[Audio] MiGHty mOUse’s ‘Dusk’


Mighty Mouse

One of the UK’s finest, MiGHty mOUse, promised us a string of new dancefloor juggernauts recently with the first in an apparent long line of new single, Luna. And now, true to his word, here’s the second in the mOUse’s Summer series. This one’s called Dusk, it’s out now, and it certainly lives up to it’s name as it brings the easy twilight grooves, ushering you into the night.

A laid back beach House tune with a hint of Cosmic Disco and a hint of a Balearic vibe, Dusk actually takes you on a journey much more intelligent and complex that first appearances would suggest. Powerful and ominous synths growl moodily over a chilled rhythm section, utilises deftly not to suggest darkness, but to build an exciting tension. The track continues to build in this was with hazy vocal samples and droning, but uplifting synths until the breakdown; after which the tune truly explodes with all the anticipation and mystery of night awaiting you. Emotional stuff.

♫ MiGHty mOUse – Dusk

MiGHty mOUse’s Dusk is out 17th August.

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[Audio] Jody Wisternoff’s ‘The Bridge’


Jody Wisternoff

In a true Bristolian meeting of minds Progressive pioneer and Way Out Wester Jody Wisternoff has enlisted the help of Sian Evans, from the amazing Kosheen, for his new single. Out this week on Anjunadeep, it’s titled The Bridge; his first single in 2015. As you’d expect from Wisternoff it’s classic and timeless Dance music  that’s fit for summer revelry.

The Bridge is a rock solid Balearic slice of chilled jubilation. Adding a modern twist to a truly pioneering sound, Jody serves up something that will appeal to both fans of his, and Way Out West’s historic releases and contemporary dancefloor groovers. Sian Evans instantly recognisable vocals take on an ethereal tone, adding an air of enigma to the tune as Wisternoff builds the tune to it’s euphoric finale.

♫ Jody Wisternoff (Feat. Sian Evans) – The Bridge

Jody Wisternoff’s The Bridge is out this week.

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[Audio] Grum’s ‘Tears’



We’ve finally got a release date for the release Grum, one of our favourite producers, second album Human Touch. The album was pushed back after the overwhelmingly positive response to his single The Theme, pushed back seconds after we posted our review of the record. The album is due out in April and will be preceded by this new single, Tears, which got it’s première on Annie Mac’s show at the weekend.

Tears is pure Grum, big, euphoric, post-Dreamwave House with a lush 90s Dance groove. Chirpy synths form the tunes main hook, flowing over an Orbital-esque classic Dance rhythm section. The twisting leads and thick pads create an hedonistic mood with just a hint of the Balearic. The perfect precursor to the album, we can’t wait for both to drop.

♫ Grum – Tears (Radio Rip)

Grum’s Tears is released 7th April, Human Touch is out 17th April.

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[Audio] Gold Fields reMix Empire Of the Sun’s ‘Alive’


Empire Of the Sun

Fresh from their sterling work on Chela’s Romanticise, Australian Indie-Electro outfit Gold Fields have turned their attention to Empire Of the Sun’s recent comeback single Alive, to give an already euphoric tune a bouncy, sunkissed, House going over.

Ready for lazy summer days and afternoons by the Pool, Gold Fields version of the tune adds lush synths and big filter sweeps to the mix. Playing around with the vocals a little, this mix slinks along in a laid back, synth bliss, fashion until the mid-way point when some seriously slick jazzy muted trumpet gets added to the mix, playing out the rest of the track in style and giving it a Balearic flavour.

♫ Empire Of The Sun – Alive (Gold Fields reMix)

Empire Of The Sun’s Alive is out now.

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[Audio] Aérotique’s ‘Schwerelos’



Swiss newcomer Aérotique is gearing up to release his second EP next month. With quite a classical 90s take on House music, with a hazy Balearic vibe to it, this guy is making the kinds of tunes we all saw in sunrises to all those years ago, but injecting them with a modern House groove.

The one track in particular on his new EP that stood out to us is it’s lead tune, Schwerelos. Somehow as clean and floaty as an Orbital track but with a moody Deep House hypnotic quality to it. Layers of rattling synths and a heavy bassline underpin the track letting sweeps and vocal snatches haunt its five minutes. With a serious Dub feel to it, this is outdoor in a field music, both nostalgic and current, and classic dance music.

♫ Aérotique – Schwerelos (Original Mix)

Aérotique Schwerelos EP is out 9th August.

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[Audio] Kaiserdisco’s ‘Night & Day’



Pete Tong’s essential new tune on his Radio 1 show last Friday was this dreamy tune. it’s the lead track from Hamburg Electronica outfit Kaiserdisco’s new album, Meet Me On The Floor. Titled Night & Day, the track is sure to provide the soundtrack to your next few hundred sunrises.

Mixing up some squelchy synth riffs with a loose House flavour, Night & Day delivers Balearic vibes throughout. With a hypnotic hook underpinning the whole track, it’s easy to get lost in this one, it’s Deep House flavour becoming all encompassing only tempered with it’s optimistic streak. It’s easy to fall for the slight BladeRunner-esque chords of this track. A classic early hours tune.

♫ Kaiserdisco – Night & Day (Radio Rip)

Kaiserdisco’s Meet Me On The Floor is out now.

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[Audio] Figure Of 8’s new EP


Figure Of 8

Belfast’s finest son, Figure Of 8, has just released a brand new EP. Not only is it the mans first proper release since last year’s acclaimed Bittersweet, but the EP also has the honour of being the inaugural release on Figure Of 8’s newly launched record label, DreamQuest. Promoting some of the best electronic music from Ireland, it;s only fitting that the 001 accolade goes to it’s founder.

The Regenerate EP delivers four tracks of spacey dance music. Figure Of 8’s tunes always have a timeless, genre-less quality to the. With one foot in Disco and the other in House, the rest of Figure Of 8 mills around in places like Acid and Dub. Being Figure Of 8’s first EP, rather than a single, you get a nice scope of styles held within. From the opener, Something In The Trees, with it’s ringing Balearic Minimal groove and warehouse bassline to the Cosmic Italo meets Chicago Beats stylings of The Shining Path the EP wraps the listener in deep electronic soundscapes and shuffling retro rhythms. The moody, pulsating ElectroPop of the Our Krypton Son featuring Fountain Of Youth is one of the EPs highlights, drifting out of the speakers like synthetic smoke. Intricate in it’s crafting, it’s a track that illuminates a new element with every listen. Playing out with the Dubby Garage vibes of Never To Be Seen Again, the Regenerate EP is something that any fan of classic dance music, or electronic music in general should be looking into.

♫ Figure Of 8 – Something In The Trees

♫ Figure Of 8 (Feat.Our Krypton Son) – Fountain Of Youth

♫ Figure Of 8 – The Shining Path

Figure Of 8’s Regenerate EP is out now, you can pick it up here.

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[Audio] Keljet and X Ambassadors ‘Love Of A Life’



Earlier this month we has a listen to the MiGHty mOUse reMix of the new single from Keljet featuring X Ambassadors. Now with a release date of the start of next month, via On The Fruit Records, it’s time to get our ears around the original version of the track, Love Of A Life.

Be prepared, because Love Of A Life is a huge slice of Tropical ElectroPop that’s so upbeat and energetic it’ll likely catch you off-guard. The Dutch Disco duo have whipped up one of the biggest sounding singles of the year so far. Loaded with pounding drums, a buzzsaw bassline and layers of floaty, almost Trance, leads, all topped off with some Balearic percussion and an anthemic vocal. This is a large sweeping track that is sure to take certain clubs by storm this summer.

♫ Keljet (Feat. X Ambassadors) – Love Of A Life

Keljet’s Love A Life single is out 1st May.

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[Audio] Tythe’s ‘Careless Woman’



I don’t know who Tythe is, and I don’t really care. I’m totally intoxicated by this song. But, *sigh*, I suppose I should at least have a cursory glance at who this guy is. Well, he mentions Bestival in his press release, so that’s immediately scoring points with me. He’s reMixed David Lynch and Crystal Fighters, which all points toward being down with the Sunday Best crew. *checks release info* Yup, it’s out next month an Sunday Best having also been released last weekend on vinyl for Record Store Day. Right, back to the track.

Careless Woman is a deep and undulating Balearic groove. A sunrise House tune with a gritty, futuristic feel. Growling bass synths and razor sharp arpeggios are tempered with spacy, smokey sounds and a generous helping of Dubby echoes. Add to this is big diva vocal that’s reminiscent of Billie Ray Martin and you’ve got a tune you can just melt into. This is one for hot summer nights and loosing yourself in music.

♫ Tythe – Careless Woman

Tythe’s Careless Woman was released 19th May, with the limited edition Record Store Day vinyl out now.

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[MP3] LIGHTS reMixed by Adam Weaver


Suspension was one of the many highlights from Canadian ElectroPop goddess LIGHTS’s second album, Siberia. It’s been a while we heard anything from LIGHTS, we believer there is another acoustic EP in the offing, the hopefully a new record after that. In the meantime, here’s a reMix of Suspension that comes from Adam Weaver, who’s actually LIGHTS live synth player.

The original version is a strange and beautiful mixture of Acid Techno, EBM and LIGHTS sweet ElectroPop, and, as a song, is probably ripe for the reMixing. Weaver loads the track with an almost Balearic euphoria. Rising and falling with big Ibiza builds and a Melodic Trance flavour., Weaver delivers a classic dance mix of the track.

LIGHTS – Suspension (Adam Weaver reMix)

LIGHTS’ Siberia is out now.

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