[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘Outatime’ EP


Miles Prower

This week Bristolian SynthWave outfit Miles Prower dropped their sophomore EP on Future City Records. With a nod to Back To The Future in it’s title, the Outatime EP serves up five tracks that see the Prowers move slightly away from a retro 80s sound into something s little cleaner, a little more digital with hints of Euphoric Trance and Progressive House in the mix.

Kicking off with the pulsating, undulating, synthetic soundscape of Tokyo, the Outatime EP contains a few tracks we’ve heard before, and a few new tunes.The EP’s title track, starring Substatic’s Colleen Quinn on vocals, we featured back in July with it’s EBM-like drive slides into Summer Song 2.1, the most traditional SynthWave tune on the EP. All the SynthWave elements are present here, arpeggiated bassline, shimmering leads, elements with are slowed down somewhat for the emotionally charged, Jarre-esque, Devices. The EP plays out on Data Streams (Into The Void). Another vocal track, featuring Coralie Kate on vocal duties, it;s a track that mixed vintage synth melodies with modern electronic sounds and late 90s Trance beats in a swirling whirlwind of sound. Another solid EP from these guts.

♫ Miles Prower (Feat. Colleen Quinn) – Outatime

♫ Miles Prower (Feat. Coralie Kate) – Data Streams (Into The Ocean)

Miles Prower’s Outatime EP is out now.

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[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘Outatime’



Bristolian SynthWave outfit Miles Prower are set to follow up on April’s Pneumatic EP with a new release in the coming months. The new EP is titled Outatime, which we can only hope is a Back To The Future reference, if not it should be, and the title track sees the Prowers once again teaming up with Substatic’s Colleen Quinn for a little vocal spice.

Miles Prower lay down a driving Italo, slightly EBM groove here, all flying arpeggios and a gritty dark future mood. As with a couple of the tracks on their début EP, there’s a slight Trance influence going on here too, it’s all very rousing hands-in-the-sir stuff. Helped in part by Colleen’s moody performance that breaks into epicness in the choruses. Boosted by a multi layered arrangement, both musically and vocally, this is probably Miles Prower’s biggest song to date. We’re intrigued to hear the rest of the EP.

♫  Miles Prower (Feat. Colleen Quinn) – Outatime

Miles Prower’s Outatime EP is out soon.

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[Release] FREE EP! Various Artists–electronic rumors Volume 1: The reMix EP


This 13th February marks the one year anniversary of the release of electronic rumors Volume 1. The compilation, spawned from a blog, that spawned a record label.

Released in association with Ninthwave Records, ER Vol. 1, collected 15 of the best ElectroPop, Nu-Disco and Dreamwave artists around onto one big CD and digital release.

To mark Volume 1’s birthday, we’re giving away a free EP. Four artists who appeared on ER Vol. 1, reMixing four other tracks from the album. All exclusive and specially recorded for this EP, and our gift to everyone who has supported us and the artists we’ve worked with in the last twelve months

Some of the finest talent from electronic rumors Volume 1 have kindly contributed to this free reMix EP with the worlds of ElectroPop, Dreamwave and Nu-Disco all represented. Lending their amazing songs to the EP are the queen of DiscoPop Ronika, ElectroPop siren Queen Of Hearts, 80s SynthPopper Kid Kasio and Indie-Electro dreamers Echoes. Turning their skills to reworking these fine tunes are Electro future stars Substatic, the cream of New York ElectroPop She’s The Queen, Dreamwave O.G.s LexiconDon and Electro experimentalist beaumont.

The EP is available as a FREE download here: http://electronicrumors.bandcamp.com/album/electronic-rumors-volume-1-the-remix-ep

Get electronic rumors Volume 1: the reMix EP from:

Substatic’s Colleen guests for Miles Prower

Miles Prower

Apparently Cyberpunk is a thing again. At least it is in the world of Miles Prower who have roped in Substatic chanteuse Colleen Quinn for this gynoid SynthPop ballad Pneumatic.

Miles Prower (we presume, named after Sonic The Hedgehog’s mate) is a side-project from Bristol Electro-Rock outfit Nova Robotics (we presume, named after the company that built Johnny Five) that sees the duo put down their wall-of-noise guitars in favour of bouncy ‘90’s synths, and a fine job of it they do too. It’s a little rough around the edges, it could do with a production makeover, but it definitely shows promise. Miles Prower have mixed up a classic SynthPop sound with a little Italo groove to create a sound the futurists would have been proud of. Colleen’s vocals are as good as ever, taking on a new tone within the confines of a narrative. It’s in appealing début for this project, it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

♫ Miles Prower (Feat. Colleen Quinn) – Pneumatic

Check out more from Miles Prower on SoundCloud.

Substatic’s ‘Midnight In Paradise’


OK, you know when a band you really love change up their sound a little bit? and everytime they release a new track your heart stops a little bit because what if it’s shit? and you’ve got that tattoo and all! But then you have this endorphin rush as you realise they are only getting more and more awesome? Well, that’s what it’s like with me and Substatic. Except I haven’t got a Substatic tattoo. Yet.

The new two peice version, Substatic 2.0 if you will (which we won’t), are slowly tricking out their new material a track at a time as they find their footing with their new, more Funk laden, sound. And finding their footing should be an easy task, they are on very solid ground. ‘Midnight In Paradise’, their latest drop, is a glorious mixture of grooves. Underpinning the tune is a hint of B-Boy Electro (which long time readers will know is always the quickest way to my heart) layered with a nice digital slap bass. Colleen’s breathy vocals give the tune a sense of urgency while the electronics have both a retro feel and contemporary edge. You really can’t pigeonhole Substatic, and as someone who loves pigeonholes and finds artists claiming not to be pigeonholed pretentions (not that Substatic ever have), that irks me. They are ElectroPop, but beyond ElectroPop with an understanding of UK Bass music unheard of within that genre. But too Poppy (read: the songs are too good) to be Bass, or Dubstep, or Drum & Bass. To complex to be vocal House and too live to be Electronica (whatever that is). Too funky for Indie-Electro, too song led for Electro-House. They just write really good, emotional, songs, with a really good grasp of electronic music and a really good grasp of dancefloors. They’re just Substatic.

♫ Substatic – Midnight in Paradise

Substatic’s new EP should be out soon-ish.

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New Substatic tunes


It’s Substatic update time! When last we left out heroes they were knocking around on ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ and playing a blinding set at the album launch party. That set showcased not only their new, leaner, line up but also a plethora of new material and, dare I say it, a new ‘sound’, one with a tad more Funk.

Here’s two new tracks to get your aural juices flowing. ‘iMake Noise’ is a bass fuelled steamroller of a track, the don’t-call-it-Dubstep bassline slowly grinding against your brain makes for the perfect accompaniment to Colleen’s sultry, dangerous, vocals. It’s a track with a sense of urgency, a nervous energy that threatens to break at any moment amidst the chiming lead lines. There’s definitely something cinematic about ‘iMake Noise’. ‘Arcadia’ is an instrumental track and, I presume, a tribute to the giant, travelling robo-stage of the same name. Last year at Bestival I was camped literally right next to Arcadia and whilst this track doesn’t quite capture the 5:30am ground shaking, can’t sleep, bass, what it does instead is make you wanna’ jump up with it’s shuffling beats and dirty, funk fuelled synth grind. Capturing the best of those times you can loose yourself on the dancefloor, ‘Arcadia’ should be played at peak time in a field with 30,000 other nutters!

♫ Substatic – iMakeNoise

♫ Substatic – Arcadia

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Electronic Rumors Volume 1 – Out now on CD & Digital

05_ electronic_rumors_digital_cover

Well, it’s finally out in the wild, the last seven months of my life have come to fruition as we are amazingly proud to present ‘electronic rumors volume 1’.

I won’t go on about it, it’s possible that i would have a hard time reviewing it objectively, so take a listen to Ride The Universe’s awesome minimix of the compilation featuring all 15 tracks.

It’s almost weird that it’s real now and if you like physical media I would really recommend the CD, it comes in a stunning DigiPak designed by Sebastian Bentler.

♫ Electronic Rumors Volume 1 MiniMix (Mixed By Ride The Universe)

electronic rumors & Ninthwave Records
electronic rumors Volume One

Available 13th February 2012 on CD and Digital Download featuring the best in new ElectroPop, Dreamwave, Nu-Disco and Indie-Electro.

For the past four years music blog electronic rumors (electronicrumors.com) has been serving up the latest and greatest news and tracks in the world of Electro/Disco/Indie/Dreamwave/Synth/Stuff/Thing/Pop and now they have teamed up with respected Us ElectroPop label Ninthwave Records (Heaven17/White Town/The Modern) to release electronic rumors Volume 1, featuring of some of the best artists making Dreamwave, Nu-Disco, ElectroPop and Indie-Electro in the last twelve months including exclusive tracks from Ride The Universe (Dreamwave supergroup acclaimed, for their reMixes, with their début original), the much hyped Show Your Shoe, Futurecop!, beaumont, Substatic and Echoes and the first time on CD for Queen Of Hearts and Ronika, both tipped by the mainstream press for chart dominance in 2012. They feature alongside some of the most exciting electronic music that broke out in 2011.

01. Vanbot – Make Me, Break Me
02. Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Diamond Cut reMix)
03. Queen Of Hearts – Where Are You Now? (StardonE Radio Mix)
04. Echoes – Second Best
05. Ronika – Wiyoo
06. Cosmonaut Grechko – All I Hear (Cosmo Black reMix)
07. Ride The Universe – A Little Better (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley)
08. Substatic – Gold
09. LexiconDon – December Sunset (Keenhouse reMix)
10. She’s The Queen – Waiting Game
11. Futurecop! – Me & U
12. Kid Kasio – Not For Turning
13. Show Your Shoe – Krokodil
14. Short Circuit – Let Go (NightWaves reMix)
15. beaumont – Reptile Blaze

Both the CD and Digital release happen Monday 13th February and will be available from most stockists.

Purchase links:




And most other usual stockists!

Substatic’s ‘Opened Up’


If you happen to be in London town this Friday I’m sure you will be attending the launch party for our ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ compilation CD, amongst the acts appearing on the album and playing live that night will be Bristol’s almighty Substatic. The, now, two peice will be showcasing some brand new material and as a little taste they have released their latest tune on their SoundCloud page.

The first thing I noticed about ‘Opened Up’ is how accessible it is, Substatic have always been able to turn a tune, to deliver catchy, memorable songs, but ‘Opened Up’ is a whole new level of 21st century alternative ElectroPop. Keeping one foot in a Dubsteppy, Deep House arena Substatic squarely plant their other boot in radio play’s sandpit and kicks things around. I could easily imagine Annie Mac or Zane Lowe spinning this tune. There’s an electronic Indie vibe going on here, similar to CHEW LiPS, but with more of a heavy bassed dancefloor leaning. Can’t wait to hear what else they have in store for us on Friday!

♫ Substatic – Opened Up

You can catch Substatic live in London this friday celebrating the release of our ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ compilation. Detailes here.

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Substatic’s reMix EP

Our favourite Bristol based Electro outfit Substatic rock back next month with the reMix flipside to their amazing ‘Days go On’ EP of last year.

The ‘Days Go On: the_reMixes’ EP contains five blistering versions of those tracks which, should you have bought the EP, have been in your head for the last six months. With a definite Dubstep and D&B slant, the collection ranges from Junk’s D&B powerhouse take on ‘Closer’ to Koudbreak’s deep, almost Trip-Hoppy mix of the same It seems Substatic have chosen their reMixers well, the whole EP flows nicely without any one act sounding too much like the next. Highlights of the EP have to be the aforementioned Junk mix, Lightfires’ string heavy House/Pop clash version of ‘Wild Horses’ and the broken beats Dubstep of Sismique ‘s mix of ‘Edge Of Your Love’.

♫ Substatic – Wild Horses (Lightfires reMix)

Substatic – Edge Of Your Love (Sismique reMix)

Would have like a massive French-House/Nu-Disco mix of ‘Closer’, but you can’t have everything, can you?

‘Days Go On: the_reMixes’ is released 1st March, the original ‘Days Go On’ EP is available now.

Substatic @ Juno

Substatic @ 7Digital

Substatic @ Amazon

Photo by Mark Davis

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Substatic’s début EP


Well, they said their début EP would be out in May and, bizarrely for a band, it will be out in May. If nothing else we can, at least, say that Substatic are punctual!

I’m not going to go on again about how impressed I was with this Bristol based Electro act, you can read what I wrote about them in my previous post, but I will say how they managed to improve on tracks that didn’t need improving for the release of the ‘Days Go On’ EP. Listening to the original, demo, versions (check the prior post for mp3s) I would have said they were easily of release quality but, production wise, Substatic have really outdone themselves this time around. The sound is more separated, everything sits together better. the drums kick, the basses rumble and there are some additional synth and guitar flourishes that are now allowed room in the mix, but it’s the vocal production that really stands out from the demos. Again, I wouldn’t have said there was anything wrong with the vocal production first time round, but now the vocals really shine. All-in-all these new recording really showcase Substatic’s unique blend of modern Electro, Breakbeat and songwriting talent.

There are four tracks on the EP. New versions of ‘Wild Horses’ and ‘Triplet’, which we featured formerly. Both tracks have had some radio play, ‘Wild Horses’ being a Electro Breakbeat epic and ‘Triplet’ being an edgy, bass laden, Indie-electro tune with some Dubstep overtones. Either would be worthy of a single release. My personal favourite track on ‘Days Go On’ is ‘Edge Of Your Love’, an Electro-House/Nu-Disco stomper with a touch of (a more ballsy) Goldfrapp about it. As with tracks one and two, ‘Edge Of Your Love’ could easily carry a single release on it’s own. The EP draws to a close with ‘Closer’, a deep, bass heavy , emotional journey and a perfect end to the EP with a finale that layers strings and sparkling synths to almost spine-tingling effect. I know I mentioned it in my previous write up, but there really is something of the dramatic to Substatic’s songs. Whether it is in Alex and Steve’s intricate, driving, music or Colleen’s passionate vocal delivery, as a listener you really do feel a depth of emotion and a sense of urgency to the tracks.

♫ Substatic – Edge Of Your Love

If you want to pick up the full quality release (and you do!), ‘Days Go On’ drops 31st May but can be pre-ordered right now!

Substatic @ 7Digital

Substatic @ Amazon