Earl Grey reMixes Sohight


Russian Disco master Sohight’s On The Fruit Records single Fonk is release this week, and whist we’ve been really digging the track, we’ve also been keen to hear the Earl Grey reMix, so now we can. Earl Grey is, of course, Danny Ashenden, better know as one half of The C90s, here with his third solo track. It doesn’t disappoint.

Ashenden delivers a squelchy, vintage Disco track. Equal parts Cosmic and Deep, the track rides on a low-down, but bouncy, synth bass, slightly Italo in it’s pattern, which weaves in an out of spacey stabs and echoes, snatches of the vocal and big lush strings. The reMix even keeps some of the scratching from he original in there, but echoes them out to almost Dub-like effect. All this Disco business is topped off with a twisted lead line that is so infectious you won’t be able to resist it. It’s a great start for Earl Grey, definitely a name to keep an eye, or ear,  on.

♫ Sohight – Fonk (Earl Grey reMix)

Sohight’s Fonk is out now.

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Quinten 909’s ‘Closer To Me’

Quinten 909

Out this week is the new monster from Dutch Nu-Disco producer Quinten 909. Bringing on-board American funkster Mayhem for a talkbox groove workout, Quinten drops Closer To Me on On The Fruit Records just in time for the warn evening of the end of the summer. Because these are pure evening jams. Time to get sexy.

You should definitely take the time (or the whole afternoon) to check out every version of Closer To Me, but for us the highlights are the Classic Mix, a soaring synth, warbling talkbox, Disco basslined juggernaut of laid back funk. Infectious and impossible not to move to, Closer To Me brings together all the elements of the groove into one giant groove machine. So what can be better than that? Three little words. Ride The Universe. The four Dreamwave warriors add a little Dub sound to their slick as all hell synthetic Disco, and with the talkbox vocals in tow it’s an unbeatable combination that just goes to prove why Ride the Universe are the top of their game.

♫ Quinten 909 (Feat. Mayhem) – Closer To Me (Classic Mix)

♫ Quinten 909 (Feat. Mayhem) – Closer To Me (Ride The Universe reMix)

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Pat Lok’s new single


Today Canadian Nu-Disco guy Pat Lok releases his new single, Remember, on Frances excellent On The Fruit Records. We caught a listen to the original version back in March, it’s a floaty, spacey slice of electronic Disco with a dreamlike quality that wraps you in it’s funk warmth. Now the track has a full release with some pretty awesome reMixes.

reMixes come correct from fellow Canadians Sp00nfed and British production duo of Glyn Cosford from ICOMPUTE and Tronik Youth’s Neil Parnell, otherwise known as Wayving. Sp00nfed do a good job of keeping the dreamy vibe but Housing things up a little, morphing the laid back Disco into Laid Back beach House. Laying a little piano riff and some piercing synths Sp00nfed get right inside your head with this one. Pure funky dancefloor bliss. Wayving’s take on Remember is a rich, full, Disco experience, don’t let the toytown synth riff fool you, this is big tune. Riffing off ‘90’s House, Wayving lay down a solid groove guaranteed to move you.

♫ Pat Lok – Remember (Sp00nfed reMix)

♫ Pat Lok – Remember (Wayving reMix)

Remember is out today.

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Final DJs début single


Well it’s finally here. Germany’s purveyors of the finest in dreamy SynthWave Final DJs release their début single for On The Fruit Records today. It’s been a long road tog et here which has seen this duo dropping originals and reMixes taking in everything from cinematic Dreamwave to bass funkin’ Nu-Disco. It seemed to take them a while to settle on a sound of their own, but with this premiere release they lay down their musical manifesto. You better listen up.

‘Gossip Country’ contains three originals and two reMixes, the title track is an epic excursion through synthetic melodies. Kicking off with a machine bassline with a Industrial feel, which isn’t as harsh as it sounds and makes for a nice hypnotic, undulating, backing for the lush, rich pads and some of Final DJs greatest solos and lead lines to date. There even a little ‘90’s House vibe in the mix too just to offset the overwhelming 80’s-ness of the leads. Final DJs have crafted some real goosebumps moments in ‘Gossip Country’ and, whilst keeping the SynthWave sound have taken it one step further and taken Outrun Electro one step further toward being accepted by the mainstream. Flipside number one, ‘Salt On Our Skin’ is more of a funkier affair, but in an funky Italo way rather than a Nu-Disco vein with it’s bouncy digital bass being impossible not to move to. Again these producer double act hit just the right note with their soaring synth work. The remaining B-Side, ‘A Long Way Home’ is a more traditional dance affair with a lot more of the 90’s vibes. reMixes come from Sebastian Scotch who drops a deep Housey Disco track and Justin Faust who reworks ‘Gossip Country’, adding a bit more of a syncopated groove and a classy Disco sheen. Faust keeps a lot  of what makes the track so good in place, just tweaking things here and there, making the song ready for prime time.

♫ Final DJs – Gossip Country

♫ Final DJs – Salt on Our Skin

♫ Final DJs – Gossip Country (Justin Faust reMix)

Final DJs’ ‘Gossip Country’ is released today.

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Pat Lok’s new track

Pat Lok

On The Fruit Records have just dropped the latest track from Canadian Nu-Disco producer Pat Lok. the title track from Pat’s new single. Good times!

‘Remember’ is a dream of a track. Even though it has a really solid groove, the track seems to float on by, carried on clouds made of Funk. In general ‘Remember’ has got a bit of an LA vibe about it, both in the Funk and in the beach Disco departments, I imagine that this tune is going to go down a storm at quite a few parties in that part of the world, that’s not to say it won’t be rockin’ more than a few dancefloors elsewhere too. Keep hitting play ‘cos once the track gets 5,000 plays, On The Fruit are gonna’ release the download!

♫ Pat Lok – Remember

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Figure Of 8’s new single

figure of 8

I’ve been dying to write about this for a while now, the new single from Figure Of 8, ‘No One Cries For Me’, out next week on On The Fruit Records.

Belfast’s purveyor of all things Pop and House enlisted the help of Bright Light Bright Light and Our Krypton Son and the sublime vocals of Sophie Galpin to create a deep , soulful slice of ElectroPop that will stay with you all day after just one listen. The track has a Balearic, sunrise feel to it, but without all the associated cheese, there’s also a strong streak of late ‘80’s dance, such as The Beloved, DNA in ‘No One Cries For Me’. The more I listen to it, the more I feel like this is a classic dance track, and one you will definitely be hearing a lot more of. An intensely emotional track, both vocally and musically you can’t help but be haunted by the memory of it.

Figure Of 8 (Feat. Sophie Galpin) – No One Cries For Me (Radio Version)

‘No One Cries For Me’ is released 13th February.

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Chrome Canyon’s new EP

chrome canyon

France’s On The Fruit Records are killin’ it right now. They are pumping out quality release after release and the next up is no exception. Released today is the new EP from Brooklyn based futurist Chrome Canyon.

The ‘Body Music’ EP is space-age retro synth Funk paradise. The EP is summed up in the lead track ‘Computers Of Love’. What’s not to like in this track? It’s got everything you’d want from cosmic analog Disco. Funky slap bass, huge Sci-Fi synths, vocoded vocals and as the various melodies spin out into the galaxy you get the feeling that there is a not only pretty impressive musicality behind the tracks, but also a quirky sense of humour.  When the rockin’ Funk solo kicks in you know you’re in the right place. the track is reMixed by Melee Beats, and a man of consistent quality, Douze. Douze brings this nostalgia jam into the 21st century and adds a little French Touch to the mix, in a big way. The EP’s other original ‘Body Music’ is more of a brooding, ‘80’s soundtracky, peice. Like a meeting of Vangelis and Kraftwerk it’s the musical narrative of a robotic call to arms and could have featured on the best of early ‘80’s Sci-Fi flicks. Heroismo and Stavarsky both take a crack at reMixing ‘Body Music’, with the latter delivering a dark post-Italo dark future mix. If the original is the Sci-Fi movies theme, then Starvasky provides the backing for when adversity strikes. Great moody SynthWave. If you like vintage synth music and old school Italo and Disco beats, then this release’ll be something special for you.

♫ Chrome Canyon – Computers Of Love (Original Mix)

♫ Chrome Canyon – Computers Of Love (Douze reMix)

♫ Chrome Canyon – Body Music (Original Mix)

♫ Chrome Canyon – Body Music (Stavarsky reMix)

Chrome Canyon’s ‘Body Music’ EP is out now.

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Pat Lok’ ‘No Shame’

pat lok

On The Fruit Records’ second big release of the week comes courtesy of the slick synthetic Disco of Pat Lok.

The Vancouver DJ/Producers is dropping this single, ‘No Shame’, backed with ‘Yes Game’ and a stellar array of reMixes. ‘No Shame’ is an Italo basslined five minutes of some of the best, and most original, Nu-Disco we’ve heard in a while. Pat definitely brings something new to the Nu-Disco game as well as doing what everyone should do when they’ve write an awesome peice of funky electronic music…cover the thing in vocoded vocals. ‘No Shame’ is immense. The flip side, ‘Yes Game’ take a smoother route to the dancefloor with chilled synths and piano in the mix. Goldroom provides one of the mixes of ‘No Shame’. The ‘G’ word is already, after half a year, a stamp of quality, slightly Yachty, Nu-Disco beach tunes but this time Josh goes all out and contributes some vocals to the track which immediately gives the track something special, making it really cohesive. Bit Funk’s take on ‘Yes Game’ is funked-out  bliss (or should that be blissed-out funk?) with heavy synth bass and slap bass intertwining to crate a low-down dirty groove and some dark dancefloor moments.

♫ Pat Lok – No Shame

♫ Pat Lok – Yes Game

♫ Pat Lok – No Shame (Goldroom reMix)

♫ Pat Lok – Yes Game (Bit Funk remix)

‘No Shame’ is out now with additional reMixes from OhYeah and Volta Bureau.

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T&K’s ‘The reMixes’


This week On The Fruit Records released a reMix collection featuring some awesome reworkings of ElectroPop duo T&K’s newly released album, ‘Magic Tank’.

The whole collection is well worth checking out, for me the highlights came from James Yuill, Mr. Mæn, Rocky and Freak You. Mr. Yuill’s take on ‘Little Clouds’ is an epic, rolling, ElectroPop monster. An evolving analog beast that despite being a pumping electronic floorfiller is amazingly cinematic and emotive. After an icy intro, Mr. Mæn’s version of ‘Summer Nights’ becomes a massive ‘80’s ‘moment’ track. Majestic and powerful, it’s a slow burner that rouses the soul. an old school SynthPop flavour is applied to ‘Magic Tank’ by Rocky. Like the bastard child of Yazoo and Fad Gadget, Rocky’s reMix is a weird synthesizer workout disguised as a Pop song. On The Fruit main man Freak You’s reMix of ‘Line Of Light’ is a cosmic, chiming tune with a ‘90’s SynthPop bassline and a hint of Disco that’ll definitely go down a storm on the dancefloor.

♫ T&K – Little Cloud (James Yuill reMix)

♫ T&K – Summer Night (Mr. Mæn reMix)

♫ T&K – Magic Tank (Rocky reMix)

♫ T&K – Line Of Light (Freak You reMix)

Also featuring reMixes from Canblaster, Segundo and Boston Bun, T&K’s ‘The reMixes’ is out now.

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