[Audio] Jari Menari’s ‘Tiki Man’ EP


Jari Menari   Tiki Man   YouTube

The Tiki Man EP is the latest release from London’s Musik Box label and it’s arguably their best, and most eclectic, to date. Musik Box is, of course, home to all things House, Disco and Boogie set up by renowned beat-mongering duo Punks Jump Up, now PJU; now on it’s sixth release after a string of rock solid, and slightly quirky, floorfillers.

Tiki Man is the product of Jari Menari; who are, in turn, one half of PJU teaming up with one half of Swiss Disco experimentalists In Flagranti. Which makes sense as they are both products of that early 2000s Indie-Dance boom.

In Flagranti have been knocking out woozy Disco epics since way back in 2002, largely on their own label but occasionally for the likes of Kitsuné, Phantasy and Gomma. Intergalactic Bubblegum and Business Acumen both hold a massive place in my heart as the soundtrack to my last few years living in London. Similarly Punks Jump Up have served up some of the finest Boogie-fuelled monsters of the last decade. From Dance To Our Disco to the Chromeo’s Dave1 featuring Mr. Overtime, via collaborations with Dubka and Earl Grey, a new PJU release is always something to get excited about. Particularly the basslines. Oh how I love me some PJU bassline!

The EP’s title track is an insane six minutes of half rapped/half chanted vocals over one of those basslines. A thick late-80s House groove, pure white glove stuff, accentuated with synth stabs and popping purcussion, Tiki Man has a Chicago House core with a particularly British twist. Tanz La Tête continues in a similar vein, upping the jacking element into a hypnotic symphony of rolling 909 purcussion and punchy Roland bass; tied together with looped vocal snatches, a pure vintage floorfiller.

There’s a slight EBM/Newbeat slant to Body Conscious with it’s reverb heavy synthetic industrial purcussion and undulating waves of effects rolling in and out of the track while I Want U (But I Want U 4 Myself) serves up an almost New York Indie-Disco flavour mixed with a little Detroit Electro and Chicago warehouse vibes. Live bass and organ set this one apart from the rest of the EP.

The TIki Man EP is an example of what can happen where people truly steeped in the history of dance music come together to experiment, the results are eclectic and left-field, but rock solidly classic House.

♫ Jari Menari – Tiki Man

♫ Jari Menari – Tanz La Tête

♫ Jari Menari – Body Conscious

♫ Jari Menari – I Want U (But I Want U 4 Myself)

Jari Menari’s Tiki Man EP is out now.

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[Audio] Future Feelings & Dan Solo’s ‘I Feel Nothing’ (+ In Flagranti reMix)


Future Feelings

The latest release from France’s On The Fruit Records comes in the form of Mexican producer Future Feelings, who is no stranger to this website, teaming up with fellow Mexican Dan Solo for some deep electronic grooves. The new single, I Feel Nothing, also comes packed with reMixes from Bufi and In Flagranti. Check it out.

I Feel Nothing is a bass heavy House track with more than a couple of nods to early Bronx Electro. With it’s old school drum sounds, it mixes up a laid back Disco groove with a strobe light warehouse vibe. Boasting twisted Acid synths and an ominous voice of doom, this one’ll get the floor moving. In Flagranti’s take on the track hit slightly more bouncy notes while keeping the ominous mood. Eventuating the 303 burbling with shiny stabs it’s a journey into dark funk.

♫ Dan Solo & Future Feelings – I Feel Nothing (Original Mix)

♫ Dan Solo & Future Feelings – I Feel Nothing (In Flagranti reMix)

Dan Solo & Future Feelings’ ‘I Feel Nothing’ is out now.

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In Flagranti’s new single

In Flagranti

Purveyors of perverted Disco In Flagranti return this month with a new single on Codek. Aside from desperately needing some kind of web presence (MySpace page is all that’s working? Really guys?) In Flagranti have been responsible for some of the most infectious tracks in the past five years. This new single, Interdisciplinary, sees the Swiss duo heading in a deeper, more synthetic, direction.

Built around a sample from Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra’s classic ‘Don’t Don’t’ from 1980, Interdisciplinary, still has that In Flagranti Disco pump but folds into it a, dare I say it, old school EBM metallic twang alongside some of the best use of vocal samples you’ll hear in a while. Originally released in 2011 after loads of play and a spot on the Gildas’ Kitsuné Club Mix album the track finally sees a decent release with a packed reMix collection. Included in the line up are MODE, who turn the track into a late ‘70’s Disco epic, all wicked licks and big dramatic piano. I’d say Renkas’ mix was most up our street. It’s a deep synth heavy DiscoPop track with added deadpan ElectroClash  vocal. It almost sounds retro now! Marius delivers the cosmic end of Disco that works the vocal samples to theatrical effect and builds his reMix to a funky crescendo. Bear Damen’s reMix is, well, lets face it, its’ actually an EBM track, a pretty good one too. Heavy 242 basslines and electronic noodling ahoy! The single also includes word from the likes of Jaguar Trax and is a surprising slice of dark Disco from these guys, but very welcome.

♫ In Flagranti – Interdisciplinary (Original Mix)

♫ In Flagranti – Interdisciplinary (MODE Mix)

♫ In Flagranti – Interdisciplinary (Renkas Mix)

♫ In Flagranti – Interdisciplinary (Marius Mix)

♫ In Flagranti – Interdisciplinary (Bear Damen Mix)

In Flagranti’s Interdisciplinary is released 25th June.

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In Flagranti’s ‘Worse For Wear’

In Flagranti return this month with a new single, ‘Worst For Wear’, on Codek.

Apparently leaving being their trademark vintage porn-chic sensibilities in favour of a ‘”trashed-goods” vibe, the duo’s music is still deep, funky, Electro-House goodness. ‘Worse For Wear’ has that visceral organic groove that so many In Flagranti productions sport. It’s an almost physical compulsion to move to the bass. Mixhell is amongst the reMixers contributing to the package with a synthetic Disco workout with a powerhouse, Old School EBM-esq, riff, it’s like Nitzer Ebb Disco gone Acid!

♫ In Flagranti – Worse For Wear

♫ In Flagranti – Worse For Wear (Mixhell reMix)

‘Worse For Wear’ is out 18th April

In Flagranti @ Beatport

In Flagranti @ Juno

In Flagranti @ 7Digital

In Flagranti @ Amazon

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