Contact: Label Demo Submissions

We are always eager to hear new artists, and even more eager to work with artists we are passionate about.

To make out lives a little easier, and to give your submission a better chance of having our full attention, please make sure your contact includes the following:

1) Short bio.

2) Your most recent music to listen to (this can be MP3s, but we would prefer a link to track on SoundCloud, or elsewhere online)

2) Links to your SoundCloud page, your Facebook page, your Twitter profile (these are a requirement*) and, if you have one, your website.

3) A photo of yourself or your band.

If you have all that in order then send all submissions to:

Good luck!

* Honestly, if you want to get your music out there, having a presence on at least thee three social media sites is a must, and it shows us that you are serious.