[Audio] Ride The Universe reMix Young Empires’ ‘The Gates’


Young Empires

It’s been a few years since we’ve posted anything from Indie-Electro outfit Young Empires. Did they stop releasing stuff for a while? We dunno’. Anyhoo, here they are again back on these pages courtesy of Disco mercenaries Ride The Universe. I refer to RtU as mercenaries ‘cos, like The A-Team, they appear to have gone underground. This is the first hint of new music we’ve had from them in aaaaaaaages. They guys used to be so prolific! Anyhoo, we’re glad of at least something. So sit back, headphones on, and cross you fingers that this means more new tunes from Ride The Universe.

The reMix is actually a bit of a departure for Ride The Universe, especially in terms of tempo. This track is a downtempo, funk laden, almost Future R&B tune as RtU weave their way through Young Empires original brandishing wobbly Moog bass and delicate House hooks. This one is so smooth that we would be surprised if you could even stand up after it’s finished, frankly our legs just melted. the warmest of warm summertime grooves from the transnational soldiers of Disco. More please.

♫ Young Empires – The Gates (Ride The Universe reMix)

Young Empires’ The Gates is out now

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[Download] Ride The Universe reMix Belle & Sebastian’s ‘Party Line’



Dreamwave superheroes Ride The Universe are back in the game with this stormingly groovy new reMix. The LA/Frankfurt trans-Atlantic coalition of the funky have been quite quiet of late but hopefully this new cut will see a return to activity. They’ve chosen to insert themselves back into your consciousness with a reMix of Belle & Sebastian’s Party Line. chosen to  We’re not exactly fans of Belle & Sebastian here, so we’re not familiar with the original, but Ride The Universe turn in a bass fuelled Disco juggernaut right here.

If you’re familiar with Ride The Universe’s powerhouse Disco sound then you know what you’re in for right here. These guys produce big, with a rich and thick production style that can often make their contemporaries seem lightweight in comparison. They bring it on this reMix in full effect. The synth bass growls and bounces it’s way through the track with an accompaniment of shrieking synths and wicked little licks. It’s utterly infectious stuff that will have any dancefloor rockin’.

Belle & Sebastian – Party Line (Ride The Universe reMix)

Belle & Sebastian’s Party Line is out now.

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[Download] Ride The Universe cover Ian Pooley’s ‘900 Degrees’



Dapper Disco dons Ride The Universe take us back to the heady golden days of the mid-2000s Disco resurgence with the gloriously retro slice of French Touch. It’s also a cover of a dance track, which is an odd proposition, and a brave one too as covering a track produced entirely with samples and synths could all –to-easily fall into the trap of just being a recreation rather than your own take on a song. The song in question is Ian Pooley’s 2000 Funky House floorfiller 900 Degrees; how do Ride The Universe do?

Not bad at all as it turns out. It’s a pretty faithful representation of the original, albeit with a beefier sound and more of a driving Disco groove, befitting todays dancefloors. We still not sure what constitutes a cover in this instance, more than a reproduction or even a reMix, but it you stop worrying and sink into the tune you’ll find something to drag you to the dancefloor. The end result, as we mentioned, turns out to be classic sounding French Touch. We would have liked to hear a bit more Ride The Universe’s personality in the track; but then again we just want to hear more from Ride The Universe full stop.

Ride The Universe – 900 Degrees (Ian Pooley Cover)

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[Audio] Ride The Universe reMix Chromeo’s ‘Jealous (I Ain’t With It)’



Picture the scene. It’s 2011, a sunny May. We’re still using  Five months earlier LA’s finest Dreamwavers Fiero (now Leisure Council) had teamed up with German Nu-Disco powerhouse digitalfoxglove. Calling themselves Ride The Universe they’d gained a little attention with a handful of slick reMixes, but nothing would prepare the world for what was to come. 11th May they unleashed a reMix of Canadian Funketeers Chromeo’s Hot Mess that was so massively awesome, floor slammingly funky, so relentlessly badass, that it still had the power melt brains three years later. It’s one of our favourite reMixes of all time, it set the tone for the trademark Ride The Universe sounds, and it’s why we fell in love with them.

Seconds out! Round Two! They’re bringing it back, Delivering their Chromeo reMix: the sequel, the Ride The Universe boys has got to grips with Chromeo’s recent single, Jealous (I Ain’t With It) (taken from their really quite good new album, White Women) as part of the currently running reMix competition. The prize is cash, and these four deserve it for two very good reasons. Firstly, they’ve never met, some of the prize money would go toward shipping digitalfoxglove off to LA to actually meet his band-mates and get to work on that damn album; and secondly some of the prize money will be donated to a kid’s music education charity. Sounds like a worthy cause to us. The reMix itself is pure smoothness. A blissful LA Funk vibe permeates every pore of this tune; working it’s laid back squelchy synths around Dave P’s vocals, creating an urban late night groove for the more discerning dancefloor. Complemented by starlight chimes and a sauntering rubble of bass, this one’s got everything to swing to under the city lights. Vote for this bad-boy here, never has there been a more deserving reMix competition winner.

♫ Chromeo – Jealous (I Ain’t With It) (Ride The Universe reMix)

Chromeo’s White Women is out now.

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[Audio] Pat Lok & Bear Mountain’s ‘Same Hearts'(+ Ride The Universe and Oxford reMixes)



Our favourite Canadian Housemeister Pat Lok has teamed up with ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’ for the release of his storming new single. Featuring the vocal styling of fellow Canadian outfit Bear Mountain, Same Hearts delivers slick dancefloor beats and spaced-out Cosmic vibes in equal measures, which the reMix package is stuffed to breaking point with Shelby Grey, Ride The Universe and Oxford.

Same Hearts elevates itself above Nu-Disco and House with a slew of complex beats and pitch perfect intertwining riffs. Smooth and laid back despite it’s intricacy, and the inclusion of Bear Mountain’s soulful vocal seals the deal for this song as a late night floorfiller that’ll captivate the crowd. Pan-Atlantic Disco superheroes Ride The Universe attack the track with some of the funkiest, infectious, retro Disco you’ll have heard in a while. With a big 80s Soul Pop intro, the reMix soon launces into something straight out of most nostalgic summer. Astounding bass, slick robo vocals and lush, lush snyths permeate every minute of this track. Frenchman Oxford’s take on the track is every bit as funky, but retaining the originals House groove for a result with one foot in the warehouse, on on the mirrorballed dancefloor. A stunning release from Pat Lok here, definitely desisted to become one of the tunes of the summer.

Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts (Ride The Universe reMix)

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. Bear Mountain) – Same Hearts (Oxford reMix)

Pat Lok’s Same Hearts is out today.

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[Audio] Ride The Universe reMixes From Kid’s ‘Sun’


From Kid

The awesome foursome are back. Whilst they have boon holed away working on their début album, The LA/Germany pan-Atlantic Disco tribe Ride The Universe have also taken the time to reMix the current single, Sun,  from Indie-Electro duo From Kid. The reMix is taken from a new collection of versions Sun, out this week on On The Fruit Records, called Variations Of Sun.

Prepare yourself for some dreamy Disco vibes right here. Ride The Universe deliver one of their smoothest track to date with this chilled, hazy slab of beach Funk. From the tunes opening relaxed chords and echoing drums, you know you’re in for a blissed-out treat. With a steady, head nodding, bassline and loaded with sweeping synths, this reMix works the originals vocals in a way that completely sets it apart. where the original displayed an introspective Indie mood, Ride The Universe morph that into a soft spoken, romantic croon. We’re all dying for RTU’s album round these parts.

♫ From Kid – Sun (Ride The Universe reMix)

From Kid’s Variations Of Sun is out now.

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[Audio] Frankmusik reMixes Ride The Universe’s ‘You And I’



We unleashed the new tune from Dreamwave superheroes Ride The Universe a couple of weeks ago. You And I is definitely one of the funkier and more entertaining slabs of Nu-Disco released this summer, like a rush of good times. The track has been given the reMix treatment by Mr. Frankmusik, and the result it typically quirky and typically dancefloor destroying. Check it out.

In the same vein as many of his recent reMixes, Frankmusik delivers a huge sound, stuffed full of complex patterns and musical bait & switches. Keeping the funk intact the whole time, Frankmusik infuses the track with stuttering hook and layers of buzzing synth lines. In his element with the vocal snatches, Vincent chops and pastes various elements, rearranging them in to fresh new melodies to ride his staggered dancefloor beats. A more aggressive, but perfectly complimentary, companion to the original.

♫ Ride The Universe – You And I (FuckFrankmusik reMix)

Ride The Universe invite you to have a crack at reMixing You And I and have provided the stems here.

Ride The Universe’s current single, A Little Better, is out now.

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[MP3] Ride The Universe’s ‘You And I’


Ride The Universe

Before we talk about the new tune from Dreamwave superheroes Ride The Universe, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous cover artwork by RTU’s Pete (A.K.A. digitalfoxglove), we’re really digging it. Of course, he is a graphic designer by trade, so if it was shit we would have been pretty disappointed, but still, it’s an awesome bit of art. Anyhoo, the funky foursome are dropping a brand new track today, You And I, just in time for the final fling of the summer. Let’s get involved.

You And I is the product of four different minds, with four sets on influences, and really benefits from it. Encapsulating Ride The Universe’s funk, You And I is laid back, but never relaxed. Bringing a full-on stormer at a pace you can groove to, the tune glides along on a slightly Housey hook, replete with Ride The Universe’s trademark percussive formant synth work, all ridden by some smooth talkbox’d vocals. Did we mention the stratospheric solo from Sam in the big breakdown? It’ll push you over the edge. The most cinematic piece of Space Disco from Ride The Universe yet, these guys just get better and better.

Ride The Universe – You And I

Ride The Universe invite you to have a crack at reMixing You And I and have provided the stems here.

Ride The Universe’s current single, A Little Better, is out now.

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[MP3] Ride The Universe edit-up Analog People In A Digital World


Ride The Universe

Heartbreakers, beat makers and Funky superstars Ride The Universe are dipping into their personal supply of Disco battle weapons to deliver you something special for a limited time only. It’s their edit of the DJ Sneak Mix of Analog People In A Digital World’s 2009 floorfiller Walking In Harlem, in all it’s Acid Jazz, rough House glory.

Playing up both the horn riff and the Acidic burbling, Ride The Universe keep it dancefloor tight. There’s something a little gruffer, a little tougher, and little darkly groovier in Ride The Universe’s edit over the kinda’ flim-flam original. I can imagine these guys dropping this one’s big beats and hypnotic 303 twisting in the middle of a mix set’s the place on fire. Fingers crossed more of their crate will show up soon.

Analog People In A Digital World – Walking In Harlem (DJ Sneak Mix) (Ride The Universe Edit)

The track is a free download for a limited time only.

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[MP3] Ride The Universe reMixes Keljet



Out this week is Dutch duo Keljet’s, X Ambassadors featuring, new single Love Of A Life. You’ve already had a chance to get on board with the original, and the MiGHty mOUse reMix, but wait, there is an added bonus! This bonus comes in the form of a storming freebie from Dreamwave superheroes, guardians of the Nu-Disco faith, unicorn chasers themselves, Ride The Universe.

You’re going to need to be sitting down before you press play. For two reasons. One, the track is so smooth you might just melt, and secondly, on the off-chance you don’t melt, you may be compelled to uncontrollable break into dance. Fame style.The funky foursome deliver the perfect synthetic groove, that perfect balance of robo Disco and slick LA Funk that Ride The Universe does best. Driving basslines, fluid talkbox vibes, as big breakdown and a massive finale are all present and correct. Right here you can get lost in a reMix you never want to leave.

Keljet (Feat. X Ambassadors) – Love Of A Life (Ride The Universe reMix)

Keljet’s Love Of A Life is out this week via On The Fruit Records.

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