[Audio] Fabian’s back!


We were just wondering the other day when LA finest Electro-House producer Fabian was going to drop something new on us. One of the top dogs in the Binary crew, Fabian has such a varied repertoire, you never know what his next track is going to be like, except that you know it’ll be funky.

A Million To One is his latest cut begins with a shuffling beat, building a 909 snare anticipation before it, unexpectedly, drops a big vocal hook on you. this is a track that’s built around a catchy lyric and a big Electro-House hook. Popping percussion give it a little retro edge, whist the majority of the track is straight-up banger. The uplifting vocal, combined with some Cosmic synths, give A Million To One a soaring quality that’s bound to have the kids reaching for the lasers all summer.

♫ Fabian – A Million To One

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Touch Tone’s ‘Make Believe’

Touch Tone

It was May this year that saw the evolution of Andrew Verner from RoboPop commissioner Short Circuit into slick ElectroPop act Touch Tone. His début single, Home Away From Home, was something really special that had talented producers clamouring to remix it. Now the Touch Tone follow-up is here and sees Andrew teaming up with LexiconDon’s Alex Koons for an old school Binary jam.

Make Believe is more Housey then we would have expected, and a lot more Tropical than Home Away From Home, but those two elements, in Verner’s hands, come together to form some sort of blissful holiday ElectroPop monster. An uplifting beast with a kind of unspecific nostalgia, the 909 beat and digital bass have obvious early 90’s House references, but the warm Dreamwave sounds and Island Disco lead line blur the specifics of sound and Touch Tone delivers a smooth, comfortable slice of Pop House that become more infectious with each listen. Alex Koons lends his brand of LexiconDon heartfelt storytelling to the track, and it turns out to be the perfect match, especially in the asthenic chorus. We expect producers to be clamouring to reMix this one too.

♫ Touch Tone (Feat. Alex Koons)  – Make Believe

Touch Tone’s Make Believe is out now on Binary.

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Chordashian’s ‘Illusion’


Chordashian have joined the Binary family! When did that happen? I’m sure I’m supposed to get a memo about these things. I’m definitely going to say it was a good call from Josh and Kyle bringing these guys into the fold, we’ve been supporting Chordashian in these pages for a while now and the Brooklyn duo seem like a perfect fit.

Their first single for Binary is a free download, Illusion. Whenever I read the word Illusion my mind immediately switched to Just An Illusion by Imagination mode, Chordashian’s new tune is nothing to do with that infectious ‘80’s hit, and may just be catchy enough to break Imagination’s mental monopoly. This Illusion is a rolling slice of Beach Disco, a pumping Housey jam with a Tropical feel. It’s got a nice warehouse groove that really get you moving, and washed that with a layer of sun-kissed Disco sounds, wicked licks and some ace digital sax, to add a good-times flavour to the mix. top everything off with some distant, dreamy, vocals and you’ve got the prefect beach party tune.

Chordashian – Illusion

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Alfa’s ‘Final Project’


We don’t get to hear nearly enough from Binary crew member Alfa. New tracks are few and far between, but when they do come along it just reminds us why we need to hear more form him. This latest track to surface is titled Final Project, we’re hoping that’s just a title, and not a description.

Final Project is probably the smoothest track Alfa has delivered. From the retro beats and low-down bump of the bassline in the tracks initial bars you know this is going to be a slick ride. The track is laced with warm synths and a groove that’s just right for late night dancefloors. It’s one of those carefree, get lost in it, tunes. The kind that, whist you;re getting down to it, you forget about the world. Sprinkled with little vocal and guitar flourishes, Final Project takes us back to those exciting days of Dreamwave’s formation. Just let it soar.

♫ Alfa – Final Project

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Touch Tone reMixed by Starcadian


I must be so predictable, hehe. Touch Tone dropped me an email introducing me to Brooklyn producer Starcadian who has just reMixed his new single ‘Home away From Home’, he said he thought Starcadian was right up my street, both musically and aesthetically, Sweet Raptor Jesus was he ever right.

I don’t want to to talk too much about Starcadian specifically right now, I’ve already decided he gets an article to himself later in the week, but let’s just easy you into the Starcadian groove with the aforementioned reMix.His reMix of ‘Home Away From Home’ is pretty much a melting pot of everything we think is awesome. It is, at it’s core, SynthWave, epic retro soundtrack stuff, but with more of a gritty vibe, a more (dare I say it, Brooklyn?) Lo-Fi productions style that accentuates the vintage sound and give the music warmth. It’s also got a bit more Funk than your average SynthWave with a dirty Moog tone to it. The end result is a danceable, dreamy electronic space-Disco odyssey. So, to recap; SynthWave, Lo-Fi grit, Moog Funk plus Touch Tone’s amazing, anthemic, song. I never stood a chance.

Touch Tone – Home Away From Home (Starcadian reMix)

Touch Tone’s ‘Home Away From Home’ is out now on Binary. We’ll be featuring more from Starcadian later in the week.

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Touch Tone’s début single (pssst, it’s Short Circuit!)

touch tone

‘Home Away From Home’ is the first single from Touch Tone, the new alter ego of Andrew Verner, better known to you lot as Binary staple Short Circuit. Whether this draws a line under his Short Circuit work and represents a new era for Mr. Verner or if this is just a side project we are yet to find out, we’ll have to bug him about it, but it does showcase a big new sound.

A couple of years ago we referred to Short Circuit as RoboPop, with ‘Home Away From Home’ Touch Tone shrugs off that vibe and comes storming back with a huge, emotionally resonant ElectroPop sound. Like Josh Legg’s recent more Goldroom work Touch Tone seems to be getting back to the core of what Dreamwave was supposed to be about, not necessarily musically, but in an atmospheric sense. ‘Home Away From Home’ captures that nostalgic optimism that the original Dreamwave releases professed. It’s an insanely catchy, anthemic, ElectroPop track with a cool Indie vibe and some nice ‘90’s House elements. The passionate vocals flowing effortlessly over the smooth LA vibe, this is a track that feels so comfortable with itself, and could be the one to break Verner to a wider audience. I’m sure a Goldroom reMix could be arranged, that would be sick.

♫ Touch Tone – Home Away From Home

Touch Tone’s ‘Home Away From Home’ is released today on Binary.

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Lancelot’s ‘We Can Dance’


Yesterday saw the release of Binary’s newest family member, Lancelot,’s début EP, ‘We Can Dance’. It may only be February, but one listen to this EP and you’ll have the shades and shorts on in no time, it’s summer Disco gold.

We’ve already covered the first track on the EP, ‘Spoken Word’, a slick Disco-House tune with some amazing melodies and flourishes that still make it a stand out track. The EP’s lead tune is the titular ‘We Can Dance’, is more retro synth Funk led Disco but with a nice vocal twist. The twist being that is has vocals. The vocal element almost turn this track into a Nu-Disco anthem, if such a thing is possible. It;s definitely a good choice to lead the EP with, this track could have people singing all summer. Remixes of ‘We Can Dance’ are supplied by, amongst others, Binary boys, Fabian and Goldroom, two of our favourite producers around. Goldroom’s mix is deep and slick. A visceral groove with a Tropical sheen and an infectious lead line. Fabian takes things to a more robotic Disco place, his mastery of multi-layered Electro and eclectic influences shining through. that’s not all that’s on the EP, there’s more originals and more reMixes, it’s definitely worth checking out.

♫ Lancelot – Spoken Word

♫ Lancelot – We Can Dance

♫ Lancelot – We Can Dance (Goldroom reMix)

♫ Lancelot – We Can Dance (Fabian reMix)

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Lancelot’s début EP


Lancelot is the latest in an increasing number of artists to be taken under the wing of Binary Records. In the recent expansion beyond the core Binary crew Josh and Kyle have shown some A&R genius in sniffing out interesting and different electronic artists and once again have struck gold with Lancelot.

We’ve heard the odd reMix from Lancelot over the last few months but late February Binary delivers his début EP, ‘We Can Dance’. It;s a few weeks away but right now we can have a listen to the lead track ‘Spoken Word’. The first think you’ll notice about ‘Spoken Word’ is that it a peice of music, it is neither Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter not anything by Dan Brown. With that cleared up we can tell you what it is. ‘Spoken Word’ is a smooth as hell slice of summery Nu-Disco. Although that doesn’t sound like anything special these days, Lancelot’s tune here is pretty unique. What he has brought is a nice combination of a pretty synth heavy House backing, with some nice Cosmic touches, which builds a framework for a brilliant ‘70’s Disco tune. The EP comes with three originals and reMixes from Goldroom, Fabian, Frames and Moonchild (we heard the Goldroom mix on The Magician’s last Magic Tape). You’ll probably be wanting to buy that when it comes out then.

Lancelot – Spoken Word

Lancelot’s ‘We Can Dance’ EP is out 20th February on Beatport and 5th March everywhere else via Binary Records.

Check out more from Lancelot on SoundCloud.

Goldroom’s ‘Angeles’


Yesterday Goldroom, known to the rest of us as one of Binary’s head-honchos Josh Legg, released his début EP.

Leading the EP is new track ‘Angels’, a supremely laid back track with a tropical Disco feel. The percussion alone is something to make you sit up. Making some brave sonic moves within Disco, Josh makes each one of them pay off by creating a chilled beach-party groove with a live quality that’s not so easy for an electronic musician to capture. Layer that with Josh’s vocals, which he always layers thick to create really sweeping harmonies, and you’ve got a track which I imagine, completely personifies the ideal of it’s subject matter.

♫ Goldroom – Angeles

Goldroom’s EP is out now.

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New track from Flashlights


Flashlights, who released the awesome ‘Hidden Behind Trees’ EP on Binary earlier this year, have dropped a brand new track.

Taken from the GoldRush Festival artist’s compilation album, their follow up to the EP’s ‘New Hampshire’, ‘New Hampshire Part II’ is more traditional ElectroPop, upbeat and catchy, compared the the atmospheric Chillwave of the original. The track still retains a distant mysteriousness though, but contrasts that with bouncy synths and uplifting retro chords. Lush and swirling ElectroPop at it’s finest, ‘New Hampshire Part II’ is a track that slides into your brain and starts soundtracking your life.

Flashlights – New Hampshire Part II (Premiere)

Flashlight’s ‘Hidden Behind Trees’ EP is out now.

Check out more from Flashlights on SoundCloud.

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