[Mixtape] A.N.D.Y.’s ‘Mixtape Nine’


A.N.D.Y. – A.N.D.Y. Tape Nine = There’s some of the largest tunes around right now, and a load of unexpected tracks that work really well, all together in Belgian maestro A.N.D.Y.’s latest mixtape. it;s got a deep emotional groove throughout, heavy on the bass. Expect body shaking Disco tinged House in your face.

A.N.D.Y. – A.N.D.Y. Tape Nine

The tracklist:

01. Glenn Dale – U N I
02. AnthonyAnthony – Porec Is The New Ibiza
03. Sleazy McQueen – I’m Tired (Pete Herbert reMix)
04. Miguel Puente – Together
05. Adrian Barron – Float
06. Goldroom – Sweetness Alive (Pat Lok reMix)
07. Ashley Beedle – Your Acid Life
08. Waze & Odyssey – Our World
09. Doorly (Feat. Soraya Vivian) – Rush
10. Alex Metric (Feat. Oliver) – Motion Study
11. Lars Moston & Ben Mono – Unison (Big Dope P Vs. A.N.D.Y. Edit )
12. The Partysquad – Rising Sun

A.N.D.Y.’s Pump It Up is out now.

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Hercules And Love Affair’s ‘Release Me’ video

We’re still jamming to Hercules And Love Affair’s new tune, Release Me, taken from their new DJ-KiCKS album. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the tail end of 2012.

The track’s video has just premiered, directed by Mo Stoebe, and comes loaded with retro video effects.

Hercules And Love Affair’s DJ-KICKS is released 29th October on Studio !K7

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Goin’ Old School: Jean-Michel Jarre, Anne Clark & D-Mob with Cathy Dennis

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

In 1981 JeanMichel Jarre continued to break new ground, both in synthesizer music, and chart music, with his hit Magnetic Fields II.

The amazing Anne Clark’s 1984 breakthrough Our Darkness. Pioneering electronics.

D-Mob with Cathy Dennis, before she penned one of the greatest British Pop songs of all time, hitting the charts with House-lite and C’Mon And Get My Love in 1989.

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Lifelike & A-Trak


Can this really live up to expectations? Lifelike and A-Trak together on one track? That’s a lot of anticipation that’s been built ever since we heard this track was on it’s way. French Touch pioneer Lifelike has really bringing his A-game to his collaborations recently, so the thought of him teaming up with A-Track, someone who tends to push the boundaries of Disco, had us eager to hear the result.

And the track, released today exclusively on Beatport, really does sound like a Lifelike and A-Track collaboration. By that we mean you can pick out the Lifelike bits and the A-Track bits in it, it actually sounds like the sum of it’s parts. There’s the arpeggios and continental stabs you’ve expect from Lifelike and a bit of scratching and some funky use of vocal samples, A-Trak’s forte. The result ends up big a huge Disco-House tune that you instinctively put on repeat. Look out for the single which boasts reMixes from Gigamesh, Mauvais Cliché, and The Bloody Sisters.

♫ Lifelike (Feat. A-Trak) – Don’t Stop (Club Mix)

The Don’t StopEP  is out now on Beatport and drops everywhere else  26th November on Kitsuné Music.

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Chordashian’s ‘Call Me’


Released yesterday was Call Me, the new single from Brooklyn Boogiemeisters  Chordashian. Of particular note  with Call Me, is this is the first track from this duo that features in-house vocals. Felix Feygin and Michael Banks lend their vocal tones as well as their production chops to the track for some smooth R&B tinged DiscoPop.

Call Me is a melting pot of ideas and influences wrapped up in slick summer Boogie packaging. The track is actually pretty Housey during the verses. With a deep Chicago bassline and a Warehouse vibe the track lulls you into it’s moody groove before exploding in a shower of 90s R&B beats and Disco synths in each chorus. the vocals work really well, fitting into each section of the song in a similar style, and having a big sing-a-long chorus never hurt anyone. But for a serious House groove, check out the Bronx mix,

♫ Chordashian – Call Me

♫ Chordashian – Call Me (Bronx reMix)

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Sometimes & Andrea Britton

Sometimes & Andrea Britton

Out today on Modal is the new single, So Many Reasons, from Sometimes & Andrea Britton. Sometimes is a collaboration between Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin and Vern of Stretch ‘N’ Vern/Reflekt/Nude Disco fame who have teamed up with London based singer/songwriter Britton to drop this blissful slice of DancePop.

Britton is pretty prolific when it comes do dance music vocals, both as a solo artist and as the voice of countless Trance tracks, she has hones a particularly soulful, yet euphoric, style that she displays expertly on this slick of relaxed, summery electronica. So Many Reasons has actually got this really nice SynthWave undertone to it, especially in the bassline with has got this subtle post-Italo feel to it that injects a little retro feel in the track. This works really well alongside a hint of a Balearic sunrise vibe and insanely infectious ElectroPop tune. More than anything though, So Many Reasons is just a timeless, classic dance tune, the kind that just feels right when you hear it.

♫ Sometimes & Andrea Britton – So Many Reasons

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Punks Jump Up X Martin Dubka X Saint Saviour X MiGHty mOUse

Punks Jump Up

When we preview the Moonlight Matters reMix of Punks Jump Up and Martin Dubka‘s Saint Saviour featuring Feels Good a couple of weeks ago we also sang the praised of both the original and a storming mix from MiGHty mOUse. Now the single has been released, via Kitsuné Music, get your ears round a couple of the best tracks around right now.

Feels Good is a definite contender for one of the freshest synth leads of the year.  It’s should be understated just how good the lead is in this tune, catchy, soaring and pretty emotionally resonant. It’s the track’s ‘killer app’ which, when used in conjunction with a pounding House beat, a Moroder-esque Disco bassline and layers upon layers of cosmic synth work, provides the prefect partner for Saint Saviour’s Sci-Fi vocals. Truly epic stuff. Space-age retro Disco at it’s finest, with just a hint of a House vibe. MiGHty mOUse’s turn at the helm humanises the robo Disco somewhat. London’s Disco don delivers an organic Disco-House cut that is pretty irresistible. With an infectious piano hook, deep Housey bass and body moving percussion, anyone not compelled to dance to this tune is probably not human.

♫ Punks Jump Up X Dubka (Feat. Saint Saviour)  – Feels Good

♫ Punks Jump Up X Dubka (Feat. Saint Saviour)  – Feels Good (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

Feels Good is out now.

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Giorgio Moroder reMixed by Aeroplane

Giorgio Moroder

So first MB Disco take my favourite Giorgio Moroder track, E=mc², and release a bunch of rad reMixes of it. Then, when they decide to go for round two, they pick my second favourite Moroder track, which is 1977’s From Here To Eternity as the subject of this new reMix collection. Not only that, but alongside the likes of ATTAR!, Compuphonic and Fusty Delights there’s an Aeroplane reMix! What more could I ask for?

Vito drops something really special here, It’s like two generation of Disco geniuses, a meeting of minds. Punchy, infectious bass, Aeroplane’s take on Moroder style arpeggio Disco and a percussion fuelled beat give Moroder’s hushed robotic vocals a new lease of life. In 1977 this was the future, now, in 2012, Aeroplane is making sure the track is still just as cosmic and Sci-Fi as it ever was. Amazing work. And, yes, we always use the same picture of Giorgio, because it;s amazing!

♫ Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity (Aeroplane reMix)

Giorgio Moroder Vs. MB Disco: From Here To Eternity is released 10th November.

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Kris Menace & Miss Kittin’s ‘Hide’ video

This week German Electro Disco don  Kris Menace released an album of collaborations, Features, that included a track with ElectroClash icon Miss Kittin. Hide is a hypnotic slice of AcidPop brilliance that has just been released in video form.

Check out the clip, directed by Mathieu Bétard for some really stunning animated visuals.

Kris Menace’s Featuresis out now.

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Nude Disco & Paul Harris reMix Toby Tobias

Toby Tobias

Toby Tobias’ The Feeling, slow groove Disco club smash for a few years back, has been given a fresh new makeover from Nude Disco and  Paul Harris. Both these guys have a long history in dance music so handing them something like Kathy Diamond’s smooth vocal on this tune is bound to produce something sweet.

Fast forwarding the track four years the duo give this tune a shiny Disco-House makeover. Keeping a lot of the Disco groove of the original, Vern & Harris drop a kicking new House beat and layers upon layers of sharp synth work. The soulful vocal takes on a new energy coupled with this new backing, which when added to the intricate synths, makes for a track you could get lost in on the dancefloor. We love these guys reMixes.

Toby Tobias – The Feeling (Nude Disco & Paul Harris reMix)

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