[Download] Ren Riz’s ‘Get Yourself Together’


Ren Riz

Here’s a particularly chubby slice of Chicagoan House from Australian producer Ren Riz, who doesn’t release tunes nearly enough for our appetite but has dropped a new free download in celebration of hitting the 2K mark on SoundCloud. Followers, that is, not number of tracks uploaded (see previous statement).

Lifting the vocal hook from Psychotropic’s 1990 rave anthem Get Your Thing Together, Ren brings the piano in full effect for this bouncy warehouse groover. Pretty space and stripped back compared to many of todays House hits, Get Yourself Together concentrates it’s energies where it counts; beats, basslines and hooks. What more could you ask for?

Ren Riz – Get Yourself Together

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[Audio] Ren Riz’s ‘Day Dream’

Ren Riz

The latest release from awesome French label On The Fruit Records comes from one other than electronic rumors alumni  Ren Riz. We’ve been featuring this Aussie producer’s tracks for as long as the site has been around and this forthcoming single is one of his best.

Out later this month, Day Dream sees Ren getting funky with an irresistible syncopated bassline that is it physically hard not to move to. This massive slice of Robo-Disco keeps things synthetic with an Italo twist. Loaded with heavy synth sounds and a touch of added cowbell, Day Dream is a prime addition to the On The Fruit roster. Funky and fun, this is one to keep the party going.

♫ Ren Riz – Day Dream

Ren Riz’s Day Dream is released 10th December.

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Ren Riz’s ‘Goodbye’


Here’s a nice mid-week pick-you-up from one of Australia’s most underrated producers, Mr. Ren Riz. Long-time staple on these pages, Ren always delivers pounding Electro tracks that seems to have more soul than many of his contemporaries.

Goodbye is no exception, it’s a smooth mixture between solid dancefloor drums and quite laid back, emotional music. The track is based on the gradual build and layering of rich, warm synths and pulsating electronic bass with echoing snippets of processed vocals set amidst them. Around the four minute mark that building reaches it’s climax as the beat drops and powerful leads kick in, raising the energy of the track, but keeping the reflective mood going.

Ren Riz – Goodbye

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Ren Riz’s new tune

Ren Riz

Here’s a new tune from our friend Ren Riz. It’s been a while since we posted anything from this Australian producer but we felt compelled to write a little something about his new tune because, well, just listen and you’ll see.

Play Me Out is just so much fun. It’s hard to know what more to say about it than that. This is a big House track, loaded with ‘90’s tropes, that will have you grinning from ear to ear. From the vocal sample to the piano riff to the Chicago style bassline to the Rave organ. Play Me Out is pure party starting fun House, just love it for what it is.

Ren Riz – Play Me Out

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reMix competition ultra roundup part one: Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins


We don’t hate reMix competitions. Actually, that’s a lie, we do hate reMix competitions and every time a new one is announced it makes us shudder. For us it means that for the next few weeks our inbox is going to be full of every Dude with a cracked copy of Abelton screaming “look at me, I’ve reMixed some big artist!”. reMix competitions seem great for the original artist, they get loads of free promotion and free reMixes, but for everyone else it’s a tiresome flood of bedroom producers almost begging you to ‘favourite’ them or ‘like’ them in the most undignified ways possible. It’s like every time an even vaguely popular artist announces a reMix competition everyone looses all self respect and turns into musical savages. We do not look forward to it, and you’ll notice that more and more blogs are starting to ignore reMix competitions and their entries. The signal to noise ratio is just too much hard work for anyone. Once an innovative way to connect with fans, reMix competitions are so frequent now they just seem like a cheap way to get a load of free PR for the artist (by essentially using the desperation of unsigned producers) and a way for producers yet to prove their mettle to feel a big special with grown-up stems.

HOWEVER (in caps, because now that our rant is over we can get on with some good music), that’s not to say that these competitions don’t produce some gems. When a talented producer gets their hands on some class stems beautiful things can happen. Some of our favourite tracks of the last couple of years have been the result of reMix competitions. There’s currently two big competitions running and today we will be rounding-up some of the best of both. First up is Kris Menace’s Kiki Twins featuring ‘We Are’. We’ve already featured Final DJs reMix a couple of weeks ago. Here’s some of the best versions to have hit our inbox. Continuing a string of awesome reMixes comes The Big C, who rightly sees a big ‘90’s House vocal where there was one and reMixes accordingly with a proper Chicago vibe and a big piano line. SynthWaver Awkoder brings a cavalcade of tom rolls to the table alongside big synth stabs and twisting leads. Mac Stanton turns in a huge club oriented track, impeccable produced and really working the Diva vocals. Something different comes from Aussie Ren Riz. Taking the track to new, deeper, places Ren keeps the ‘90’s feel but puts the track squarely in the Warehouses of the time. Lastly Dusty Digital enters a bouncy version driven by arpeggios and shimmering lead lines. See, there are some good tunes in there, it’s just so much work finding them.

♫ Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (The Big C reMix)

♫ Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (Awkoder reMix)

♫ Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (Mac Stanton Highway reMix)

Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (Ren Riz reMix)

Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (Dusty Digital reMix)

Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins’ ‘We Are’ is out now.

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Beyoncé reMixes; don’t ask again.


Have you ever seen that episode of hit-and-miss medical comedy Scrubs where the main characters see a report on TV about some new health scare and all simultaneously let out a groan of exasperation as they know that the hospital, where they work, is now going to be flooded with needy members of the public buying into the latest medial panic? Well that’s how it feels to be a music blogger when a big name, such as Beyoncé, announces a reMix competition.

That said, here’s some reMixes of ‘End Of Time’ we have liked. Monsieur Adi’s mix is unsurprising stunning work. A deep, majestic, euphoric big room jam that’s got to be a god bet for winner. Max Action delivers a top quality buzzing, cut-up, Electro mix. The reMix from Final DJs sees them getting a bit more of their Funk on than usual, mixing it up with their bright SynthWave to smooth effect. Ren Riz take a shiny Disco approach with some huge chords and gets every last drop of groove out of those horns. Lastly Big C serves up an ‘80’s Pop jam, which is actually a pretty good approximation of what this track would have sounded like if it was releases in 1986.

Right, don’t expect any more.

♫ Beyoncé – End Of Time (Monsieur Adi reMix)

♫ Beyoncé – End Of Time (Max Action Rmx)

♫ Beyoncé – End Of Time (Final DJs NuDisco reMix)

♫ Beyoncé – End Of Time (Ren Riz Re-Edit)

♫ Beyoncé – End Of Time (Big C reMix)

You can vote for the tracks here, or something.

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Ren Riz’s new jams

Mr. Ren Riz dropped a couple of new tunes over the weekend, that’s the kind of thing that makes the Monday morning trawl through the inbox worth while!

‘Alright’ is a straight-up dancefloor rocker. It’s hands-in-the-air uplifting with a twisted disco bassline and and old school House vibe that is just the right side of cheese. ‘Electrique Blanc’ on the other hand, is a mid-tempo electronic epic. A pounding journey though sweeping synthesizer atmospheres, accompanied by an nice 80’s appreciated bassline. Like his fellow Antipodean Beaumont, Ren Riz is applying his skills as a N-Disco producer to slower tracks with powerful results.

Ren Riz – Alright

Ren Riz – Electrique Blanc

Ren has also recently reMixes Bingo Players’ ‘Cry (Just A Little)’, which he Funks up and filters to the max.

Bingo Players – Cry (Just a Little) (Ren Riz Bootleg reMix)

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The Jesterz’ ‘Delorean’

The latest free (yes, I said free!) release for awesome Nu-Disco label Champagne Records comes correct from The Jesterz and their 80’s fuelled ‘Delorean’.

This track is just solid. Feel good electronic Disco vibes bleed out the speakers for some vocoded synthesizer Funk good times. reMixes comes from, amongst others, Mr. Ren Riz, who’s deep Disco grooves permeate every corner of the track only leaving room for more cowbell. This is proper French House goodness for the summer.

The Jesterz – Delorean

The Jesterz – Delorean (Ren Riz reMix)

Pick up this release now on SoundCloud.

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Ren Riz reMixes Sunday Girl’s version of ‘Self Control’

I kinda’ prefer the original version of ‘Self Control’ over Sunday Girl’s, but when Aussie producer Ren Riz gets his hands on it things change.

Suddenly we get pulsing 80’s synth bass with a touch of slap and lush House piano. I never though Sunday Girl really captured the electronic mysteriousness of the original track but Ren decided to go in totally the opposite direction with an almost Italo party workout. Apparently Ren was asked for the reMix twelve months ago. Worth the wait I reckon.

Sunday Girl – Self Control (Ren Riz reMix)

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Ren Riz and Van Go Lion team up

One of the unsung heroes of the Melbourne Nu-Disco scene Ren Riz’s latest track came as a total surprise. but a very welcome one.

Teaming up with awesome electronic Pop duo Van Go Lion, Ren drops ‘Faces’, an total high energy Disco influenced ElectroPop track. The big vocals of Van Go Lion’s Amy in combination with Ren’s digital slap bass and big 80’s chords make a whole that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. A total Nu-Electro-Disco-Pop workout that should have you heading straight for the dancefloor.

Ren Riz (Feat. Van Go Lion) – Faces

While you’re here check out Ren’s other new track, the analog chipmunk Disco of ‘Secret Garden’:

Ren Riz – Secret Garden

Check out more from Ren Riz on his SoundCloud.

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