[Audio] Mirror People’s ‘I Need Your Love’ reMixed by 2CV


Mirror People

Portuguese Disco producer Rui Maia, better know to you fine folks as Mirror People, originally dropped I Need Your Love back in February ahead of the release of his début album Voyager. The track is now getting a full single release equipped with a couple of reMixes including this stormer from Paris based Dutch duo 2CV. Check it out.

2CV serve up an eclectic slice of analog Disco on this one. Layered with electronic bleeps and whirs, the duo put together a slick combination of retro Disco beats and ringing vintage synths belting out a bouncy bass and warping lead lines. Weaving the original’s vocals in and out of their synthetic symphony, 2CV manage to create some order from this dancefloor chaos.

♫ ♫ Mirror People – I Need Your Love (2CV Vocal reMix)

Mirror People’s I Need Your Love reMixes is out now.

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[MP3] 2CV’s ‘Fievre’



While they are busy working on their next proper release, not-French Frenchmen 2CV have decided to give away two tracks to tide us over. Fievre is the first. Both the track come straight from 2CV’s live set and have never been available before. This one is not so much “living room Disco” as kitchen Electro-House.

Interplaying between solid Disco licks, grinding Electro-House riffs and bouncy ElectroPop leads, Fievre hits you with a mesmeric hook that keeps on going and doesn’t let up. Once you’re drawn in there’s all manner of sweeping synths and stabbing melodies in a track the never gets boring. With so much going on, 2CV still manage to keep the groove levels up, and keep your head nodding. We’re looking forward to track number two.

2CV – Fievre

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[Audio] 2CV’s début single



France’s On The Fruit Records have snapped up the début release from ‘not French’ Paris residents 2CV. Spun out of the club they ran of the same name Guido le Saint & Jus de Veau easily shifted their focus to producing what the like to call “living room Disco”, which we guess means intimate and funky electronic music. Let’s take a look.

The release is a double A-Side single, Bacon and Afrique are both sample heave examples of innovative Nu-Disco. Not tired old 70s grooves and over side-changing here, there’s something a little more interesting going on. Bacon takes it’s inspiration from a rugged guitar sample and builds a Electro Disco framework around that out of warm synth bass, and bright, springy leads. All these elements coalesce to form a floorfiller with a unique enough sound to stand out from the crowd. It’s flipside, well, you might want to be sitting down for this…it’s flipside samples one of the greatest songs of all time, Toto’s Africa. We always say, when you;re tired of Africa, you’re tired of life. Afrique doesn’t go crazy with the Toto sampling, just takeing the bares of hook and using it to underpin a Cosmic track that flirts with the suggestion of old school Rave and Acid House amongst a Spacey, sometimes gritty, but ultimately comfortable dance track that really is designed for a peak-time-lost-in-dance situation.

♫ 2CV – Bacon

♫ 2CV – Afrique

2CV’s début single is out now.

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