[Audio] Keenhouse’s ‘Argon Decibel’



The Binary collective’s most avant-garde alumni Keenhouse is gearing up for the release of his latest long player. Titled A Future Past the album, coming early next year, continues in the Keenhouse tradition of deep synthesizer experimentalism, whist keeping things jazzy and solidly groovy. The first single from the forthcoming album is Argon Decibel; Keenhouse is about to get soundtrack-y.

A laid back, live sounding, jazz mood permeates Argon Decibel. Pairing the lush synths with brushed beats and a smooth horn section, the track evokes smokey café vibes but with an electronic Sci-Fi slant. Introduced by an imposing string sections, the track soon eases into it’s warm style, peppered with half heard vocals and looped effects. Keenhouse is thinking outside the box again.

♫ Keenhouse – Argon Decibel

Keenhouse’s A Future Past is released 22nd January 2015.

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[Audio] Keenhouse reMixes alloapm’s ‘Boy (Theme Of Boy)’



Tokyo DreamPop duo alloapm look set to release their track of last year, Boy (Theme Of Boy) along with some reMixes int he near future. It looks like Helter Skelter Records will be stepping up for release duties and out friend Keenhouse is getting in on the reMix action.

A slight departure from Keenhouse’s more recent, psychedelic, work, this reMix is loaded with retro gold. Lush SynthWave sounds play with Keenhouse’s knack for smooth Disco and a selection of 80s hooks. the pitched down vocals might have seemed out of place in this mix, but Keenhouse balances everything nicely, building a mood until the Boogie kicks in, then the whole track goes stratospheric.

♫ alloapm – Boy (Theme Of Boy) (Keenhouse reMix)

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[Video] Keenhouse’s ‘Dairy 11’


Keenhouse   Diary 11

Here’s the new video for Keenhouse’s Dairy 11. It’s another dreamy electronic track taken from his excellent Four Dreams album of earlier this year.

Zara Bloom directs the clip, featuring dancers Maya and Rhythm and a bunch of projection.

Keenhouse’s Four Dreams is out now.

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[Video] Keenhouse’s ‘Where I Belong’


Keenhouse   Where I Belong   YouTube

Where I Belong was the first singe we heard from Keenhouse’s excellent album Four Dreams and is now presented in visual form as a video has been conjured up that prefect captures the dreamlike sounds of track.

Shinya Sato put the clip together, drawing in influences such is Moebius and Topor to deliver a slightly unsettling, retro futuristic animated epic.

To accompany the Four Dreams album, Keenhouse has also put together a companion artbook featuring work from Shinya Sato, Sunao Maruyama, Lian Rangkuty & Elliott Fiedler, each interpreting one of the records ‘dreams’ in their own way. You can grab a preview and pick up the book here.

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[Audio] Silenx’s ‘Space Love’ reMix EP


Earlier this year Silhouette Music put out the Space Love EP from our friend SynthWaver Silenx. A collection of some of his finest tunes from around that time, the EP held four track worth of massive funky, space age Electro. Now it’s time to revisit Space Love, with a brand new reMix EP holding work from some of the top names on the scene.

Brooklyn synth heads Follow Me kick off the proceedings with a bouncy Italo version of the title track that delivers punchy beats and bass while managing to keep the Sci-Fi tone intact. Germany’s finest, Final DJs, bring a wonderful combination of soaring synths and infectious digital slap bass for their take on Far Far Away. Injecting the EP with an overdose of Disco, Final DJs work up a track that is electronically complex as it is soulful. 80s Stallone’s vintage 80s dancefloor workout version of Long Lost Love brings the core essence of SynthWave to the EP with wobbly chords and digital horns over an addictive Italo-esque groove. The EP leads off with a reMix of Stellar Kiss from Keenhouse. As you would expect, Keenhouse gets emotional and psychedelic with his synths, crafting a futuristic soundscape with a Jazzy twist and delivers the prefect EP closer. Easing the listener out of the heave retro beats with a glorious galactic voyage of swirling synthetic sounds.

♫ Silenx – Far Far Away (Final DJs reMix)

♫ Silenx – Stellar Kiss (Keenhouse reMix)

Silenx’s Space Love: The reMixes is released 17th December.

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[Video] Keenhouse’s ‘Can’t Sleep Since’

Keenhouse’s new album, Four Dreams’ is still getting a lot of play round these parts. It’s pretty much an electronic masterpiece. One of the tracks from it, Can’t Sleep Since, is now presented in cyber-psychedelic video form.

Produced by Keenhouse himself, the clip is a nice early 90s style CG freak out.

Keenhouse’s Four Dreams album is out now.

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Keenhouse’s new album


Ken Rangkuty has long been one of the most interesting, and talented artists working in Dreamwave/Nu-Disco. In fact, he’s been a favourite of ours for so long it’s hard to believe that Four Dreams, released this week,  is only his second album. As Keenhouse, ken has been a pioneer in the melodic retro synth field, first coming to our attention back when he was championed by the Valerie Collective and was very much part of putting Dreamwave together, both as a musician and as a part of the Binary stable. His music keeps evolving, more so than many of his contemporaries, and this new album, inspired by Keenhouse’s worldwide travels, encompasses all his myriad influences.

Kicking off with the stabbing chill HousePop of Lost In the Night the album, you immediately notice the wild variety of  musical cultures present on this record. East Asian instrumentation, in particular, get’s readily worked into Keenhouse’s jazzy synth dreams. Most evident on Echoplants and Taura. As we predicted in July, the album flows from one track to the other and on the whole is really a concept album, a music journey to represent Keenhouse’s travels and listening to the album as a whole (the only way it should be heard) you really feel the mood shift as if moving from place to place. Where I Belong, the albums preview track is one of the records highlights, an upbeat, spacey tune that is just one part of the whole experience. Ken’s gentle, hushed vocals are the prefect compliment for many of the tracks on this album, such as Twilight Bridge, an energetic Synth Funk workout which seems to serve as a bridge, hurrying the listener from one section of the record to the next. In fact, it does feel like this album is broken into chapters, each part of the story featuring quieter moments and moments of grandeur. Diary 11 is one of those majestic moments, powerfully combining ominous chords with uplifting piano and and a soaring synth lead. There’s also time, such as the experimental Lounge Jazz of Patchworld, where Ken indulges himself and just had fun with things. Things get a little more frantic toward the end of the record, culminating in the hypnotic synth House groove of Wet Earth, before Ken signs off with The Lullaby Of Keenhouse, a soothing piano track that is a final testament to Kens musicianship. While all this may sound a little ambient, don’t get us wrong there are many club tunes on Four Dreams, such as the pumping Emergence and the tense I Can’t Sleep Since, they just happen to be slightly more musical, and intelligent that your standard ‘banger’. Four Dreams is a masterpiece that invites the listener to enjoy the wealth of Keenhouse’s diverse cultural experiences and multi-instrumental musical talent, whilst pleasing with familiar synth jams. Very, very recommended.

Keenhouse – Where I Belong

♫ Keenhouse – Diary 11

♫ Keenhouse – Wet Earth

♫ Keenhouse – Twilight Bridge

Keenhouse’s Four Dreams album was released yesterday on Binary.

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Keenhouse’s ‘Where I Belong’


Keenhouse has a new album on the way! Just take my word for it, this is pretty exciting news. Saying Keenhouse is one of the most musically gifted members of the Binary collective feels mean on the rest of them, we’re not trying to say they are less able, there is some amazing musical talent amongst the LA crew, but Keenhouse is just a wizard in front of a keyboard.

Where I Belong is the first single from the LP, a dreamy electronic trip with an almost psychedelic feel. it’s a track that really feels like the start of something special. we haven’t heard the album yet, but Where I Belong gives us the impression that the full length record will be more of a musical journey, each track flowing into the last, than a collection of club tunes. So, if this tune starts us off on out trek toward the album, it’s a gently start. Eastern percussion and smooth jazzy electric piano intertwine with swirling synths and a distant vocal as the track builds up to a danceflor synthesizer wig-out. If the album plays out like we think it will (read: amazing), it almost seems a shame to listen to the track outside of context, but it;s still the perfect tune for hot, lazy day.

Keenhouse – Where I Belong

Keenhouse’s Four Dreams album is released 4th September on Binary.

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alloapm’s new single


Tokyo DreamPop outfit alloapm’s new single is being released on Sunlinxx next month. It;s easily their best track to date. Malc Yacob and Amelie Mirror Adnis finally seem to have found their sound and slotted comfortable into it. This is a much more polished, much more mature record than their previous tunes, and one that finally shows off their years of experience in electronic music.

‘Gorilla Slighly’ is a complex track that sounds really simple, and that’s a genius bit of work. All the best songs are simple groves and alloapm put off making an intricately programmed, multi layered tune feel like an easy riff. Big, thick, synths and jittery percussion ride over a solid Disco beat while some heavily modulated vocals deliver a smooth flow. It’s got a pretty unique sound, whilst still fitting the beach party Disco vibe. reMixes come from labelmates Keenhouse, who turn in a deep piano house mix. Keenhouse’s mix is killer. And Rhythm Droid with a dub heavy glitchy mix. Abelard rounds off the package with the big Dreamwave mix we were all waiting for, this is the one for summer good times. That’s how to do La Disco!

♫ alloapm – Gorilla Slighly

♫ alloapm – Gorilla Slighly (Keenhouse Rework)

♫ alloapm – Gorilla Slighly (Abelard reMix)

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Futurecop! & Keenhouse; the video

Hot on the heels of the clip for ‘Starworshipper’ here’s the latest clip from Futurecop!, for the forthcoming, Keenhouse featuring ‘The Only Way’, which was ‘Dreams’ before that (being Futurecop! must get confusing).

Brandon Dermer directs this amazingly ‘80’s video, which is an awesome fun mini-movie.

‘The Only Way’ features on ‘The Adventures Of Starpony’ EP, out now.

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