[Audio] Jesse Oliver’s ‘Purified’ EP


Kuva: Miikka Pirinen

Here’s something a bit special from Finnish artist Jesse Oliver of, one of our favourite production duos, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver, fame. Just released on On The Fruit Records is his solo Purified EP. This is a release that’s a little more personal, a little more experimental in it’s approach, and a little more conceptual that what we might expect from this guy, but the results speak for themselves.

The three tracks on the Purified EP haven’t been near a computer in their production. this is all analog or hardware synths, hardware sequenced and recorded to tape these tracks haven;t even been through modern mastering techniques. This is something Jesse has been wanting to try for a long time now and the results are meticulously crafted little gems. The EP kicks off with Red Door, a driving slice of Italo with a tiny Balearic sunrise flavour. Quite SynthWave in it’s angle, all urgent arpeggios and big tom rolls, yet also folding in Oliver’s big room know-how, 2211 mixes up dark future synths and B-boy beats to create a growling synth backing for some seriously nostalgic 80s hook and chimes to dance around the track. With a lush breakdown and and emotional resonance, this might just be the EP’s highlight. Which leaves the title track, a cosmic synth epic that 50% night drive and 50% galactic voyage that leaves you wanting more. Could these tracks have done with a little mastering. Possibly, but that doesn’t really detract for a collection of badass synthesizer workouts. How they’d sound in a club we can’t comment on, but they sounded pretty good in our speakers.

♫ Jesse Oliver – Purified

♫ Jesse Oliver – 2211

♫ Jesse Oliver – Red Door

Jesse Oliver’s Purified EP is out now.

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