[Download] Shit Hot SoundSystem edits Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’



London based Nu-Disco producer Shit Hot SoundSystem has been pumping out a truck load of awesome edits recently. Proper edits too, not reMixes titled as edits but not virtually unchanged tracks either. SHS’s edits stay true to the concept of an edit; remaining true to the original track but cutting the dead wood and enhancing what works on the dancefloor, from a DJs perspective. In this spirit his latest work, an edit of Madonna’s 1985 classic Material Girl, does the job superbly.

Material Girl has got enough powerful hook and riffs to keep any DJ happy, and Shit Hot SoundSystem uses them to their fullest. Doubling down on the bass and drums, the track rumbles along in heavy style with the bassline and chorus lead riff, both instantly recognisable, taking centre stage. There’s enough vocals in here too for the sing-a-long crowd. It’s another quality edit from Shit Hot SoundSystem and a real middle-of-your-set secret weapon.

Madonna – Material Girl (Shit Hot SoundSystem Edit)

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[MP3] Robotaki’s ‘Raton Laveur’ & ‘It’s Still About You’



One of Canada’s unsung synthetic Disco talents, the awesome Robotaki has broken a long period of silence with a brand new double A-side single, Raton Laveur and It’s Still About You, for free. These are tracks that have been knocking around on Robotaki’s shelf for a while now, while we’ve been waiting for then to be released, and now they’re here they don;t disappoint, especially the Hey Champ featruing It’s Still About You.

It’s Still About You is Robo-Disco at it’s finest. Full of sparky snyths stabbing their way over bubbling arpeggiated basslines and a stomping beat.  With just enough of a hint of retro to be cool, but still maintaining a contemporary feel, the track perfectly plays to Hey Champs’ strengths to deliver the best of machine groove and swinging Nu-Disco. Raton Laveur is more of a dreamy, electric piano fuelled, Disco tune that mixes up a laid back poolside vibe with some big room Elector elements to produce something that is both smooth and a high octane dancefloor monster. these are definitely two tracks you should be checking out.

Robotaki (Feat. Hey Champ) – It’s Still About You

Robotaki – Raton Laveur

Robotaki’s Raton Laveur/It’s Still About You is out now.

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[MP3] Pr0files’ ‘Call Yourself A Lover’



Pr0files is the new solo project from Baby Monster’s Danny Sternbaum. Baby Monster have been a fixture on electronic rumors since our beginning, despite their releases being a little too few and far between for our liking. Pr0files sees Sternbaum collaborating with long-time friend singer/keyboardist Lauren Pardini to produce some lush, swirling Dreampop. The two have worked together before in an outfit called The Boy Traveller, which featured Danny, Lauren and Skrillex (yup, apparently that was a thing that happened).

Their première track, Call Yourself A Lover, is a hazy, yet bombastic, slice of ElectroPop. With a orchestrated feel, builds itself around layers of luxurious synths that curl in and out of the track like smoke, washing the Trance-like apreggios and ElectroPop bassline in surges of dreamlike noise. Lauren’s vocal balances between ethereal and IndiePop cool, giving the track some grounding. This is one for the headphones, let it sweep you away.

Pr0files – Call Yourself A Lover

Pr0files’ début album is due out in 2013.

Check out more from Pr0files on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Awkoder’s ‘Ho.Ho.Ho!’



The latest tune from French SynthWaver Awkoder sees the talented producer moving in a slightly Houseier direction. Trading his usually moody and atmospheric retro synth tunes for a gloriously nostalgic slice of Chicago House with Tropical overtone, Awkoder sets his sights of claiming the very last of the good weather in 2013. Even if skies are getting greyer, Ho.Ho.Ho! (despite sounding X-massy) will keep the summer vibes going.

If your in the market for some upbeat synth stabs and early 90s vocal sampling with your Island purcussion on full-on House beats, then you’ve come to exactly the right place. Awkoder had captured the excitement of dance music int he late 80s and early 90s and bottled in in his new track. Of course there is a totally addictive piano hook in tow, like the icing on the House cake. It’s hard not to smile at Ho.Ho.Ho!, and even harder not to dance.

Awkoder – Ho.Ho.Ho!

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[MP3] L’Etranger’s ‘Mersey Mersey Me’ club mix.



Out soon on London’s La Bombe label is the new release from Ben Thomas A.K.A. L’Etranger. It a collection of reMixes of tracks from his 1997 EP of earlier this year. 1997 was jammed packed with chilled soulful Disco and storming Turbo Funk playing off against each other, and from the sound of this free download of one of the reMixes of the track Mersey Mersey Me we could be in for some seriously Housed up versions.

Whereas the original was laid back hazy soul, this Club Mix, by L’Etranger himself, is a hypnotic slo-mo House juggernaut. Channelling the original’s soul into deeper, moodier places, L’Etranger works up the perfect warehouse groove with throbbing sine basslines and layers of subtly, yet complex, purcussion. If this is any indication of what the rest of the remix EP holds, then we could be in for a treat.

L’Etranger – Mersey Mersey Me (L’Etranger Club Mix (La Bombe Edit))

L’Etranger’s 1997 reMixed is out soon.

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[MP3] Sauly & Parker’s ‘Disco Biscuit’


Sauly & Parker

A couple of months ago we introduced you to Pole Position Recordings latest signing, Essex based producer Sauly. While were still waiting patiently for this guy’s début EP, Pole Position have dropped another free tune. Disco Biscuit sees Sauly teaming up with friend Parker for a serious cosmic House excursion.

This one’s got it feet on the dancefloor and it’s head in the could. Pumping 909 beats and a growling bassline keep the track moving while all manner of galactic synths explode playfully across the speakers. Shimmering pads, twinkling keys, Sci-Fi leads, all add up to an epic mood on this track that, when paired with the Deep House groove, delivers an engaging slice of mesmerising dancefloor gold.

Sauly & Parker – Disco Biscuit

Check out more from Sauly on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Thief’s ‘Broken Boy’



Just gotta’ drop a little copy and pasted press release here, it;s not often we get press releases with lists of awards in. “Thief is the new electronic pop project of PJ Wolf. A previous winner of the Triple J Unearthed Top Song competition and recipient of the Foundation for Young Australians Buzz Grant, PJ was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Vanda and Young songwriting competition for his track Closer.” We can’t help but wonder of the Foundation for Young Australians Buzz Grant is a grant for young Australians who buzz or a buzzing grant for young Australians, we’d like to think it was the latter, must be a nightmare in batteries. Whatever the case, that’s quite an impressive rack of achievements this guy had to his name, and now he’s traded in his guitars for some altogether better synthesizers and joined forced with Brisbane-based producer Matt Redlich (Emma Louise, Hungary Kids Of Hungary, Yes You) to form Thief to deliver the sweetest of SynthPop tunes, like Broken Boy.

Broken Boy is like a soulful Kraftwerk. Vintage drum machine beats with an old school Electro pop craft out B-boy rhythms  amidst a sea of analog arpeggios that forms a nice contrast to the more Indie piano and bass work. Quite a stripped down and minimal track, Broken Boy still maintains it’s humanity, largely thanks to the heartfelt vocals that wash the track. The tune is complimented by a reMix from Brazilian producer Césare, who turns the track into a lush dance tune. Not quite Nu-Disco, but leveraging a lot of funk in it’s retro dancefloor action. An impressive début all-round, we’ll be keeping an eye on Thief.

♫ Thief – Broken Boy

Thief – Broken Boy (Césare reMix)

Check out more from Thief on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Chad Valley’s ‘Real Time’


Chad Valley

Do you like New Song by Howard Jones? You do? Good, and so your should. Want to hear something that sounds a little like a future R&B/Chillwave version of it? You do? Excellent stuff. Just whack on the new tune from Oxford’s finest purveyor of electronic bliss Chad Valley then, you’ll be sorted. Once you’ve heard it, go and buy tickets to catch him live with Keep Shelly In Athens this month.

As you can get the track is pretty 80s, but like 80s that has drifted into your ears on the winds of nostalgia and has got all blow around and by the time it reaches your ears it’s a like woozy dream of the 80s, one in which you can’t stop dancing and possibly get hugged by anthropomorphised bits of furniture. So let your feet move to the electronic soul beat and swing your arms to the floaty synths. It;s all good in Chad Valleys 80s dreamland.

Chad Valley – Real Time

Chad Valley’s début album, Young Hunger, out now.

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[MP3] Diamond Cut reMixes Badboxes’ ‘JSMN’



Blimey! We were beginning to think we’d never hear a new track from Australian producer, and seriously one of the best-in-the-game, Diamond Cut again. It’s been a long while since the man of mystery has filled this website’s columns, but we still had faith he’d be back. And back he is with this storming reMix of Pittsburgh DreamPop outfit Badboxes’ single JSMN.

It seems Diamond Cut still has that flair, this reMix of JSMN, revels in it’s retro swing. Dreamwave to it’s fullest, the tune layers chunky synths and waves of starlight keys in a way that is both immediately 80s sounding but contemporary and fresh. And that was always Diamond Cut’s premiere talent, to make nostalgic tunes that never sounded trite or pastiche, that were relevant and guaranteed current floorfillers. That’s exactly what he deliver’s here, alongside the original’s heartfelt IndiePop vocals. We’re hoping this is a return to a more regular release schedule for Diamond Cut, but if it’s not we’ll keep ourselves content with this one.

Badboxes – JSMN (Diamond Cut reMix)

Badboxes’ JSMN is out now.

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[MP3] Strangers’ ‘Fires’



OK, so, where are we now? It’s October already? How time flies. So that’s only three more months of free tracks from London SynthPop heroes Strangers before X-mas. We’d better crack on with October’s then. It’s called Fires, as usual you can download it from Strangers’ website, and it’s very autumnal.

How is it autumnal? Well, it’s hard to put your finger on what it is, but it’s kinda’ melancholy, and kinda’ crunchy too. That’s autumn, right? Easing you in with some brooding piano and shuffling purcussion, Strangers soon pull out all the stops to deliver a rousing SynthPop beast that seems to rise and rise in it’s dramatic structure. The now familiar elements of Strangers Industrial rhythms, cinematic instrumentation and unusually infectious groove are all present and correct, but seem to get slicker and slicker with each release. I’ve just realised there’s is easily an albums worth of Strangers material out there now, so I’m off to make a pretend Strangers album.

Strangers – Fires

Strangers’ Fires is available for download now.

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