[Download] Chordashian’s ‘Questions’



Brooklyn Disco duo Chordashian are kicking off their 2014 with a new track and a new collaboration. This time the pair team up with fellow New york residents, sister ElectroPop double act Frances Rose, these classically trained girls add an air of beauty to this stomping tune. The track was written over the course of a year, which is quite a while really.

The duo call the track ‘”a break from our usual up-tempo releases”, but the track is actually pretty up-tempo anyway. Pumping Italo basslines and driving drums meet Frances Rose’s lilting vocal. Not quite as Disco as we are used to from these two, but a floorfiller nonetheless. this time the ElectroPop power shines through.

Chordashian (Feat. Frances Rose) – Questions

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[Download] Chordashian’s ‘Keep On’



Brooklyn’s resident Disco Dons Chordashian have followed up their glorious DiscoPop collaboration with Freedom Fry on Skyscraper Souls with a brand new slice of feel-good dancefloor bliss. This time it’s just the duo at the controls and they deliver Keep On. It’s a free download too!

If you like bright, high energy, Piano driven Disco-House tunes then you’ve come to the right place. ‘Cos that’s exactly what Chordashian deliver here. A fun and carefree tune with a hard-to-resist bassline, an array of synth zaps and pops flying all over and an uplifting vocal sample, Keep On is a solid floorfiller with enough of a contrast between it’s euphoric highs and it;s mysterious breakdown to keep things interesting.

Chordashian – Keep On

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[Download] Chordashian & Freedom Fry’s ‘Skyscraper Souls’



Brooklyn based groovers Chordashian have been slowly and steadily releasing a bunch of awesome tunes this year. They’ve chosen to give their latest slice of gold away for free, although we wouldn’t be surprised to see it released as a single with a bunch of reMixes later in the year. It features fellow LA ElectroPoppers Freedom Fry and it’s called Skyscraper Souls.

Skyscraper Souls is as anthemic and uplifting an ElectroPop tune as you’ll find all year. Pure feel-good electronics with Freedom Fry’s Marie treating the track to an optimistic, and a bit sing-a-long, vocal performance. Bouncy, slightly Tropical, keys run throughout the track, keeping time with a rumbling, punchy bassline. A track that would work equally amazingly on the dancefloor or in the headphones, Skyscraper Souls is insanely good for a freebie.

Chordashian (Feat. Freedom Fry) – Skyscraper Souls

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[MP3] Chordashian’s ‘Cold Nights’


Brooklyn funketeers Chordashian are getting into a House groove with their new tune, Cold Nights. In their own words the track is “Built to keep you warm”, and in these chilly months it does exactly that. A lush, warm House tune to wrap yourself in like a warm blanket.

Cold Nights delivers a pure nostalgic House experience, and that’s where the warmth comes from. It’s like a mixture of early an 90s Chicago warehouse track with bits of mid 90’s Orbital, all funky and familiar. Of course, Chordashian make the sound their own with some burning disco synth riffs that inject the track with a little gritty euphoria. Feeling warmer already.

Chordashian – Cold Nights

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Chordashian’s ‘Call Me’


Released yesterday was Call Me, the new single from Brooklyn Boogiemeisters  Chordashian. Of particular note  with Call Me, is this is the first track from this duo that features in-house vocals. Felix Feygin and Michael Banks lend their vocal tones as well as their production chops to the track for some smooth R&B tinged DiscoPop.

Call Me is a melting pot of ideas and influences wrapped up in slick summer Boogie packaging. The track is actually pretty Housey during the verses. With a deep Chicago bassline and a Warehouse vibe the track lulls you into it’s moody groove before exploding in a shower of 90s R&B beats and Disco synths in each chorus. the vocals work really well, fitting into each section of the song in a similar style, and having a big sing-a-long chorus never hurt anyone. But for a serious House groove, check out the Bronx mix,

♫ Chordashian – Call Me

♫ Chordashian – Call Me (Bronx reMix)

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Chordashian reMixes Touch Tone

We knew it was only a matter of time before we started to hear some reMixes of Dreamwave Original Gangster Touch Tone awesome Make Believe. Make Believe is Touch Tone’s second single under this new moniker and both his track have been in demand for reMixers, once you’ve heard his big, anthemic, DiscoPop you’ll understand why. So, stepping up this time is a duo who have been around for a while, but recently joined the Binary fold, Chordashian.

The Brooklyn duo whip up a nice mix of beach Disco and piano House for their taken on the tune. Alex from LexiconDon’s vocals sound comfortable amidst the stuttering snares and late night House vibe. Chordashian have managed to deliver a reMix that is both extremely dancefloor friendly, but quite musically interesting too, and retaining all the the originals soul.

Touch Tone – Make Believe (Chordashian reMix)

Touch Tone’s Make Believe is out now on Binary.

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Chordashian’s ‘Illusion’


Chordashian have joined the Binary family! When did that happen? I’m sure I’m supposed to get a memo about these things. I’m definitely going to say it was a good call from Josh and Kyle bringing these guys into the fold, we’ve been supporting Chordashian in these pages for a while now and the Brooklyn duo seem like a perfect fit.

Their first single for Binary is a free download, Illusion. Whenever I read the word Illusion my mind immediately switched to Just An Illusion by Imagination mode, Chordashian’s new tune is nothing to do with that infectious ‘80’s hit, and may just be catchy enough to break Imagination’s mental monopoly. This Illusion is a rolling slice of Beach Disco, a pumping Housey jam with a Tropical feel. It’s got a nice warehouse groove that really get you moving, and washed that with a layer of sun-kissed Disco sounds, wicked licks and some ace digital sax, to add a good-times flavour to the mix. top everything off with some distant, dreamy, vocals and you’ve got the prefect beach party tune.

Chordashian – Illusion

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Aimes’ new single


Yesterday Brooklyn based Indie-SynthWave artist Aimes released his new single ‘Step Away’. A slick Indie-Disco affair with reMix duties from  Chordashian.

‘Step Away’ is a nice mix of Indie and Disco with Aimes’ Chillwave leaning dreamy sheen. Funking slap bass and slick Disco licks play about amongst the lush retro synths with a restudy that it;s hard not to move to. Over the top of this is some surprising Bryan Ferry-esque vocals, sung with weird emphasis but perfectly fitting for the groove of the track. It’s one for lazy days in the city, in the sun. Chordashian’s reMix picks up the pace a little and aims the song squarely at late night dancefloors with a candy coating of the smoothest Disco, thick with cosmic sounds and vocoders a-plenty. The single is like the day and night of cool, this’ll be on repeat for a long time.

♫ Aimes – Step Away (Original Mix)

♫ Aimes – Step Away (Chordashian reMix)

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Chordashian’s new EP


Brooklyn based purveyors of smooth grooves Chordashian are complimenting their recent ‘Don’t Wait UP’ EP on Mullet Records with this free two track release. The ‘Space Party’ EP.

Get ready for two slabs of the funkiest Disco House you’ll hear all week. ‘Black Eye’ and ‘Bomb’ are guaranteed to get you moving with some of the most head nodding cosmic synths in the galaxy. ‘Black Eye’ introduces you to the space party with a shuffling beat and some super shiny Disco sounds while ‘Bomb’ reels in the groove for a mid-tempo funky comedown. It’s all about the silver space suits and vocoders.

Chordashian – Black Eye

Chordashian – Bomb

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