Cosmic Sand & Starcadian & TobTok

Cosmic Sand

Australian Electro heads Trashbags are bringing, for their latest release, a storming new, and free, EP from Portuguese producer Cosmic Sand. The Route 375 EP is a huge work of driving Electro. Post-Kavinsky with a slightly baroque feel, the three original tunes Route 375, Lost In Nevada and Wreckage of 2085 are powerful synth pieces that meld chainsaw Electro with a cinematic rush.

reMixes come from electronic rumors fave  Starcadian and Swedish Nu-Disco guru TobTok. Starcadian’s take on Lost In Nevada is typically majestic slab of slap-bassed, dirty synth Disco. Combining gritty Disco grooves with soaring cosmic synths, Starcadian takes the track into deep space for some seriously futuristic Boogie. The EP’s title track is handled by TobTok, who brings a smooth, laid back Disco sound to the release. sanding off the rough and ready edges of the original, TobTok’s version is all about late summer nights and mirrorballed dancefloors. this whole EP is pretty essential, especially at that price point, you have no excuse.

Cosmic Sand – Lost In Nevada (Starcadian reMix)

Cosmic Sand – Route 375 (TobTok reMix)

The Route 375 EP is out now and available to download for free right here.

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Debbie Tebbs’ ‘Stage Fright’

Debbie Tebbs

Stage Fright is the new single from Debbie Tebbs, just released on Cliché Musique. Apparently Debbie is something of a legend in her native Quebec, DJing for the last 15 years and winning the Montreal DJ Awards’ Female DJ Of The Year in 2009. These days though she has eschewed the decks in favour of her voice & a piano and her recent album Modern Talking, from which Stage Fright comes.

The track is a big slice of power ElectroPop which draws on a big chunk of Electro-House for it;s backing. If face, it;s hard to tell whether this is surprisingly vocal Electro-House or really Electro-Housy ElectroPop, either way you get the idea. Heavily effected vocals play out a catchy chorus over buzzsaw synths and a kicking beat with all the nouse of an experienced dancefloor mover.  The reMixes are a bit hit and miss. The standouts are Mattanoll’s French SynthPop-esque reMix, which has a bit of a Yuksek feel to it, and Debbie’s own noise Electro reMix. the other mixes are a bit mediocre dance-by-numbers, but that doesn’t distract for the good track on offer here.

♫ Debbie Tebbs – Stage Fright

♫ Debbie Tebbs – Stage Fright (Mattanoll reMix)

♫ Debbie Tebbs – Stage Fright (Debbie Tebbs reMix)

Debbie Tebbs’ Stage Fright is out now.

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Starcadian reMixes SLDGHMR


Good news everyone! New York’s best kept secret, Starcadian, is back with a brand new reMix. Easily rating as one of our favourite discoveries of the year, this Brooklyn resident has pretty much blown us away with all his tunes this year. This latest track is a reMix of Miami producers SLDGHMR’s collaboration with La Falix, Deviate.

Whist the original had some great moments, let down by a couple of uninspired  Electro-music-by-numbers moments, Starcadian whips the track up into a absolute monster tune. Neatly combining his talents in huge, cinematic, highly musical, Disco-House and storming, cut-up Electro, Starcadian produces something that is as infectiously energetic and the most fist-pumping of hard Electro, but as smooth as the most Tropical beach party Disco and as emotionally resonant as the most orchestrated SynthWave song. Washing the vocals in vocoder give the refrain a more melodic quality, which is used, amongst other lead lines, to temper the chainsaw Electro synths and frantic slap bass. I don’t think there is a single producer out there who can mix up juggernaut Electro with melodic Pop quite like Starcadian, and if their is they aren’t as good.

♫ SLDGHMR (Feat. La Felix) – Deviate (Starcadian reMix)

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If you like your Electro dark, brooding and totally intoxicating then you are in luck with these début two tunes from London’s Vails. Vails is the new pseudonym of Electro Funkster Sharooz and has already been picked up by A-Track’s Fool’s Gold for release in the near future.

Beaster, arguable the better of the two tracks, is an intense, ominous Electro march. A relentless synthetic pounding accompanied by eerie vocal manipulation and hypnotic lead lines. In short, this is pretty much the soundtrack to the inevitable Robot uprising. Just start into the strobe light. FSK is more of a groovy affair with a powerful bass riff and shuffling drums. Still as gritty and moody as Beaster, FSK adds a little optimism into the mix with a House hook and some hopeful chords. A big change of direction for Sharooz, it’s good to see producers expressing other sides to themselves.

♫ Vails – FSK

♫ Vails – Beaster

Vails’ début is out soon.

Check out more from Vails on SoundCloud.



NTEIBINT’s Time EP, released late last month on Kitsuné Music, is the prefect call-back to the 2007/08 glory days of the pioneering French label. It;s that very specific mixture of organic Disco grooves, Indie-Electro sensibilities and Electro-House noise. This track could have quite easily been on Maison 3!

Time combines all those elements into one rolling French Electro tune that has got an instant classic feel to it, the EP comes loaded with reMixes from the likes of The Subs and Fabrizio Mommarella, and this edit from Kirsuné head honcho Gildas, who serves up the kind of dancefloor interpretation you’d expect. Increasing the ‘pump’ factor by 11, Gildas strips the track down to it’s body moving essentials and shines a spotlight (via a mirrorball) right on them, taking the track more in the Electro-House direction, Gildas doesn’t loose the Disco feel, but cranks up the un-ignorable hook until you are in it;s thrall.

♫ NTEIBINT – Time (Gildas Edit)

NTEIBINT’s Time is out now.

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Ren Riz’s ‘Goodbye’


Here’s a nice mid-week pick-you-up from one of Australia’s most underrated producers, Mr. Ren Riz. Long-time staple on these pages, Ren always delivers pounding Electro tracks that seems to have more soul than many of his contemporaries.

Goodbye is no exception, it’s a smooth mixture between solid dancefloor drums and quite laid back, emotional music. The track is based on the gradual build and layering of rich, warm synths and pulsating electronic bass with echoing snippets of processed vocals set amidst them. Around the four minute mark that building reaches it’s climax as the beat drops and powerful leads kick in, raising the energy of the track, but keeping the reflective mood going.

Ren Riz – Goodbye

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Kitsuné Maison 14 ‘The 10th Anniversary Issue’ or ‘The Absinthe Edition’


It’s that time again! As Kitsuné Music themselves say “you know the score”. Maison 14 is about to hit the streets. 14! I know, crazy! Once again Kitsuné have compiled the very best of their output over the last half a year, mixed it up a little with some new version and tracks. It just goes to show how far Kitsuné have sided into the Nu-Disco and Dreamwave arena. Amazing line-up!

Here’s the tracklist:

01. Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You
02. Citizens! – True Romance (Gigamesh reMix)
03. Friends – I’m His Girl (Jake Bullit reMix)
04. Rebecca Molina – Fall Right
05. Plastic Plate (Feat. Simon Lord) – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved
06. Lorenz Rhode (Feat Jamie Lidell) – Any Kind Of Pressure (Radio Edit)
07. Moonlight Matters (Feat. Gustaph) – Come For Me  (Punks Jump Up Freestyle Mix)
08. Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night reMix)
09. Peter & The Magician – Memory (Le Crayon reMix)
10. Rüfüs – This Summer (JBAG reMix)
11. Thomas Azier – Red Eyes (Mike Luck reMix)
12. Saint Michel – Friends
13. Monde Ideal – Future Waits
14. Wildcat ! Wildcat ! – Please And Thank You
15. Kitsuné Maison 14 ‘The 10th Anniversary Issue’ Encore!
16. Is Tropical (Feat. Get People) – Venezuela
17.  Plaitum – Geisha

As always, Mr. Jerry Bouthier, One half of JBAG, Continental Records main man, and Kitsuné DJ supreme has put together a minimix of the compilation for you to get your ears round.

Kitsuné Maison 14 ‘The 10th Anniversary Issue’ or ‘The Absinthe Edition’ Minimix By Jerry Bouthier

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Digital Switchover’s ‘Eclipse’

Digital Switchover

Out today on Swedish label Bonerizing Records is this Electro-House monster from Scottish producer Jamie Connelly, also known as  Digital Switchover. Recently premiered on BBC Radio 1 the track is already getting support from the likes of F.o.o.L, Muttonheads, Elektropusher,  Lee Mortimer and Saint Pauli. Y’know, all the big noisy dancefloor dudes.

Eclipse is a massive, building tune. Grinding synths battle for dominance throughout it’s four minutes. Chainsaw riffs growl, commanding the dancefloor before we hit a huge breakdown that builds and builds until you practically can’t take it anymore, then drops you right back in the middle of some of the most pumping Electro-House you’ll hear this year. Digital Switchover’s definitely going to make an impact with this one.

♫ Digital Switchover – Eclipse (Original Mix) (Radio Rip)

Eclipse is out today.

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Blende’s ‘Fake Love’


London’s Swedish king of ballsy Electro-Disco Blende is gearing up for the release of his new single, Fake Love, later this month. Blende has been consistently impressing with his reMix work this year, but now with blend [pun intended] of French Electro, French Disco and English ElectroPop he’s about to give some of the biggest names on the scene a run for their money.

We’re not saying this lightly either. We were a little lukewarm on the latest Justice album, if it’d sounded like Fake Love, we would have been all over it. It’s loaded with those chainsaw synths and phased piano that we’d normally associate with Justice, but Blende takes it to the next level. Rebecca (from Sweden’s Rebecca And Fiona) provides a rich vocal for the track, adding a catch hook to a track that is so full of Funk, so full of electronic power, that it has to be heard to be believed. Sometimes, just sometimes, the new kids can really take the old masters to school. reMixes are supplied by The Living Islands, Belgian legends Villa, who turn in a gritty Disco stompfest with a hard Electro pump to it and electronic rumors favourites Chordashian who bring their pounding Disco-House groove to the table in the single standout reMix. Fake Love comes highly recommended.

♫ Blende – Fake Love

♫ Blende – Fake Love (Villa reMix)

♫ Blende – Fake Love (Chordashian reMix)

Blende’s Fake Love is released 17th September on Eskimo Recordings.

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