The return of LexiconDon


This week Binary’s bay boys LexiconDon make their long awaited return. LexiconDon were amongst the Dreamwave originators, the original Binary crew, and since the release of their amazing Pink + Blue album in 2010 the Don’s main synth twiddler Fabian went on to have critically acclaimed Nu-Disco hit album Say Goodbye. We’ve been waiting a while but now looks like the right time for the guys to get the band back together! Time for another LexiconDon summer.

The new single Where Did We Go? is pure LexiconDon. The combination of Fabian’s smooth beats and Alex’s croon is something special. Just the vibe it gives off, I dunno’, it’s hard to explain but Fabian and Alex just sell it. I’m not sure what the ‘it’ they sell is, but whatever ‘it’ is it happens in the sunshine with beer and friends. For lovers of laid back, Disco tinged ElectroPop with an Indie aesthetic, this is your summer tune.

♫ LexiconDon – Where Did We Go?

Where Did We Go? is out now on Binary.

Buy LexiconDon’s music from:


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