, Radio Soulwax,the Deewee label, Despacio nights), so it makes sense that they would return to their Chippy chums for this killer mix.

Hot Chip’s Huarache Lights comes from the Indie-ElectroPop experimentalists sixth studio album, Why Make Sense?, released earlier this year. This particular exclusive reMix is taken from the forthcoming deluxe edition of that album, dropping later this month. The new album collection will also feature Hot Chip’s live favourite cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In the Dark.

Pushing the tune’s synths to the point of distortion, Soulwax deliver a reMix that tires, and reasonably successfully succeeds, in capturing their live ‘lightning in a bottle’. The beats are a hypnotic expanse of vintage drum machines, ushered along with one of their trademark EBM-lite juggernaut basslines, gruff enough to be powerful, but emotive enough to carry the song. Spikey and immediate, the synth riffs tower over the track, like a repeated mantra. The all perfectly contrasts with Alexis’ soft spoken vocals, which takes this abundance of sparse and abrasive electronic and brings them together in a song. Top stuff.

♫ Hot Chip – Huarache Lights (Soulwax reMix)

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[Download] Gypsy And The Cat’s ‘Lost Control’


Gypsy And The Cat

We weren’t sure that Melbourne based Indie-ElectroPop trio Gypsy And The Cat were still active, but this week they dropped a surprise new single that proves unequivocally that they certainly still are. The band first came to our attention back in 2010 with one of the high points of that summer being their single Jona Vark. This new tune, Lost Control is a departure from that summery Indie-Electro sound. Check out what they’ve been up to.

This time around Gypsy And The Cat are all about the exuberant Electro-House. Kicking off like an early Justice record, these guys rock the growling synths and Disco grooves setup so prevalent in France’s early 2000’s output. The put their own mark on the sound, though, with their own Indie-Electro sound, particularly in the vocal arena. It’s a totally unexpected release for a variety of reasons and definitely have us interested to hear more from this iteration of Gypsy And The Cat.

Gypsy And The Cat – Lost Control

Gypsy And The Cat’s Lost Control is released

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[Audio] Airwolf’s ‘Lose The Lazy’



Airwolf is one of those artists that drift in and out of our consciousness. We tend to forget about him when he’s not abut but were always excited to see a new Airwolf track crop up. This tune, Lose The Lazy, is his new single; due out later this month. Featuring vocals from Stahsi (is that pronounced Stasi? Like the East German secret police?), this one contains some huge sounds.

Lose The Lazy is a pretty carefree summery dance track. Leaning in the general direction of House, the track has a quirky Pop flavour, thanks mostly to Stahsi’s fun vocals, which bounce along the tune as Airwolf delivers some big room, or big field, synths and pounding drums with a classic hands-in-the-air breakdown. This one is perfectly crafted for good times. Enjoy.

♫ Airwolf (Feat. Stahsi) – Lose The Lazy (Radio Edit)

Airwolf’s Lose The Lazy is released 20th March.

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[Audio] MiGHty mOUse reMixes Mason’s ‘Gotta’ Have You Back’



UK Disco don MiGHty mOUse is back in business with this tasty reMix of Mason’s Gotta’ Have You Back. The Dutch duo’s new single features vocal work from Hercules And Love Affair collaborator Rouge Mary and is itself a pounding Electro stormer with soul. Listen to MiGHty mOUse groove the track up right nice below while you marvel at just how much Mason enjoy their little cartoon monsters.

Given such a musically tough track to work with, MiGHty mOUse keeps some of that abrasive grind in his reMix. A departure from his typical spaced out Disco goodness, the man flexes his Electro-House muscles with a gritty bassline and a sidechained pump. But don’t think for one minute that means the Disco has left the room, MiGHty mOUse keeps things 100% funky and utterly infectious. MiGHty mOUse will be announcing his new single soon, featuring one of his “favourite vocalists” which, if it’s what we think it is, is flipping awesome! Trust us.

♫ Mason (Feat. Rouge Mary) – Gotta’ Have You Back (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

Mason’s Gotta’ Have You Back is out now.

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[Mixtape] Jerry Bouthier’s ‘Heart & Soul #4’



Jerry Bouthier – Heart & Soul #4 = Here’s the latest in Jerry Bouthier’s Hear & Soul series of mixtapes. What you’ll find inside is some of the choisest ElectroPop and Nu-Disco cuts around, Mr. Bouthier sure does know how to pick ‘em.

♫ Jerry Bouthier – Heart & Soul #

The tracklist:
01. Don Carlos – Chicago (Enzo Elia reMix)
02. Pacifique 16 MMM
03. Raik (Feat. Henri) – Hold Me (Henri reMix)
04. The Cautious Arc – I Always Got You Brother
05. Vera – Beatfanatic remix
06. The Cautious Arc – Sunsick
07. Boot & Task – Confuzed House
08. Little 15 – Peckham
09. Falcon Punch & Roller Radio – And You
10. Little Comets – Joanna (Amtrac reMix)
11. Gwenno – Golau Arall (Islet reMix)
12. Wild Culture – Fade (Lexer reMix)
13. Colour Vision – Nite Swim (Club Edit)
14. Mirror People (Feat. Iwona Skwarek) – Come Over (Instrumental)
15. Amane – Tangerine
16. Original Swimming Party – Requiem
17. Scanner – Masterdisk Europe
18. Nikita Soul – Future (Ullapul reMix)
19. Klangschwester – Please Don’t
20. Kodak To Graph – Lo Lindora
21. Irrelevant – Epitaph
22. French Horn Rebellion – Prelude No.7 In Eb Major BWV

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[Video] The Subs & Colonel Abrams’ ‘Trapped’


The Subs   Trapped feat. Colonel Abrams  official video    YouTube

Belgian Electroheads The Subs moody version of Colonel Abrams’ 1985 hit Trapped is out now, backed with storming reMixes from Ashworth and Compuphonic.

Here’s the official video, directed by Jimmy Marble. Not to sure how it all connects, but it looks like there is a point, and the track’s awesome.

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[Download] BeatauCue’s ‘Evola’



Tempering their sound somewhat, French Electro-House duo BeatauCue are back in the game with a brand new forthcoming EP on Kitsuné Music. The Kyllan EP drops at the end of the month but before that BeatauCue are giving away this surprisingly Funky slice of pounding, warping Electro madness. Evola.

Whist calling to mind the blog fuelled Electro-House heyday of the late 2000s, Evola also folds a little Nu-Disco into the mix. With a deep ,warping bass growling it’s way throughout the track, Evola plays with Disco samples and starlight synths which somehow manage to find their way though the bass heavy groove. Peak time madness ensues.

BeatauCue –Evola

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[Mixtape] Jerry Bouthier’s ‘Heart & Soul #3’


jerry bouthier

Jerry Bouthier – Heart & Soul #3 = Here’s a new Mixtape from London’s DiscoPop mainstay Jerry Bouthier. Clocking in at nearly an hour and a half, this mix truly is a journey through compelling electronic music new and old.

♫ Jerry Bouthier – Heart & Soul #3

The tracklist:
01. Popnoname – Matt Karmil (La Pacho reMix)
02. New Navy – Regular Town (Baio reMix)
03. Plastique De Reve (Feat. Ghostape) – Love, Sometimes (Ext Club Mix)
04. Cut Copy – Free Your Mind (Fort Romeau reMix)
05. Cassian – The Ninth
06. Iñigo & Kamizi – Foreplay (Earl Grey Sexual Deviant reMix)
07. Edwin Van Cleef – Two As One
08. Blunted Dummies – House For All (Volta Bureau reMix)
09. Shook – Cloud Symphony
10. Royksopp & Susanne Sundfor – Running To The Sea (Pachanga Boys reMix)
11. Jamie XX – Far Nearer (Nadastrom & Sabo Moombahton Edit)
12. Re-Run – Takshi
13. Tele Music – Life & Fun (Mudd Edit)
14. Roosevelt – Montreal
15. Abstraxion – Les Histoires
16. Zero 7 – On My Own (dub Mix)
17. Potholes – Chauma
18. Popnoname – Timenation
19. Tele Music – Red Heart (Vlad Nayward Edit)
20. Visage – Never Enough (Marc Mitchell reMix)
21. Beat Connection – Theme From Yours Truly
22. Shades Of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation (MiGHty mOUse reMix)
23. The Night Music – Forspent
24. Aril Birkha – Winter
25. Irrelevant – Little Figurines

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[Video] The Toxic Avenger’s ‘Speed’


The Toxic Avenger   Speed  Feat. Ylva Falk  on Vimeo

Parisian Electro hero The Toxic Avenger is back with a new single. The growling, Ylva Falk featuring, Speed. An off-kilter, woozy, electronic powerhouse.

The video for the track is just as woozy, faux £D effects and shakycam adventures of a night out, Directed by Mathieu Juric.

The Toxic Avenger’s Speed is out now.

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[Audio] The Alexanders & Anna Lunoe’s ‘Don’t Miss’


Anna Lunoe

Partyfine is just full of collaborations, isn’t it? most of them involving label boss Yuksek. So it’s no surprise that the imprint’s latest release, the forthcoming Don’t Miss, sees the man himself teaming-up with the one and only Alex Metric and Aussie producer-of-the-moment Anna Lunoe. Yuksek and Metric bill themselves as The Alexanders and the track broken ground on Annie Mac’ show this past weekend.

Don’t Miss is a cheeky House juggernaut. Driven by a mind-bendingly infectious Italo flavour bassline, the track is a full-on Electro-House stomper the like of which you don’t see so much these days, making us feel nostalgic for the Electro-House boom days of 2007/2008. Spikey synths and abrasive burbles rub shoulders with comfortable retro stabs and Anna’s mantra vocals to deliver one of those peak time anthems.

♫ The Alexanders (Feat. Anna Lunoe) – Don’t Miss

The Alexanders’  Don’t Miss is released 24th February.

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