Taryn Manning’s ‘Moonwalk’ video

You know how yesterday I finally posted the Leisure Council produced Taryn Manning track, ‘Moonwalk’ and mentioned there was an awesome video I wasn’t allowed to post? Well apparently I am, so here it is.

Shot by the man with the eye, Paul Nguyen, the clip features Mr. Nicky Savage as a top fashion photographer, Jeremy rocking his bass and his will to live far too close to the edge of a rooftop and Sam living the Slash dream in some of most impressive axe work ever committed to film wile Ms. Manning generally lives it up. Also, someone needs to make an animated .gif of Fiero Leisure Council jumping through a roof into a pool!

Make sure you check out yesterday’s post about the track, as we’ve added a download!

‘Moonwalk’ is hopefully released soon!

Buy Taryn Manning’s music from:

Leisure Council produces Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning

I’ve been sat on this track for so long, moths and months, that I was beginning to think it was never going to be released. Back when the Leisure Council (at the time still Firero) guys played me the track I didn’t really know who Taryn Manning was. Essentially, if someone has said “it’s Cherry from Sons Of Anarchy” I would have been right there, but I think as a recording artist (of quite good ElectroPop I have since discovered!) she’s not really that known outside America. Anyway, Nicky, Jeremy and Sam produced the hell out of her track ‘Moonwalk’, there’s even and awesome video, featuring Mr. Savage in fashion photographer mode and Sam channelling Guns & Roses’ Slash, that I’ve never been allowed to post. record label red-tape is really depressing sometimes.

‘Moonwalk’ is a seriously dreamy slice of what Fiero Leisure Council do best. Thick LA Funk and smooth Dreamwave combined. Talk Box laden grooves layer with huge, lush, synths and some of the sweetest sing-along vocals you’ll hear in a while. Taryn and Leisure Council seems like a match made in heaven. Not only are they a great musical match but both seem to embody a Californian party vibe that suits them and the track.  I hope this gets released some, and I hope the label make some wise choices with the reMixes.

Taryn Manning – Moonwalk (Produced By Leisure Council)

‘Moonwalk’ is released soon, i hope. if not there’ll be hell to pay!

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Fiero’s new magical mixtape


Fiero – Strictly Business Mixtape = The Fiero crew are keeping our spirits up in these dark times with a whole mix of smooth Nu-Disco sounds sprinkled with a little Fiero magic.

Fiero – Strictly Business Mixtape

The Tracklist:

01. Fiero “Strictly Risky” Intro.
02. Penguin Prision – Multi-Millionaire (Shook Remix)
03. Bright Shades – Girls Want More
04. Jump Jump Dance Dance – 2.0 (Fare Soldi Zompa Zompa Remix)
05. Alex Metric – It Starts (Reset! Remix)
06. Grum – Runaway (Nightriders Remix)
07. B Pierre De La Touche – Coconut (Moonchild Remix)
08. Fabian- Dreams to Wishes
09. Russ Chimes – Tonic
10. The Robot Disaster – Guitars Are Overrated (Neo Tokyo Remix)
11. Mint Royale – Singin’ In The Rain (Club Mix)
12. Gypsy & The Cat- Jona Vark (Alan Braxe Remix)
13. Bloc Party – One More Chance (Alex Metric Remix)
14. Justin Faust – Witty

If you’ve read this post before, don’t panic, you’re not stuck in a time loop. For some reason the original post disappeared. From the site, from Feedburner and from Window Live Writer (the writing tool I use). Just like that. the only evidence it ever existed was it got autoposted to Twitter and Facebook. Luckily Facebook has all the text so I can just recreate it. I’m keeping an eye on this tricky bastard though!

Check out more from Fiero on SoundCloud.

LexiconDon ‘Set Sail’

The boys are back in town! Well, they’re not, they’re currently on tour, but Binary’s finest SynthPop troublemakers LexiconDon are still finding time to drop the third single from last years ‘Pink + Blue’ album.

‘Set Sail’ was the comedown on ‘Pink + Blue’, the final track that eased you out of the LexiconDon world both in it’s chilled ElectroPop and it’s lyrical imagery, with a little heartbreak in the parting too. So with the single release the have enlisted the help of some of the funkiest music creators around to fill a, frankly, stunning reMix package. Chicagoan producer collective of the moment Only Children drop a live sounding tune with heaps of New York Disco groove. At an epic seven minutes their reMix runs the gauntlet from cool Disco licks to sparkling layers of analog synth. Raining heavyweight champions of smooth music, Fiero, grab the laidback beach vibe of the original with both hands and take it yachting. Their synthesizer dream is the kind of emotional soundtrack music that’s perfect for shoreline sunsets, with just the right amount of talk-boxed Disco Funk to keep you wanting more. Worship pick up the pace with their version, more fitting for the dancefloor than the beach, proving that ‘Set Sail’ works just as well as an upbeat dance track as it does as a ballad. Worship pulls out one of my favourite versions in the pack, really playing to the rhythms newly speedy vocals with the groove of the track, to give the song an urgent quality, opening up new interpretations of the lyrics.

♫ LexiconDon – Set Sail

LexiconDon – Set Sail (Only Children Uppers-Downers reMix)

LexiconDon – Set Sail (Fiero reMix)

LexiconDon – Set Sail (Worship reMix)

The single also includes rad mixes from Flash Mode, who drop some full on summer Nu-Disco and Jemex, who morph the track into a New Wave hit. You can pick up the reMixes, for free, in high quality on LexiconDon’s SoundCloud.

‘Set Sail’ is taken from LexiconDon’s album ‘Pink + Blue’, out now:

Buy LexiconDon’s music from:


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Beaumont’s ‘Skyline’

Hot on the heels of his last offering, ‘City Meets Soldier’, Melbourne producer Beaumont keeps his momentum going with a brand new single, ‘Skyline’.

In a kind of evolutionary cycle Beaumont started out producing Disco and Electro tunes, then he applied his skills in their area to more atmospheric, soundtrack-like pieces, and now with ‘Skyline’ he brings the beat back but retains the epic and evocative nature of his recent tunes. ‘Skyline’ is almost a feel-good antidote to ‘City Meets Soldier’’s intensity. It’s the hope for the future in the face of adversity, the picking yourself up after a fall, the sunrise after a night spent chewing your face off. It’s got some corking reMixes too!

♫ Beaumont – Skyline (Beaumont reMix)

Show Your Shoe and Fiero step up to the plate for reMix duties with Show Your Shoe getting his extreme Funk on in a way that will surely solidify his reputation as one of the most talented producers of Electro/Disco/Funk around, while the Firero boys round of the EP by bringing more smooth than you can handle with some seriously majestic Dreamwave sounds.

♫ Beaumont – Skyline (Show Your Shoe reMix)

♫ Beaumont – Skyline (Fiero reMix)

Buy Beaumont’s music from:

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Toro Y Moi gets reMixed by Fiero

The Fiero boys are back and more 80s than ever!

With a bassline that’s got more bounce than a rubber ball and some synth horns straight from a mid 80s episodes of Top Of The Pops their reMix of Chillwave dude Toro Y Moi’s ‘Still Sound’ is like a dream of the decade of FM synthesis. It’s like dry ice and flashing neon in audio form. But this isn’t some cheesy 80s pastiche I’m chatting about here, this doesn’t try to sound retro at all, it just does, aided all the more by the wailing guitar into that leads into  a B-Boy beat and some shimmering soul synths.

Is it wrong to thing Toro Y Moi should always sound like this?

Toro Y Moi – Still Sound (Fiero reMix)

Y’know, those horns are one step away from orchestral stabs, and someone needs to bring orchestral stabs back right now!

‘Still Sound’ is taken from Toro Y Moi’s album ‘Underneath The Pine’

Toro Y Moi @ Beatport

Toro Y Moi @ Juno

Toro Y Moi @ 7Digital

Toro Y Moi @ Amazon

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Ride The Universe take RüFüS to smooth new places

OK, so what do you get when you cross the organic, chilled Indie-SynthPop of RüFüS (who we introduced you to a couple of days ago) and the slick sounds of Dreamwave/Nu-Disco supergroup (Yes, I said “supergroup”! Live with it) Ride The Universe?

A rad slice of brain-meltingly smooth Disco, that’s what!

Ride The Universe is, of course, a collaboration between talented German producer digitalfoxglove and LA party starters Fiero, and what they have dropped here is the kind of tune that makes babies. Seriously, the DJ drops this tune, you grab a hot girl (or guy), and you aren’t going home alone! The bassline alone, with a killer well placed slide is enough to get you moving…

RüFüS – We Left (Ride The Universe reMix)

Cannot wait for more of RTU’s cosmic goodness.

RüFüS’s self-titled début EP is out now on their own label, Monekeleon, and later in the year we’ll see On The Fruit Records release ‘We Left’ with reMixes from SymbolOne, Go Go Bizkitt!, Broke One, Beaumont, Springflower, Monsieur Adi as well as Ride the Universe!

RüFüS @ Amazon

RüFüS @ Bandcamp

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Fiero reMixes the hell out of Christopher Cross

Take a look at that badass picture , epic huh?

That right there is Christopher Cross he wailed on his guitar and sung about meaningful shit in America in the early 80’s. The kind of powerful nonsense found on every awesome 80s movie soundtrack. Now the Fiero posse have brought him kicking and screaming, on the back of a unicorn, into the 21st century (or at least a retro Disco version of it) with their latest reMix. Taking 1983’s ‘All Right’, already a spine-tingling slice of throwaway brilliance in it’s own right, and tuned it into a sweeping Nu-Disco journey from the dancefloor to the centre of your heart.

See, tracks like this just make me gibber like an idiot! More please Fiero!

Christopher Cross – All Right (Fiero Catalina reMix)

If you want you could check out Christopher Cross’ back catalogue, only if you wanted though…

Christopher Cross @ 7Digital

Christopher Cross @ Amazon

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Happy New Year!!!

S’up Peeps? NYE is upon us and I hope each and every one of you have an awesome night full of drinking and dancing, laughing and loving.

I wanna’ take this quick opportunity to thank all of you readers, from the bottom of my heart, seriously. To know that I have helped, even just a little, to introduce people to new music, to promote new bands, to connect artists and listeners, is not something I take for granted and consider it a great honour.

So, thank you. Thank you for reading my drivel and sticking with electronic rumors this year.

And thank you to all the artists and labels who put their faith in us to promote their music, I hope we did our bit to help.

And thank you to all the artists and producers who enriched all our lives in 2010 with great tune after great tune.

electronic rumors can only go from strength to strength in 2011, we’d love it if you can along for the ride!

Right, now it’s time to party!

Starsmith – ‘One Hour To Midnight’ Mixtape

Jungle Fiction – Jungle Fiction’s New Years Eve Mixtape

Tesla Boy – Tesla Boy New Year Mixtape By Antonionni

Fiero – Fiero’s X-Mas Dessert Mix

See you in THE FUTURE!!!

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Brand new Ride The Universe reMix of Panda People

Been kickin’ back and waiting for this one for a while, turns out it was worth the wait!

Nicky Savage‘s band of LA based Dreamwavers Fiero, have teamed up with Nu-Disco producer digitalfoxglove to form the almighty, trans-Atlantic, Ride The Universe and their first offering for you is a reMix of German DiscoPop band Panda People’s ‘Sophisticated Girl’. I’ve been diggin’ Panda People ever since Nicky turned me onto them a while back but this reMix just ups the ante with some seriously huge analog bass and the sweetest pads this side of the 80’s. These guys are adding a little Funk into the Dreamwave sound and with reMixes of Fenech-Soler and the crazy exiting Futurecop! & Keenhouse collaboration in the works, this is defiantly a gang to keep an eye on.

Panda People – Sophisticated Girl (Ride The Universe reMix)

You can check out Ride The Universe at their SoundCloud page Panda People’s EP is out now:

Panda People @ 7Digital

Panda People @ Amazon

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