Touch Tone reMixed by Starcadian


I must be so predictable, hehe. Touch Tone dropped me an email introducing me to Brooklyn producer Starcadian who has just reMixed his new single ‘Home away From Home’, he said he thought Starcadian was right up my street, both musically and aesthetically, Sweet Raptor Jesus was he ever right.

I don’t want to to talk too much about Starcadian specifically right now, I’ve already decided he gets an article to himself later in the week, but let’s just easy you into the Starcadian groove with the aforementioned reMix.His reMix of ‘Home Away From Home’ is pretty much a melting pot of everything we think is awesome. It is, at it’s core, SynthWave, epic retro soundtrack stuff, but with more of a gritty vibe, a more (dare I say it, Brooklyn?) Lo-Fi productions style that accentuates the vintage sound and give the music warmth. It’s also got a bit more Funk than your average SynthWave with a dirty Moog tone to it. The end result is a danceable, dreamy electronic space-Disco odyssey. So, to recap; SynthWave, Lo-Fi grit, Moog Funk plus Touch Tone’s amazing, anthemic, song. I never stood a chance.

Touch Tone – Home Away From Home (Starcadian reMix)

Touch Tone’s ‘Home Away From Home’ is out now on Binary. We’ll be featuring more from Starcadian later in the week.

Buy Touch Tone’s music from:

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