[Audio] Keljet & Holychild’s ‘What’s Your Sign?’



Dutch Disco duo Keljet have just announced their forthcoming new EP. This one goes under the moniker of Transatlantic and features four collaborations with American artists lending their vocals to Keljet’s buoyant beats. The first track to break ground from the release is What’s Your Sign?, this one sees the Dutchmen teaming up with LA Brat-Poppers Holychild. Check it out.

What’s Your Sign? is a bouncy and carefree slab of bass pounding DiscoPop. An elastic four minutes summertime vibes from the thick, rubbery, bassline to the starlight synths, this one is all about playful vibes and shades-on sunshine grooves. Holychild’s Liz serves up a catchy-as-hell vocal performance that’ll have you unconsciously singing along after the first listen. There’s just nothing to dislike here, Keljet are bringing the warm feelings with What’s Your Sign?.

♫ Keljet (Feat. Holychild) – What’s Your Sign?

Keljet’s Transatlantic EP is released 11th May.

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[Audio] Keljet reMixes That’s Nice’s ‘Holiday’



Dutch floorfillers Keljet have turned in yet another new reMix. This duo seem to be workaholics, every month there’s some brand new, euphoric, tunes from these guys. This time they are taking on the latest single from Aussie Indie dude That’s Nice. The single features Miami Horror’s Josh Moriarty on vocal duties and is called Holiday. Check out Keljet injecting the beats.

Keljet keep things fun and tropical with this mix. Dragging the tune to the dancefloor Keljet drop solid Disco beats liberally peppered with smile inducing Island leads over pulsating synth bass. This is a pure no trouble track. Carefree and breezy, Keljet bring nothing but good times on their reMix. How could anyone not be in a good mood after rocking to this?

♫ That’s Nice (Feat. Josh Moriarty) – Holiday (Keljet reMix)

That’s Nice’s Holiday is out now

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[Audio] Keljet reMixes Oliver Heldens’ ‘Last All Night (Koala)’


Oliver Heldens

Dutch Disco Duo Keljet are at it again, this time with a monster reMix of fellow countryman Oliver Heldens. Heldens’ new single is Last All Night (Koala), featuring vocals from KStewart, gets a bouncy treatment from the Keljet crew in a real meeting of Dutch minds. This one’s got both the Disco and the big room vibes. Check it out.

A departure from the lush Nu-Disco sound we are used to from Keljet, this reMix of Last All Night (Koala) veers into huge, progressive, territory. Layered with rich synths and a big drop and build, it’s squarely aimed at the more commercial end of the dancefloor, but Keljet keep things funky with an elastic bassline and their own European funk. KStewart’s expansive vocals are the icing on the cake.

♫ Oliver Heldens (Feat. KStewart) – Last All Night (Koala) (Keljet reMix)

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[Audio] Keljet reMix Matvey Emerson’s ‘Over’


Matvey Emerson

Dutch Disco Duo Keljet are on the reMix again. This time they’ve leant their considerable talents to Russian newcomer Matvey Emerson, souping up his track Over into a massive floorfiller. The single is out now on Beatport and is just the latest in a long like of Keljet killing it.

Slightly more Big Room that we’re used to from Keljet. The normally funky duo got full-on here with big beats, big synths and big bass; the big rubbery bassline being the highlight of the track. The layers of rising, sweeping synths are enough to keep the euphoric vibe going to for the length of the tune while snatches of the original’s vocals lend  the track an anchor. Keljet reMixes are generally something to look forward to; even if this one is a big different it still rocks hard.

♫ Matvey Emerson – Over (Keljet reMix)

Matvey Emerson Over is out now.

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[Audio] Keljet & Mereki’s ‘Run This World’



Just out is the new one from Dutch Disco duo Keljet. These guys have been making quite a name for themselves in the past few months and here comes the icing on the cake. Feature  a little vocal spice from the awesome Mereki, the is Run This World.

As chilled as it gets, Run This World is pure sunshine goodness. The pairing of warm filtered synths and Mereki’s infectious vocals make for the perfect poolside jam. Absurdly optimistic, this is carefree vocal Nu-Disco at it’s finest, piled on heavy with shiny stabs, a buoyant bassline and a shuffling Disco beat that’s built for some top-down cursing. Welcome to your summer..

♫ Keljet (Feat. Mereki) – Run This World (Original Mix)

Keljet’s Run This World is out now.

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[Download] Keljet reMixes Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’



Ooo cheeky! You may recall we had all but promised that we had closed the door on featuring more reMixes of Goldroom’s blissful Embrace. Then Dutch Disco duo Keljet come along with this bad boy and despite out better judgement we can’t help but feature it. Keljet are on such a roll right now, storming track after track and really making a name for themselves. A well deserved name too, and a reputation this reMix does nothing to quash.

Keljet bring the hypnotic House vibes to the track this time around. it;s a well established science fact these days that Embrace has got an awesome vocal, and in the right hand it can be an amazing thing. Keljet’s hands are up to the job as they weave the vocal in and out of a slightly Tropical, pumping, tune that’s not exactly laid back, but not exactly upbeat either, just a nice groovy middle ground. Totally intoxicating.

Goldroom – Embrace (Keljet reMix)

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is out now.

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[Download] Keljet reMixes Ayer’s ‘Circle Down’



A couple of weeks ago we featured the début rack from new Brooklyn based ElectroPop duo Ayer. Circle Down immediately highlighted Ayer as one to keep an eye on, and now it gets even better. Dutch Disco masters Keljet have got their hands on the track and given it an almighty workout. Those passionate vocals really lend themselves well to a tune gliding across the dancefloor.

Keljet soup-up the track with punchy bass and a a nice line in lush retro synths. The originals breezy vocal style slots right in as Keljet work up a nice groove with a couple of sweet, emotive, piano breakdowns. The bassline here is so hypnotic, you just can’t help but nod your head to it, it gets under your skin. Keljet and Ayer are planning a proper collaboration soon, so this reMix is a nice little hint of what to expect in the future. And we expect great things.

Ayer – Circle Down (Keljet reMix)

Ayer’s début EP is due out later this year.

Check out more from Ayer on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Keljet & AVAN LAVA’s ‘Together’



The new single from Dutch duo Keljet, still riding high on the waves of their Love Of A Life single, sees the Disco dons teaming up with Brooklyn band AVAN LAVA for some seriously epic big room vibes. Released at the end of the month on Can You Feel It? Records, Together looks set to become a club anthem alongside reMixes from Oliver Nelson and René Amesz.

This one is all about the prefect harmony of Keljet’s big, thumping, beats and AVAN LAVA’s rousing vocals. Definitely bringing a hands-in-the-air quality to the track, the vocals are pure sing-a-long, fist pumping, fodder while Keljet’s slightly Cosmic main room Disco sound is as huge as ever. A quality combination of both acts going large and doing what they do best.

♫ Keljet (Feat. AVAN LAVA) – Together (Radio Mix)

Keljet’a Together is released 14th October.

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[MP3] Keljet reMixes Kings Of Tomorrow’s ‘Finally’


Kings Of Tomorrow

Not content with sitting on their laurels after the release of their awesome current single, Love Of A Life, and winning The Knocks recent Modern Hearts reMix competition, Dutch duo Keljet are keeping their momentum going with a brand new reMix. It’s a brand new reMix of an old tune, a classic tune, the soulful House hit Finally by Kings Of Tomorrow and Julie McKnight from 2000.

IF you’re looking for a big House tune with a classic twist, then you’ve come to the right place. 909 beats and claps keep this one sounding vintage, along with a big piano hook with and an irresistible bassline. Of course, this is all added into the mix with those big diva vocals that life the track even higher. Sprinkle this with a little of Keljet’s emotional, summery, Disco vibes and you’ve got a 100% tune.

Kings Of Tomorrow (Feat. Julie McKnight) – Finally (Keljet reMix)

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[MP3] Ride The Universe reMixes Keljet



Out this week is Dutch duo Keljet’s, X Ambassadors featuring, new single Love Of A Life. You’ve already had a chance to get on board with the original, and the MiGHty mOUse reMix, but wait, there is an added bonus! This bonus comes in the form of a storming freebie from Dreamwave superheroes, guardians of the Nu-Disco faith, unicorn chasers themselves, Ride The Universe.

You’re going to need to be sitting down before you press play. For two reasons. One, the track is so smooth you might just melt, and secondly, on the off-chance you don’t melt, you may be compelled to uncontrollable break into dance. Fame style.The funky foursome deliver the perfect synthetic groove, that perfect balance of robo Disco and slick LA Funk that Ride The Universe does best. Driving basslines, fluid talkbox vibes, as big breakdown and a massive finale are all present and correct. Right here you can get lost in a reMix you never want to leave.

Keljet (Feat. X Ambassadors) – Love Of A Life (Ride The Universe reMix)

Keljet’s Love Of A Life is out this week via On The Fruit Records.

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