LexiconDon’s ‘Burn’


Dropping yesterday was the second new tune from LA Dreamwave capos LexiconDon’s forthcoming sophomore album. Burn sees the guys take a much more chilled, reflective road than their previous work, creating a sweeping, thoughtful peice. I know, right! LexiconDon…introspective…who knew?

Alex and Fabian cock up a rich mix of hazy synths, plucked strings and reverb washed vocals with Burn. Almost like LexiconDon’s take on Chillwave, the track casts a mood of dreamlike nostalgia and melodic pensiveness. Burn is a like a wall of soft noise, or a crashing wave of synths, that provide an intricate stage for Alex’s distant lament to ebb and low in and out of the tune. So far we’re really diggin’ LexiconDon’s new material. Roll on the album.

♫ LexiconDon – Burn

Burn is out now.

Buy LexiconDon’s music from:

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