[Audio] Worship’s ‘Paradise’



It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard anything from epic Swiss SynthWaver Worship; he seems to be on one release a year these days, and he’s keepings things tight in 2014 by waiting ‘til the end of the year to drop- a new release. But drop a new release he has. At the end of last week he unleashed his latest slice of Italo, Disco, Dreamwave goodness. This is Paradise.

Paradise is one of those Cosmic Disco journeys that really is a journey. Worship’s music always had an epic, cinematic quality to it and this is no different. Headed thick with lush synths and rousing chords, Paradise is part space-age floorfiller, part Sci-Fi soundtrack. Leading with a stuttering Italo bassline, the track weaves it’s audio tapestry our of sweeping pads, uplifting leads and emotional keys, paving the way for a funky little riff to intersect the track at it’s nexus. A welcome return for Worship right here.

♫ Worship – Paradise

Worship’s Paradise is out now.

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[Audio] Worship’s new EP



Out this week on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ is the long awaited new EP from Swiss SynthWaver Worship. His first release since last September’s Horizon reMixes, this new EP represents a new batch of original tunes, which is what we want from Worship really. So expect a ton of cosmic, otherworldly, synth boogie journeys and Worship guides us through the whopping seven tracks of his new release.

The Close Encounter EP begins it’s mighty quest with the track of the same name, an arpeggio fuelled modern Italo tune that really launches the EP with a full-on energy vibe. Bright sounds and a groove that takes us back to the resurgence of melodic Electro a few years ago, Close Encounter really sets up the EP. Island Disco sounds infiltrate the EP on the following track, Alpha Centauri, working the rhythm alongside lush Tropical sounds. Orion Forever is a reworking of last years Forever Orion with added big buzzy synths and a tempo supercharge. Definitely one of the EPs highlights with a really infectious groove. First Light gives the EP a smooth, laid back SynthWave mid-point before launching into Last Words, a rich, melodic, excursion into fantastical synthetic places. A place where music for your mind, and music for your feet, meet and you get lost in the swirl of synths. The EP rounds out with the pretty standard Nu-Disco Odyssey and a Cosmic Disco workout of Orion Forever from Auxiliary Tha Masterfader. Close Encounter is a release loaded with space-age Disco sound, and one could do a lot worst than pick up.

♫ Worship – Last Words

♫ Worship – Orion Forever

♫ Worship – Close Encounter

Worship’s Close Encounter EP is out this week. Alongside the digital release, the EP is also available on a strictly limited edition cassette which you can pick up here.

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[Audio] Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s ‘Music For Discotheques’ EP



We’ve had a couple of sneaky peaks at Dutch Disco don Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s new EP, Music For Discotheques, but the EP was released today so now we can get a better look at the chunky release. We say chunky because this is a packed EP, six tracks, four originals from Aux and two reMixes, the previously posted Phunktastike reMix and a storming tune from Worship.

The EP leads with Rule The Night, which featured vocals from Kiss The Panther’s Steve Kimber, which kicks off proceedings in fine fashion. Rule The Night is an exotic cocktail of bouncing Italo bass, vintage Disco keys and huge, dramatic, vocals. A rousing call-to-arms for Disco lovers, Rule The Night takes you down the backstreets of the genre to the best parties. One of the EP’s other highlights is the driving space Italo of Manhattan 78. Bordering on EBM with it’s unrelenting arpeggiated bassline, Manhattan 78 tempers this urgency with lush synths and magical lead lines making the track both powerful and beautiful. Alongside these, and the previously heard Sweaty Disco Night and Phunktastike’s version of Rule The Night is the 70s synth Disco groove of Ride Wit Tha Funk and Swiss Dreamwaver Worship’s take on Sweaty Disco Night. Worship combines his hazy cosmic synths and Aux’s dirty Disco for some serious Cosmic Disco with a touch of Moog Funk. Music For Discotheques is a loaded EP with enough to keep you happy for ages.

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader (Feat. Steve Kimber) – Rule The Night

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Manhattan 78

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Sweaty Disco Night (Worship reMix)

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s Music For Discotheques EP is out now.

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Worship’s ‘Forever Orion’


Even though the presses are still warm on Swiss Dreamwave master Worship’s new release, a collection of reMixes from his Horizon EP, he’s already prepping his next single. A funky little number called Forever Orion, to be released in a few weeks.

Forever Orion eases you into it’s groove with some sweet synth Disco. Bringing a slight Tropical flavour to Worship’s work, the first two minutes of Forever Orion have a Sci-Fi ‘70’s Disco feel to get people butts moving. Then rushing into the midway point the track hit you big a big, raw, SynthWave lead, adding a little hands-in-the-air big room atmosphere to the tune. Coming equipped with a reMix from Sp00nfed amongst others, this single is sure to make some waves with smooth Electro Disco lovers.

♫ Worship – Forever Orion

Worship’s Horizon reMix EP is out today.

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Worship’s ‘Horizon’ reMix EP

It’s that time again! Today ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ are putting out their next release, the long awaited collection of reMixes from the Swiss SynthWave producer Worship’s Horizon EP, and man have they brought together some serious talent for this package.

The reMix release kicks off with electronic wizard Steve Moore’s version of the original EP’s lead track Spiral End, which features the vocals of Ricco Vitali  from Cavaliers Of Fun. Moore takes the bares bones from the vocal track and whips them up into a deep warehouse groove. A hypnotic synth pulse that you could get totally lost in on the dancefloor. Freak You also tackles Spiral End, the Frenchman’s take on the track travels a different road. Freak You builds the tune into a powerful, driving SynthWave tune with piano House overtones and a creamy ElectroPop topping. The king of ‘80’s electronica, Mitch Murder, delivers his version of Horizon, taking his time with the track and working his synthesizer magic. He brings a smooth retro soundtrack vibe to the EP with shimmering melodies and roomy drum fills, layering the track with dramatic tones until bursting into a solo fuelled finale. Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find Finnish big room masters Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver get funky with Miles Inside, combining a low down House groove with lush emotive piano and abrasive, Acidic, synth lines for full on dancefloor intoxication. The EP also comes equipped with Tanz/Tanz’s dark club take on Spiral End. Another amazing release from both Worship and Holographic People.

♫ Worship (Feat. Ricco Vitali ) – Spiral End (Steve Moore reMix)

♫ Worship (Feat. Ricco Vitali ) – Spiral End (Freak You reMix)

♫ Worship – Horizon (Mitch Murder reMix)

♫ Worship – Miles Inside (Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver reMix)

Worship’s Horizon reMix EP is out today.

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Worship’s ‘Arcane’


This is a bit of a treat. While we are waiting for Swiss SynthWave producer Worship’s soon to be released new EP, here’s a brand new track he has delivered. And it has us more eager than ever for his new record.

Arcane is a SynthWave track at heart, but plays around with the sound in ways we haven’t heard before. Dropping a Speak & Spell vocal over the top of a relentless Italo bassline give the track the ability to swing from gritty Electro riffs to rich, rousing synth chords. The track is a nice mix of SynthWave, Kraftwerk and Italo, pumping and sweet at the same time. We’re hoping Worship’s new EP comes around some time soon.

Worship – Arcane

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Worship’s ‘Horizon’ EP

This week sees the release of the new EP from SynthWave master Worship, titled ‘Horizon’ EP and released on ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People

The ‘Horizon’ EP promises three tracks of blissed-out synthesizer  love and kicks off with ‘Spiral End’, featuring Cavaliers Of Fun’s Ricco Vitali on vocals. Worship’s big power chorded SynthWave and Ricco’s 80’s wailing is a match made in heaven . It’s a pretty anthemic track, like a rousing call to dance, loaded with huge warm synths, a wicked groove and that particular sing-a-long quality all anthems need. Have we had a Dreamwave anthem yet? If not, this is your contender. Also featuring on the EP is ‘Miles Indies’, which is as atmospheric as it is funky. The solid groove and slap bass head-nodding effect complimented perfectly by some lush, worldly, pads and leads. SynthWave at it’s best, ‘Miles Inside’ speaks to both your feet and your heart. The EP’s title track starts off in Jean Michel-Jarre mode before launching into the funk fuelled soundtrack to the best imaginary ‘80’s cop show. Y’know, a cop show with a theme, probably about a future cop who accidently gets trapped in the past (the ‘80’s) and had to buddy with a quirky everyman beat cop. ‘Horizon’ is exciting, driving and majestic and contains some really nice flourishes. Including a bunch of reMixes alongside the originals, this EP will be a must purchase!

♫ Worship (Feat. Ricco Vitali) – Spiral End

♫ Worship – Miles Inside

♫ Worship – Horizon

‘Horizon’ is released today.

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New track from Worship


Sometimes life throws you an unexpected treat, this morning it comes in the form of a cosmic new tune from Worship.

‘Saturn 4’ is definitely my tune of the day, it’s a head on collision between ‘70’s Disco and Sweeping SynthWave. With a Moroder groove and some massive Disco strings the track has got a nice nostalgic feel, but this is juxtaposed with some serious space age synthetics. 2m34s in, once you hit the “Rock It, Don’t Stop It” drop, you’ll be hooked in. This is what we’re getting down to in the future, in fact this might have been what they were getting down to on Buck Rodgers.

Worship – Saturn 4

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Free Worship tune

In celebration of his newly released, and pretty amazing, On The Fruit Records EP ‘Out There’, Worship has dropped a free tune over on his SoundCloud.

‘Odyssey’ does exactly what it says on the tin. An epic, cosmic, synth Disco jam like an epic battle between squelchy synth slap bass and soaring leads. If all Sci-Fi films had Disco soundtracks this would be the reflecting-on-the-struggles-so-far-and-onward-to-the-final-conflict track.

Worship – Odyssey

Worship’s ‘Out There’ EP is out right now. That shit is highly recommended!

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LexiconDon ‘Set Sail’

The boys are back in town! Well, they’re not, they’re currently on tour, but Binary’s finest SynthPop troublemakers LexiconDon are still finding time to drop the third single from last years ‘Pink + Blue’ album.

‘Set Sail’ was the comedown on ‘Pink + Blue’, the final track that eased you out of the LexiconDon world both in it’s chilled ElectroPop and it’s lyrical imagery, with a little heartbreak in the parting too. So with the single release the have enlisted the help of some of the funkiest music creators around to fill a, frankly, stunning reMix package. Chicagoan producer collective of the moment Only Children drop a live sounding tune with heaps of New York Disco groove. At an epic seven minutes their reMix runs the gauntlet from cool Disco licks to sparkling layers of analog synth. Raining heavyweight champions of smooth music, Fiero, grab the laidback beach vibe of the original with both hands and take it yachting. Their synthesizer dream is the kind of emotional soundtrack music that’s perfect for shoreline sunsets, with just the right amount of talk-boxed Disco Funk to keep you wanting more. Worship pick up the pace with their version, more fitting for the dancefloor than the beach, proving that ‘Set Sail’ works just as well as an upbeat dance track as it does as a ballad. Worship pulls out one of my favourite versions in the pack, really playing to the rhythms newly speedy vocals with the groove of the track, to give the song an urgent quality, opening up new interpretations of the lyrics.

♫ LexiconDon – Set Sail

LexiconDon – Set Sail (Only Children Uppers-Downers reMix)

LexiconDon – Set Sail (Fiero reMix)

LexiconDon – Set Sail (Worship reMix)

The single also includes rad mixes from Flash Mode, who drop some full on summer Nu-Disco and Jemex, who morph the track into a New Wave hit. You can pick up the reMixes, for free, in high quality on LexiconDon’s SoundCloud.

‘Set Sail’ is taken from LexiconDon’s album ‘Pink + Blue’, out now:

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