[Download] Mr. MMæn’s ‘Slow Love’ (+ Silenx reMix)


Mr. Mæn

Next up of France’s amazing On The Fruit Records, who are on a bit of releasing spree right now, is the new single from Norwegian SynthWaver Mr. Mæn. It’s been quite some time since we heard new material from this guy, and the new record doesn’t disappoint, coming packed with reMixes from Silenx and Pelifics, this is Slow Love.

This one is so smooth it hurts. A super nostalgic slice of laid back, silky, synthesizer love. Phil Collin’s style keys, synth Sax, and dreamy moods come together to make up this romantic soundtrack piece. A bit of a departure from OTF’s normal dancefloor oriented releases, but a welcome addition to their catalogue, Mr. Mæn shows off his more soulful and musical side, and we love it. The ever awesome Silenx up’s the tempo a bit with his take on the tune, whipping those feather-light keys into a shoulder shaking Italo groover, loaded with plumbing bass and full fat tones. We’ve been looking forward to this release for a while, it was definitely worth the wait.

Mr. Mæn – Slow Love

♫ Mr. Mæn – Slow Love (Silenx reMix)

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[Audio] Future Feelings & Dan Solo’s ‘I Feel Nothing’ (+ In Flagranti reMix)


Future Feelings

The latest release from France’s On The Fruit Records comes in the form of Mexican producer Future Feelings, who is no stranger to this website, teaming up with fellow Mexican Dan Solo for some deep electronic grooves. The new single, I Feel Nothing, also comes packed with reMixes from Bufi and In Flagranti. Check it out.

I Feel Nothing is a bass heavy House track with more than a couple of nods to early Bronx Electro. With it’s old school drum sounds, it mixes up a laid back Disco groove with a strobe light warehouse vibe. Boasting twisted Acid synths and an ominous voice of doom, this one’ll get the floor moving. In Flagranti’s take on the track hit slightly more bouncy notes while keeping the ominous mood. Eventuating the 303 burbling with shiny stabs it’s a journey into dark funk.

♫ Dan Solo & Future Feelings – I Feel Nothing (Original Mix)

♫ Dan Solo & Future Feelings – I Feel Nothing (In Flagranti reMix)

Dan Solo & Future Feelings’ ‘I Feel Nothing’ is out now.

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[Audio] Freak You reMixes From Kid’s ‘Sun’



Yesterday we had Ride The Universes sweet reMix of From Kid’s new single, Sun, today we bring you Freak You’s take on the track. The reMix collection, Variations Of Sun, is out now on On The Fruit Records and also includes work from the likes of Lou Teti and PWNDTIAC. After showing the world his amazing new tune, There You Are (featuring Bright Light Bright Light) Freak You is on a roll right now, and this reMix shows there’s no stopping him.

While Ride The Universe brought dreamy LA Disco vibes to the track, Freak You heads straight to the dancefloor. This reMix is a driving floorfiller, sneaking in some House overtones to the track Freak You plays with purcussion and rhythm in unexpected ways but never looses the groove. As with all Freak You’s production, it delivers some interesting and intelligent elements and wraps them up in a lovely piano hook and an off-kilter synth riff in a track that just builds and builds.

♫ From Kid – Sun (Freak You reMix)

From Kid’s Variations Of Sun is out now.

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[Audio] Ride The Universe reMixes From Kid’s ‘Sun’


From Kid

The awesome foursome are back. Whilst they have boon holed away working on their début album, The LA/Germany pan-Atlantic Disco tribe Ride The Universe have also taken the time to reMix the current single, Sun,  from Indie-Electro duo From Kid. The reMix is taken from a new collection of versions Sun, out this week on On The Fruit Records, called Variations Of Sun.

Prepare yourself for some dreamy Disco vibes right here. Ride The Universe deliver one of their smoothest track to date with this chilled, hazy slab of beach Funk. From the tunes opening relaxed chords and echoing drums, you know you’re in for a blissed-out treat. With a steady, head nodding, bassline and loaded with sweeping synths, this reMix works the originals vocals in a way that completely sets it apart. where the original displayed an introspective Indie mood, Ride The Universe morph that into a soft spoken, romantic croon. We’re all dying for RTU’s album round these parts.

♫ From Kid – Sun (Ride The Universe reMix)

From Kid’s Variations Of Sun is out now.

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[MP3] 2CV’s ‘Fievre’



While they are busy working on their next proper release, not-French Frenchmen 2CV have decided to give away two tracks to tide us over. Fievre is the first. Both the track come straight from 2CV’s live set and have never been available before. This one is not so much “living room Disco” as kitchen Electro-House.

Interplaying between solid Disco licks, grinding Electro-House riffs and bouncy ElectroPop leads, Fievre hits you with a mesmeric hook that keeps on going and doesn’t let up. Once you’re drawn in there’s all manner of sweeping synths and stabbing melodies in a track the never gets boring. With so much going on, 2CV still manage to keep the groove levels up, and keep your head nodding. We’re looking forward to track number two.

2CV – Fievre

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[Audio] Biernaski & Novika’s ‘Give Away’



Here’s a slice of quirky ElectroPop from Poland courtesy of On The Fruit Records. It comes from Biernaski with an analog Pop style and features vocals from fellow Pole and featuring artist on a few cool released recently Novika. There’s a free reMix of the single you can grab here, while we check out the single itself.

Give Away has on obvious Disco influence, but never touched on that genre, more this is a proper vintage SynthPop tune with a nice self-identity. It;s made unique partly through Biernaski’s idiosyncratic, playful synths, partly though Novika’s distinctive Eastern European drawl. It;s catchy and upbeat with a little Italo groove int here, a solid début. The B-side, Danse Avec Moi, has more of a laidback, poolside funk to it. A nice piano hook and some gentle guitars play around this Italo-Disco groove, with subtly vocoding and hushed vocals. Laid back analog goodness.

♫ Biernaski (Feat. Novika) – Give Away

♫ Biernaski – Danse Avec Moi

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[Audio] 2CV’s début single



France’s On The Fruit Records have snapped up the début release from ‘not French’ Paris residents 2CV. Spun out of the club they ran of the same name Guido le Saint & Jus de Veau easily shifted their focus to producing what the like to call “living room Disco”, which we guess means intimate and funky electronic music. Let’s take a look.

The release is a double A-Side single, Bacon and Afrique are both sample heave examples of innovative Nu-Disco. Not tired old 70s grooves and over side-changing here, there’s something a little more interesting going on. Bacon takes it’s inspiration from a rugged guitar sample and builds a Electro Disco framework around that out of warm synth bass, and bright, springy leads. All these elements coalesce to form a floorfiller with a unique enough sound to stand out from the crowd. It’s flipside, well, you might want to be sitting down for this…it’s flipside samples one of the greatest songs of all time, Toto’s Africa. We always say, when you;re tired of Africa, you’re tired of life. Afrique doesn’t go crazy with the Toto sampling, just takeing the bares of hook and using it to underpin a Cosmic track that flirts with the suggestion of old school Rave and Acid House amongst a Spacey, sometimes gritty, but ultimately comfortable dance track that really is designed for a peak-time-lost-in-dance situation.

♫ 2CV – Bacon

♫ 2CV – Afrique

2CV’s début single is out now.

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[Audio] Jesse Oliver’s ‘Purified’ EP


Kuva: Miikka Pirinen

Here’s something a bit special from Finnish artist Jesse Oliver of, one of our favourite production duos, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver, fame. Just released on On The Fruit Records is his solo Purified EP. This is a release that’s a little more personal, a little more experimental in it’s approach, and a little more conceptual that what we might expect from this guy, but the results speak for themselves.

The three tracks on the Purified EP haven’t been near a computer in their production. this is all analog or hardware synths, hardware sequenced and recorded to tape these tracks haven;t even been through modern mastering techniques. This is something Jesse has been wanting to try for a long time now and the results are meticulously crafted little gems. The EP kicks off with Red Door, a driving slice of Italo with a tiny Balearic sunrise flavour. Quite SynthWave in it’s angle, all urgent arpeggios and big tom rolls, yet also folding in Oliver’s big room know-how, 2211 mixes up dark future synths and B-boy beats to create a growling synth backing for some seriously nostalgic 80s hook and chimes to dance around the track. With a lush breakdown and and emotional resonance, this might just be the EP’s highlight. Which leaves the title track, a cosmic synth epic that 50% night drive and 50% galactic voyage that leaves you wanting more. Could these tracks have done with a little mastering. Possibly, but that doesn’t really detract for a collection of badass synthesizer workouts. How they’d sound in a club we can’t comment on, but they sounded pretty good in our speakers.

♫ Jesse Oliver – Purified

♫ Jesse Oliver – 2211

♫ Jesse Oliver – Red Door

Jesse Oliver’s Purified EP is out now.

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[Audio] Keljet and X Ambassadors ‘Love Of A Life’



Earlier this month we has a listen to the MiGHty mOUse reMix of the new single from Keljet featuring X Ambassadors. Now with a release date of the start of next month, via On The Fruit Records, it’s time to get our ears around the original version of the track, Love Of A Life.

Be prepared, because Love Of A Life is a huge slice of Tropical ElectroPop that’s so upbeat and energetic it’ll likely catch you off-guard. The Dutch Disco duo have whipped up one of the biggest sounding singles of the year so far. Loaded with pounding drums, a buzzsaw bassline and layers of floaty, almost Trance, leads, all topped off with some Balearic percussion and an anthemic vocal. This is a large sweeping track that is sure to take certain clubs by storm this summer.

♫ Keljet (Feat. X Ambassadors) – Love Of A Life

Keljet’s Love A Life single is out 1st May.

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[Audio] Ren Riz’s ‘Day Dream’

Ren Riz

The latest release from awesome French label On The Fruit Records comes from one other than electronic rumors alumni  Ren Riz. We’ve been featuring this Aussie producer’s tracks for as long as the site has been around and this forthcoming single is one of his best.

Out later this month, Day Dream sees Ren getting funky with an irresistible syncopated bassline that is it physically hard not to move to. This massive slice of Robo-Disco keeps things synthetic with an Italo twist. Loaded with heavy synth sounds and a touch of added cowbell, Day Dream is a prime addition to the On The Fruit roster. Funky and fun, this is one to keep the party going.

♫ Ren Riz – Day Dream

Ren Riz’s Day Dream is released 10th December.

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