LexiconDon’s ‘Pretending’


LexiconDon singles are coming thick and fast now, hopefully this means the album is on the horizon the latest track, Pretending, is a freebie. The track shows another side to LexiconDon, set against the three other recent singles. Single four is probably a good time to bring in a different mood ahead of the album.

Haunting and atmospheric? No, I prefer dreamy and hazy. Pretending is like the musical equivalent of waves lapping on a beach. A warm and moody ElectroPop track that is loaded with lush sounds and rich chords that intermix with distant effected vocals. At time the track seems in danger of slipping into Chillwave territory, but never fully crosses the line, the steady kick and LA vibe keeping in firmly in the land of groove. It’s good to know that the new album will be soothing the soul as well as bringing the party.

LexiconDon – Pretending

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