[Download] Mr. MMæn’s ‘Slow Love’ (+ Silenx reMix)


Mr. Mæn

Next up of France’s amazing On The Fruit Records, who are on a bit of releasing spree right now, is the new single from Norwegian SynthWaver Mr. Mæn. It’s been quite some time since we heard new material from this guy, and the new record doesn’t disappoint, coming packed with reMixes from Silenx and Pelifics, this is Slow Love.

This one is so smooth it hurts. A super nostalgic slice of laid back, silky, synthesizer love. Phil Collin’s style keys, synth Sax, and dreamy moods come together to make up this romantic soundtrack piece. A bit of a departure from OTF’s normal dancefloor oriented releases, but a welcome addition to their catalogue, Mr. Mæn shows off his more soulful and musical side, and we love it. The ever awesome Silenx up’s the tempo a bit with his take on the tune, whipping those feather-light keys into a shoulder shaking Italo groover, loaded with plumbing bass and full fat tones. We’ve been looking forward to this release for a while, it was definitely worth the wait.

Mr. Mæn – Slow Love

♫ Mr. Mæn – Slow Love (Silenx reMix)

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