LexiconDon’s ‘City Lies’


We’ve Burned and wondered Where We Went, now we can get our third taste of Dreamwave original gangsters LexiconDon’s new album in the form of City Lies, their new single. We’ve seen a variety of new sounds in these previews of the album, as Alex stretches his musical wings, and City Lies adds some new flavour to the mix.

There’s a raw feel to the track. Machine beats, white noise snares and slight distortion on the vocals give LexiconDon’s laid back LA sound a new live, garage dimension. One of LexiconDon’s greatest strengths is Aex’s narrative in his songs. More than many other bands, you always get a real sense of what he’s singing about, capturing the mood and imparting it to the listener perfectly. This strength shines through in City Lies, both musically and lyrically as Alex wears his heart on his sleeve, lamenting the complications of relationships set to a late night urban soundtrack.

♫ LexiconDon – City Lies

City Lies is out now.

Buy LexiconDon’s music from:

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