[Audio] Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique’s ‘Love Is Free’


Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique

Sweedish Pop overlord (overlady?) Robyn has unveiled the first track from her long hinted at side-project La Bagatelle Magique (French for ‘the magic trifle’). The outfit is comprised of Robyn, Markus Jägerstedt, and the late Christian Falk and they have released their first official song along with New York based artist Maluca. It’s called Love Is Free and you may have heard this one live if you were lucky enough to catch Röyksopp & Robyn’s recent Do It Again tour.

Currently Annie Mac’s Hottest Record, Love Is Free is an 90s Rave monster. A seemingly disparate orchestra of low key piano and synthetic squeals that this trio meld into a compelling whole. Riding over a kinetic beat and pleasingly nostalgic synth bass, the track, alongside Robyn’s chanted vocals and Maluca’s eclectic flow, is insanely catchy and one of those tunes that just puts a smile on your face and a shuffle in your feet.

♫ Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique (Feat. Maluca) – Love Is Free (Radio Rip)

Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique’s Love Is Free is out now.

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[Audio] Disclosure’s ‘Bang That’




It’s not from their forthcoming (although a way off) sophomore album, and according to the brothers, who dropped it off with Annie Mac this past Friday, not a new single either. It’s just a new tune from Disclosure; because why not? It’s a tune that’s been kicking around Disclosure’s DJ sets for a while now and the guys (easily one of our favourite live acts of the past few years) have decided to unleash it in time for summer. It’s called Bang That, and with such a title you kinda’ know what you’re in for.

Disclosure’s first new track in two years (as-in just them) is a pulsating and pumping warehouse tune. A bass heavy Rave inspired slice of deep club music. Sub heavy, this one is all about the intoxicating bass and a rolling sample from 313 Bass Mechanics’ Pass Out. Guaranteed to please all the bass heads out there and dispel any fears that Disclosure’s success had made them forget where they came from.

♫ Disclosure – Bang That

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[Audio] Ben Mono’s ‘Gamma’


Ben Mono

Out in May is the new release from dancefloor renaissance man Ben Mono on MadTech. It’s taken from MadTech’s MadTech 02: Ibiza compilation alongside the likes of Human Life, Bontan, Celsius, Leftwing & Kody, Josh Butler and Alexis Raphael. The track, Gamma, sees Mono in Deep House mode but giving it a twist of something close to our hearts, Bleep House. Check it out.

The lead lines or hooks of Gamma could have been taken directly from a release in the brief golden ear of the Warp Records cantered Bleep House scene. The Sci-Fi stabs and synthetic House robo-riffs could easily slide onto any number of records from that period; but here Mono layers them over a booming, festival ready, UK Deep House rhythm section. This is machine funk at it’s finest. Whether you came for the bass or to jack, this one’s got it all.

♫ Ben Mono – Gamma

Ben Mono’s Gamma is taken from the MadTech 02: Ibiza compilation; released 11th May.

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[Audio] FineArt’s ‘Ruffneck’



FineArt is a new producer hailing from windy Brighton. Despite being pretty unknown and just dropping his first track that track has been championed by Annie Mac, who gave it a première on her Radio 1 show. Ruffneck has just been released by Sony. All of which leads us to believe there may be more than meets the eye here. Who FineArt is we’re not sure, but we sure do like the tune.

There’s tons to love about Ruffneck, not least that it kicks off startling similar to The Human League’s Love Action before launching into some hammered House piano. The track is a soup of dance music tropes; the deep bassline is pure Bleep House, the 909 Hats and piano nod to Chicago, the lead  and samples are Rave central and the breakdowns UK Deep House gold. All this should be a mess, but FineArt makes it all work perfectly together. A proper festival anthem.

♫ FineArt – Ruffneck

FineArt’s Ruffneck is out now.

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[Audio] Waze & Odyssey’s ‘Feel On Fire’


Waze & Odyssey

Consistently awesome House duo Waze & Odyssey are gearing up for the release of the next EP. These workaholics art dropping new sounds at the end of this month in the form of the Ways Of The Underground EP. As per-usual these guys pour whatever the fancy into a retro dancefloor melting pot and the results are  classic dance music gold. Check out the EP’s lead track, Feel On Fire’ below.

It’s bit Chicago, a bit Acid, a bit Deep House, a bit Rave. Feel On Fire rocks a punchy and deep Bleep House bassline against Warehouse beats, Acidic burbles and Rave leads in a concoction that hits the spot. Nostalgic and upfront, this track draws on peak moments in dance music’s history and delivers them in a fresh package. Intoxicating dancefloor magic.

♫ Waze & Odyssey – Feel On Fire

Waze & Odyssey’s Ways Of The Underground EP is released 23rd February.

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[Download] Ben Mono’s ‘Don’t Tell’



Don’t Tell is the new single from dance music all-rounder Ben Mono. Out this week on Strictly Rhythm, the single features the vocals of renowned Rave voice Rachel Wallace and sees Mono continue along the path set out in his most recent releases into full-on UK Bass mode via Deep House.

Kicking off with some woozy keys, Don’t Tell brings with it everything you’d expect from a big, Garage influenced, floorfiller. Fit for dingy clubs or big festivals, Don’t Tell mixes up a little classic Rave in the riffs, a little UK Bass in the basslines and a whole heap of underground Jackin’ grooves. Wallace’s vocals sound classic as ever, as if lifted straight from a 90s Rave anthem and implanted into the bass heavy monster.

Ben Mono (Feat. Rachel Wallace) – Don’t Tell (Radio Edit)

Ben Mono’s Don’t Tell is out now.

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[MP3] 2CV’s ‘Fievre’



While they are busy working on their next proper release, not-French Frenchmen 2CV have decided to give away two tracks to tide us over. Fievre is the first. Both the track come straight from 2CV’s live set and have never been available before. This one is not so much “living room Disco” as kitchen Electro-House.

Interplaying between solid Disco licks, grinding Electro-House riffs and bouncy ElectroPop leads, Fievre hits you with a mesmeric hook that keeps on going and doesn’t let up. Once you’re drawn in there’s all manner of sweeping synths and stabbing melodies in a track the never gets boring. With so much going on, 2CV still manage to keep the groove levels up, and keep your head nodding. We’re looking forward to track number two.

2CV – Fievre

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[MP3] Pat Lok reMixes Disclosure & Eliza Doolittle’s ‘You & Me’



We got our hands on this one last week, and it serves us well on our travels this past weekend. It’s Canadian House & Disco master Pat Lok with his reMix of Disclosure and Eliza Doolittle’s hit You & Me, from Disclosure’s number one album Settle, and Man is it huge! This track;s right on point to dominate dancefloors int he coming months.

Deep, bassy, swept up with Rave leads, this reMix delivers a hedonistic cacophony of concentrated electronic sounds. Brutally ripping Doolittle’s vocal from the original, Lok pairs them with a growling, system destroying, beast whos subs hit you like a gut punch while you head is kept busy with layer upon layer of Rave stabs. Already getting support from some of the scenes biggest names, expect to hear a lot more from this one if you frequent the right clubs.

Disclosure (Feat. Eliza Doolittle) – You & Me (Pat Lok ‘Homies Wear’ reMix)

Disclosure’s Settle album is out now.

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[MP3] Shiny Toy Guns reMixed by Gosteffects


Shiny Toy Guns

OK, so this is full-on cheesy. Unintelligent, uninspired, lowest common denominator dance music. But there’s just something about it that’s pretty infectious. Sure it’s the same old arpeggiated mid-90s Trance leads and really obvious builds, but this reMix of Shiny Toy Guns’ excellent single Somewhere To Hide, from their album III, by New York producer Gosteffects won us over.

Gosteffects keeps a good level of excitement and works the vocals well to deliver a pretty epic dance track. It’s not the kind of thing that would usually be to our tastes (at least not since the early 00s) and is probably what uninformed Americans would call ‘EDM’, but we just can’t help but like it. Maybe it is the big builds, maybe it is the cheesy leads, maybe we’re just not a cynical as we used to be (yeah, right!), but this has us wishing we were dancing in a field with thousands of others. Switch off and enjoy.

Shiny Toy Guns – Somewhere To Hide (Gosteffects reMix)

Shiny Toy Gun’s III is out now.

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[Audio] 2CV’s début single



France’s On The Fruit Records have snapped up the début release from ‘not French’ Paris residents 2CV. Spun out of the club they ran of the same name Guido le Saint & Jus de Veau easily shifted their focus to producing what the like to call “living room Disco”, which we guess means intimate and funky electronic music. Let’s take a look.

The release is a double A-Side single, Bacon and Afrique are both sample heave examples of innovative Nu-Disco. Not tired old 70s grooves and over side-changing here, there’s something a little more interesting going on. Bacon takes it’s inspiration from a rugged guitar sample and builds a Electro Disco framework around that out of warm synth bass, and bright, springy leads. All these elements coalesce to form a floorfiller with a unique enough sound to stand out from the crowd. It’s flipside, well, you might want to be sitting down for this…it’s flipside samples one of the greatest songs of all time, Toto’s Africa. We always say, when you;re tired of Africa, you’re tired of life. Afrique doesn’t go crazy with the Toto sampling, just takeing the bares of hook and using it to underpin a Cosmic track that flirts with the suggestion of old school Rave and Acid House amongst a Spacey, sometimes gritty, but ultimately comfortable dance track that really is designed for a peak-time-lost-in-dance situation.

♫ 2CV – Bacon

♫ 2CV – Afrique

2CV’s début single is out now.

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