Leisure Council reMixes Touch Tone


The reMixes of Touch Tone’s anthemic Home Away From Home keep coming. There’s just something about that vocal, something about the groove of the track, that had made it one of the few track we haven’t got bored with multiple reMixes of. I can see why people want to reMix it, it’s a huge tune. Next up to the plate is our boys Leisure Council, so you know this is going to be special.

And special it definitely is. Can you say ‘Electro Boogie’? Leisure Council’s reMix is pure synthetic Funk, sprinkled with ‘80’s magic and sent through a wormhole from 1985. From he moment the beat kicks in, you are treated to the kind of post, B-Boy Electro, electronic R&B groove that was so prevalent in the mid-‘80’s. Funky, and slightly mechanized, like a breakdancing robot. Which is layered with rich, buzzing, synth pads, ringing chords and twisting lead lines. Vocoding Andrew’s vocals, subtly, just adds to the slightly otherworldly vibe and lets this space boogie soar. Leisure Council are killing it once again. Whether in Ride The Universe, or as a trio, these guys just know groove.

Touch Tone – Home Away From Home (Leisure Council reMix)

Touch Tone’s ‘Home Away From Home’ is out now on Binary.

Buy Touch Tone’s music from:

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