[Video] Futurecop! & Mereki’s ‘Sun Is Mine’


Futurecop    Sun Is Mine feat. Mereki  Offical Video    YouTube

Here’s UK Dreamwavers Futurecop!’s new single, Sun Is Mine. A sunny slice of electronic nostalgia that features the sweet vocals of the one and only Mereki.

This clip of youthful exuberance was directed by Luke Thompson of Canopy Films, the first in a series of six videos.

Futurecop!’s Sun Is Mine is out now.

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[Download] Futurecop! & New Arcades’ ‘Atari Warrior’



UK Dreamwavers Futurecop!’s new album, Hopes, Dreams & Alienation was supposed to be released on August, but it wasn’t, it’s now set to drop this month. To celebrate, the guys are giving away this brand new track, Atari Warrior, that features none other than out very own New Arcades. Get involved.

Atari Warrior is short but sweet. Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, the tune is a mixture of Futurecop!’s Electro, New Arcades’ passionate vocals and an extra helping of ChipTune. Starting off with a tough SynthWave vibe, the tune soon descends into controlled sonic chaos with big synth leads pumping, piercing arpeggios and a soaring vocal performance. Exhilarating stuff.

Futurecop (Feat. New Arcades) – Atari Warrior

Futurecop!’s new album, Hopes, Dreams & Alienation is released 13th December.

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[News] Futurecop! and New Arcades live this weekend


Friday night sees the return of Dreamwave superstars Futurecop! to London as the play a full live set at Surya on Pentonville Road.

But that’s not all, in tow are electronic rumors’ crew members New Arcades, whose self titled début EP we released last month to critical acclaim.

It’s sure to be a night packed with the finest ElectroPop, SynthWave and Nu-Disco, so if you’re in the area get you asses down to Surya, and don’t forget your dancing shoes.


Full details can be found here.

[MP3] Pony Pony Run Run reMix Futurecop!



Wow, we haven’t heard from Pony Pony Run Run in quite some time, which is a shame, ;’cos they were (are) awesome. But they appear to be back in the saddle as this reMix of  Futurecop! and Kristine’s Superheroes has appeared. Hopefully this means a return to business for the Indie-Electro three piece.

Pony Pony Run Run’s reMix of Superheroes is a grinding slice of dancefloor ElectroPop. With a bouncy but growling bassline that is tempered by bright leads and Kristine’s emotional vocal, the track plays to both the dancefloor and the headphones. Bringing a House flavour to the track, Pony Pony Run Run show that they’ve lost none of their flair in their time away, combining French Electro with Futurecop!’s nostalgic SynthWave to deliver something entirely new.

Futurecop! (Feat Kristine) – Superheroes (Pony Pony Run Run reMix)

Futurecop!’s new single Atlantis 1997 is out now.

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[Video] Futurecop!’s ‘Atlantis 1997’


FUTURECOP     ATLANTIS 1997 feat. Cavaliers of Fun  OFFICIAL VIDEO on Vimeo

We have extensively covered Futurecop!’s new single, Atlantis 1997, so don’t ask us to repeat ourselves, hit those links (the cliff-notes being; it features Cavaliers Of Fun’s Ricco Vitali on vocals and a quite decent retro ElectroPop).

Here’s the video, which is equally decent. Directed by Ariel Belziti is the perfect clip for this tune, with retro iconography and slick production. And who amongst us doesn’t love floating geometric shapes? Not us!

Futurecop!’s Atlantis 1997 is released 23rd March with reMixes from Lifelike, P.A.F.F, Kill Them With Colour and Uppermost.

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[MP3] Lifelike reMixes Futurecop!



A couple of weeks ago we gave you the skinny on Futurecop!’s new single, Atlantis 1997, mentioning that there was a remix on the single from French Touch pioneer Lifelike. Well now, as the single draws ever closer to it’s late March release, we can give you a listen to that very reMix. Its downloadable too!

Atlantis 1997 is a carefree Dreamwave track in which Ricco Vitali from Cavaliers Of Fun delivers a anthemic, summery vocal. Lifelike uses this vocal to it’s fullest over a big filtered Disco backing. Concentrating on the songs chorus, and adding a few chop-up into the mix, Lifelike delivers punchy bass, smooth keys and slick sheen that can only come from being a master of your art. This mix swirls around your ears like euphoric smoke, drawing you into it’s groove.

Futurecop! (Feat. Ricco Vitali From Cavaliers Of Fun) – Atlantis 1997 (Lifelike reMix)

Futurecop!’s Atlantis 1997 is released 23rd March with reMixes from Lifelike, P.A.F.F, Kill Them With Colour and Uppermost.

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[Mixtape] Futurecop!’s ‘Retro /\ Futurism’ mix


Futurecop! – Retro /\ Futurism Mix (Vol.01) – Futurecop! have whipped up and hour of some of the finest SynthWave and Dreamwave around, including some epic tunes, some classic, a few surprises and out very own Let Me Riot’s Lovers & Losers. Get lost in the sound of yesterday’s tomorrow.

Futurecop! – Retro /\ Futurism Mix (Vol.01)

The tracklist:
01. Starforce – Summer of 2085
02. Wild Nothing – Paradise
03. The Rain Sword – Sarah’s Quest
04. Jonathan Johansson – Stockholm (Azure Blue reMix)
05. Joy Division – Love Will Tear us Apart
06. Let Me Riot – Lovers & Losers
07. Japeau – The Deep
08. Miami Nights 1984 – New Tomorrow
09. Kristine – Modern Love
10. New Arcades – Dreamers
11. Futurecop! – Karate Kids (Adeyhawke reMix)
12. Van Halen – Dreams
13. She – Yes OK
14. Kats – Mangetsu
15. Forgotten Illusions – Crystal Contour
16. Jónsi – Around Us (The Chainsmokers reMix)
17. Futurecop! – Atlantis 1997 (Lifelike Remix)
18. Adventure Club – Need Your Heart (Minnesota reMix)
19. Saves the Day – Three Miles Down

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Futurecop!’s ‘Far Away’ video

This is the new official clip for Futurecop!’s Far Away, which is taken from their The Adventures Of Starpony EP.

Julian Griffiths directs this clip with a nostalgic lens that perfectly accompanies the hazy nostalgia of the track.

Futurecop!’s The Adventures Of Starpony EP is out now.

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Futurecop! drop an albums worth of free tunes


UK SynthWave superheroes Futurecop! have spent the last couple of months busying away in the studio, cooking up a selection of tracks that they have been giving away for free on their SoundCloud page. Now, with the release of their latest tune, a tribute to the late, legendary, John Hughes, these almost an album;s worth of material out there. So, Futurecop! have collected it into a SoundCloud set for you listening pleasure.

There’s seven tracks in the collection so far, but here’s our pick of the breezy synth tunes on offer. The most recent track Futurecop! have unleashed is John Hughes (Teenage Love), obviously a homage to the greatest teen movie director to have ever lived, and it’s a track that could fit right into the soundtrack of any Hughes movie. Thick with Futurecop!’s trademark nostalgia, John Hughes (Teenage Love) is an upbeat party tune that takes you back in time whilst moving your feet. Dictionary has a more 80s British Pop feel to it thanks to the plucked guitar sound and rolling bassline. It’s a sprawling SynthWave tune that’s full of atmosphere. Taking a more traditional Futurecop! route is The Sun Is Mine, all driving arpeggios and soaring leads that perfectly mixes a retro sound and modern arrangement. ‘Till Eternity (I Miss You) is the collections reflective piece, a shimmering wall of snyths and gentle piano, set to a laid back beat, they captures and exemplifies Futurecop!’s dreamy outlook on life. the whole collection is free to download and at seven new tracks, should tide you over ‘till Futurecop!’s next album.

Futurecop! – John Hughes (Teenage Love)

Futurecop! – Dictionary

Futurecop! – The Sun Is Mine

Futurecop! – ‘Till Eternity (I Miss You)

You can find the complete set of Futurecop!’s recent free work right here.

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‘We Are The Future’ launch party this weekend! With The C90s, Edwin Van Cleef, Fear Of Tigers, Futurecop! and ME!

Don’t forget, this Saturday is the launch party for awesome new SynthWave/Nu-Disco compilation We Are The Future’. Hosted by Lemonade at The Nest in Dalston, London it’s going to be an awesome night. Come and party ‘til the early hours with The C90s, Edwin Van Cleef, Fear Of Tigers (live), Futurecop! (live) and little old me spinning some glorious synth music (and maybe dropping in some previews of forthcoming electronic rumors releases!

Find all the details for the night right here.