[Audio] Ben Macklin reMixes Deep Sound Express’ ‘After Rain’



Hey look! there’s a tune with features both Ben Macklin and Deep Sound Express, two artists that we’ve given a fair bit of support to in the past. Well, we say ‘support’, it’s not like we’re lending them money or anything, or helping out round the house, or comforting them in times of grief. It’s more of a waving a flag at the side-lines kinda’ support. We’re certainly not load bearing. So, here’s Mr. Macklin reMixing a track that first featured on Pole Position Recordings and Glam Jam ArtistsPole Jam Vinyl label’s début release.

Deep Sound Express’ After Rain features the vocals of Raha and is generally considered one of Pole Positions finest moments; so they’ve just released a reMix package for the track. Enter Ben Macklin. Ben serves up a smooth and soulful take on the tune. Warm and retro, the track conjures the Electro Soul of the 80s and Poolside Disco of the now and peppers it with a laid back Piano House flavour. The slickest of slick jams.

♫ Deep Sound Express (Feat. Raha) – After Rain (Ben Macklin reMix)

Deep Sound Express’ After Rain reMixes is out now.

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[Audio] Freak You reMixes From Kid’s ‘Sun’



Yesterday we had Ride The Universes sweet reMix of From Kid’s new single, Sun, today we bring you Freak You’s take on the track. The reMix collection, Variations Of Sun, is out now on On The Fruit Records and also includes work from the likes of Lou Teti and PWNDTIAC. After showing the world his amazing new tune, There You Are (featuring Bright Light Bright Light) Freak You is on a roll right now, and this reMix shows there’s no stopping him.

While Ride The Universe brought dreamy LA Disco vibes to the track, Freak You heads straight to the dancefloor. This reMix is a driving floorfiller, sneaking in some House overtones to the track Freak You plays with purcussion and rhythm in unexpected ways but never looses the groove. As with all Freak You’s production, it delivers some interesting and intelligent elements and wraps them up in a lovely piano hook and an off-kilter synth riff in a track that just builds and builds.

♫ From Kid – Sun (Freak You reMix)

From Kid’s Variations Of Sun is out now.

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[Audio] Ride The Universe reMixes From Kid’s ‘Sun’


From Kid

The awesome foursome are back. Whilst they have boon holed away working on their début album, The LA/Germany pan-Atlantic Disco tribe Ride The Universe have also taken the time to reMix the current single, Sun,  from Indie-Electro duo From Kid. The reMix is taken from a new collection of versions Sun, out this week on On The Fruit Records, called Variations Of Sun.

Prepare yourself for some dreamy Disco vibes right here. Ride The Universe deliver one of their smoothest track to date with this chilled, hazy slab of beach Funk. From the tunes opening relaxed chords and echoing drums, you know you’re in for a blissed-out treat. With a steady, head nodding, bassline and loaded with sweeping synths, this reMix works the originals vocals in a way that completely sets it apart. where the original displayed an introspective Indie mood, Ride The Universe morph that into a soft spoken, romantic croon. We’re all dying for RTU’s album round these parts.

♫ From Kid – Sun (Ride The Universe reMix)

From Kid’s Variations Of Sun is out now.

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[Audio] Gold Fields reMix Empire Of the Sun’s ‘Alive’


Empire Of the Sun

Fresh from their sterling work on Chela’s Romanticise, Australian Indie-Electro outfit Gold Fields have turned their attention to Empire Of the Sun’s recent comeback single Alive, to give an already euphoric tune a bouncy, sunkissed, House going over.

Ready for lazy summer days and afternoons by the Pool, Gold Fields version of the tune adds lush synths and big filter sweeps to the mix. Playing around with the vocals a little, this mix slinks along in a laid back, synth bliss, fashion until the mid-way point when some seriously slick jazzy muted trumpet gets added to the mix, playing out the rest of the track in style and giving it a Balearic flavour.

♫ Empire Of The Sun – Alive (Gold Fields reMix)

Empire Of The Sun’s Alive is out now.

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[Audio] Deep Sound Express features on Pole Jam Vinyl’s inaugural release


Deep Sound Express

Let us introduce to you Pole Jam Vinyl. A brand new label, or sub-label from Pole Position Recordings and Satin JacketsGlam Jam Artists label. Pole Jam’s remit is to bring their blend of smooth Nu-Disco and Deep House grooves to vinyl, making sure only the best makes it to black wax. They’ve just released their first 12”, the Endless Sunday EP, a purely Russian affair featuring two tracks from KLar&PF and two tracks we felt were the EP’s standouts from Moscow’s Deep Sound Express.

The first of Deep Sound Express’ contribution is a collaboration with Too Techs, Sunday Morning. Dropping heavy House vibes, the track is the prefect mix of solid dancefloor workout and laid back sunrise sounds. Definitely one for dancing into the early hours of the morning, the first of Deep Sound Express’ tunes works 909 beats and hazy, jazzy electric piano to create a feel good House mood with a hint of Nu-Disco thrown in for good measure. There’s something immediately comforting about Sunday Mornings slick production. The second track, After Rain, features Raha and is slightly more upbeat. Only slightly though, it still retains the dreamy piano and deep, smokey tones of it’s predecessor but with the added energy of some crooned Funk vocals and slick Disco licks. The whole EP is loaded with classic late night jams, if you;re looking for something to take your dancefloor into the early hours, then this is it.

♫ Deep Sound Express & Too Techs – Sunday Morning

♫ Deep Sound Express (Feat. Raha) – After Rain

Pole Jam Vinyl’s Endless Sunday EP is out now.

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[MP3] The Presets reMixed by Tomas Barfod


The Presets

Fall is the next single to be taken from Australian ElectroPop duo The Presets’ award winning (well, electronic rumors award, anyway) Pacifica album. The single, one of the bigger tunes on the album, comes equipped with a reMix package featuring the likes of Alan Braxe, SymbolOne, Hook ‘N’ Sling, Erick Rincon, Ta-Ku and this mix from, LA based, Danish producer Tomas Barfod.

Barfood cooks up a warm, enveloping, deep dance version of the tune. Folding in a slight House vibe and loads of big, progressive, sounds. Delivering a track that could work either as a hands-in-the-air sunrise tune or something more groovy and intimate, Barfood works a classic dancefloor sound and keeps the emotional content at the fore. While you’re here, check out Erick Rincon mix too, taking a different route, Rincon mashed the song to a jump-up beat and some tribal House electronics.

The Presets – Fall (Tomas Barfod reMix)

The Presets – Fall (Erick Rincon reMix)

The Presets’ Fall is out soon on Modular Recordings.

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[MP3] Justin Faust reMixes Hey Champ!



We’re still rocking to Chicago ElectroPoppers Hey Champ new, and free, single, Comet. The BeuKes featuring tune is one of our favourite tracks of the year so far, well on it;s way to becoming an Indie-Electro anthem. Well, here’s the icing on the cake reining heavyweight champion of German Disco Justin Faust has worked his magic on the track, and everything’s gone dreamy.

Faust’s smooth synthetic Disco sounds are the prefect accompaniment for Hey Champ’s Comet. Loaded with Dreamwave sounds and an infectious groove. Playing off a simple, hypnotic, bassline against starlight, sparking lead lines, Faust creates a fittingly spacey mood that flows as effortlessly as the vocals.You could just listen to this mix and forget the rest of the world even exists.

Hey Champ! (Feat. BeuKes) – Comet (Justin Faust reMix)

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[Audio] Chad Valley reMixes Ghost Beach


The next in the line of  Ghost Beach reMixes comes from the producer of one of our very favourite albums of last year, Chad Valley. Chad Valley’s Young Hunger album was an absolute stormer that we had on constant rotation in the latter months of 2012, so his contribution to the Ghost Beach’s forthcoming Modern Tongues reMix EP was one we were looking forward to.

And he doesn’t disappoint. Taking the New York IndieDiscoPop Duo’s Teat Us Apart and giving it a Lo-Fi retro workout. Sparkling like stardust, the synths intertwine with each other to form an emotional, hazy, optimistic tune straight out of an 80s teen movie. Chad Valley’s take on the track replaces guitars with lush, but gentle, layers of electronic that gives the vocals a new, heartfelt lease of life. the chorus, particularly, becomes something simply epic in this version of the track. There’s still more to come, Ghost Beach’s Modern Tongues reMix EP will also feature work from the likes of Penguin Prison and Gigamesh.

♫ Ghost Beach – Tear Us Apart (Chad Valley reMix)

Ghost Beach’s Modern Tongues reMix EP is released at the end of March.

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[Video] Passion Pit’s ‘Carried Away’

We’re not really sure what the current trend of releasing music videos months after the single is out actually achieves. Surely using the video to hype the single’s release is the point? Anyhoo, here’s the clip for Passion Pit’s track of last year, Carried Away. An ace track.

Directed by Ben Brewer & Alex Brewer, the video features Sophia Bush. Maybe it took ages to get her?

Passion Pit’s Gossamer album is out now.

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[Audio] A.N.D.Y.’s new single


Just out is the new single from Belgian Disco-House master A.N.D.Y., and it kinda’ drops the Disco side of his musical equation. Featuring the vocals of New York singer/MC Nyemiah Supreme, the track is, we would go so far as to say, Hip-House. A genre not seen for over a decade, but well due for a funky comeback.

The appropriately named Pump It Up, is a slice of pure late 80s brilliance. The trick with Hip-House was to keep it upbeat and keep the raps catchy and both those boxes are ticked here. Kicking off with a woody House bassline it all goes a little Technotronic (no bad thing!) but with a decidedly 21s Century intelligence. Nyemiah’s party rap and big Pop-House chorus work amazingly well with A.N.D.Y.’s invigorating Chicago influenced groove. A classic sounding track with all the experience of Dance music in 2012.

♫ A.N.D.Y. (Feat. Nyemiah Supreme) – Pump It Up (Original)

A.N.D.Y.’s Pump It Up is out now.

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