Contact: WebZine Promo Submissions

NOTE: This page is for promotional submissions for featured articles, to submit demos for label consideration please go here.

If you would like to send us promotional material to review with the intention of us posting on the site please use the address below:

electronic rumors address: CLICK HERE TO REQUEST POSTAL ADDRESS

electronic rumors email: PROMO@ELECTRONICRUMORS.COM

Submission Guidelines


Please email all digital submissions to, or via our SoundCloud dropbox, and all physical submissions to our postal address.

Submissions via Facebook, either on our page or personally, will most likely be ignored. Seriously, we log into Facebook via the actual site once in a blue moon so we’ll most likely get your message weeks after it is relevant. Also, contact via Facebook isn’t very professional, have a little pride in your work.

Submissions via Twitter will most likely be laughed at. Seriously, you want to promote your music to us in 140 characters? You can’t think that much if it.


Please keep in mind that sending us your promotional CD, or music, doesn’t guarantee that we will write about it…but it helps! The music we write about is chosen from the material we receive because it stands out from the ‘promo crowd’ and inspires us to write.

The types of audio:


For digital audio 320kpbs MP3s are preferred. Lower bitrate MP3s and WAVs will be considered. MP4s, M4As and AIFFs will probably get binned.

Please make sure your MP3s are correctly tagged. Original artist in the Artist field and accurate title in the Title field at the very least. Nothing turns us off more than confusingly tagged songs, it shows us you have no pride in the way your music is presented.

Ideally we need two types of audio.

Firstly we need the track or release you are hoping we will cover as downloadable files (or a physical release). Unlike some web outlets we don’t have all day to sit in front of our computers listening to streaming tracks on specific websites. Our preferred method of review is transferring submissions to an MP3 player and listening to them on the move, this method also guarantees our closer attention. 90% of the music we cover has grabbed our attention while listening on the go.

Secondly, once we have decided to cover your music, to accompany the feature we need the track available as streaming , embeddable audio.

  • Acceptable embeds: SoundCloud,, Bandcamp, or authorisation to stream the track ourselves.
  • Unacceptable embeds: YouTube (for anything other than actual video), Spotify, other streaming sites.

If the article in question is a review of an album or full EP (as opposed to just a song) at least two of the tracks on the release must be available for streaming.

It is completely your decision whether you would like to offer the track, or tracks, as a free download to our readers. We would advise that providing a free track does generate more traffic to that article, but the decision is yours and won’t affect whether we choose to feature your music or not.

Snippets, extracts, excerpts and single artist/release mixes:

Please note the following guidelines when submitting less than full tracks.

Snippets, extracts and excerpts of songs must be longer than three minutes in length. Shorter ‘clips’ do not represent the track well to our readers and so will not be used.

Single artist/release mixes will also not be used (as the are essentially a collection of short clips).

Miximixes of one artist’s release do not represent the songs well to our readers and so will not be used.

Minimixes/mixes of multi-artist compilation albums will be considered.

Facebook likes, Email unlocks, Tweeting for tracks, downloading from other blogs:

Do not send us links to tracks we need to submit an email address (you already have!), like pages on Facebook or Tweet to download the track. At this point you want us to hear your music to be considered for a feature, don’t make us jump through hoops to get to it. If we like what we hear we will ‘like’ you on Facebook, not before. We’ll promote your Email unlock or Tweet For A Track link if we write about you, but we’re not going to become a ‘fan’ or promote you before we’ve even had a chance to hear the track.

Also, sending us to other blogs who are hosting your track to download it comes across as a little unprofessional.


If we haven’t previously featured your music, or at the very least some reMix work from you, don’t even consider sending us your mixtapes, because we won’t even consider featuring them. Music first, mixes later.

Please note: Mixtapes without tracklistings will not be featured, regardless of who mixed them. If you don’t want to promote the artists who’s tracks you are using, we don’t want to promote you.


Videos we will consider featuring include official music videos, live footage, TV appearances etc.. Video formats used for non-video content will not be considered (i.e. Lyric videos or using YouTube to stream audio).

    • Acceptable embeds: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion
    • Unacceptable embeds: Springboard, MTV, Brightcove.

Please note, we do tend to write less about video content, but will still include all the relevant information and purchase links


Sending us music news that doesn’t specifically correspond with a song, release or video we can feature will generally not be used. However, if we consider it particularly newsworthy, or relevant to our readership an article may be published via our social media accounts.


The following information displayed clearly in your contact with us will vastly improve you chances of getting featured:

Genre: You may believe yourself to be genre-busting, but you aren’t. And when we receive up to 200 emails a day from artists, of all genres, wanting to be featured we need to know immediately whether your music is even worth listening to in relation to the music we cover and our audience. This should be in the first paragraph, if not the subject line.

Links: Webiste (if you have one). SoundCloud page (if you don’t have one, get one). SoundCloud pages of anyone else involved (remixers, collaboratiors).

Release date: Also, record label with label link.

Promo photo or Artwork: Landscape orientation (the internet is a vertical scrolling medium,  portrait orientation images take up too much room on a page), WITH NO TEXT. Textless versions of the cover art are acceptable. Images with text on them (including band logos) will have the text cropped out.


By sending electronic rumors your music (via any method) you are agreeing to grant us the rights, unless explicitly stated otherwise, to feature the music you send us on the website ( as streaming audio content and downloadable MP3 content. You are also agreeing grant us the rights, unless explicitly stated otherwise, to play the music you send us as part of a live DJ set and to include the music you send us as part of a streaming and downloadable  mixed* compilation (Mixtape).

If you don’t want the music you send us featured on as downloadable or streaming content, or played live as part of a DJ set or featured on a downloadable and streaming mixed* compilation (Mixtape) you must explicitly state this in your contact with us at the same time as sending us the music.

The above does not apply when sending us full releases (full albums, full EPs, full single packages). When sending us full releases it is not implied that the tracks are cleared to post and we will always ask permission first, although tracks may still be used in live DJ sets and downloadable and streaming mixed* compilations (Mixtapes).

Thank you.

*: ‘Mixed’ in this context refers to one or more audio tracks blended together to create a continuous, gapless, mix of music.

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