[Audio] Shindu’s ‘Trust Me’ (+ Jesse Oliver reMix)



Belgian ElectroPop duo Shindu launch back into the limelight this week with a brad new single released via Silhouette Music. Trust Me is their most 80s influenced track to date and takes the twosome into a more introspective territory. The single boasts a full package that comes backed with a fresh B-side and reMixes from Jesse Oliver and Gemini Brothers.

With almost a Post-Punk edge, Trust Me eschews dancefloor beats of rampaging military drums and Chibi bringing a somewhat Siouxsie Sioux-esque vocal flair over waves of moody synths. That’s not to say the track isn’t quite upbeat and catchy, it very much is. Jesse Oliver’s take on the tune gives off a deep Tech House vibe with a relentless synthetic bassline and an enigmatic strobe-light vibe. It;s a robotic funk counterpart to the immensely human original. The single is out this week and is well worth your attention.

♫ Shindu – Trust Me

♫ Shindu – Trust Me (Jesse Oliver reMix)

Shindu’s Trust Me is released this week.

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[Audio] Jesse Oliver’s ‘Piece By Piece’



Out today on the consistently awesome Discotexas is the new single from one of our favourite producers, Jesse Oliver. Already getting play from the likes of Dimitri From Paris, Zimmer, Moullinex, Munk, C90s, Xinobi and ATTAR!, Piece By Piece is set to blow up over the summer. This one;’s got everything to keep the dancefloor moving.

Tasking in a bit of House, a bit of Acid and a bit of Disco, Oliver turn in this Deep masterpiece with Techy bass that never looses the groove. Rising synth burblings and gradually emphasising stabs lead the way in this hypnotic six minutes. Designed purely to keep a crowd rocking the track works some special magic with hit’s huge breakdown. Simple but effective.

♫ Jesse Oliver – Piece By Piece (Original Mix)

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[MP3] Lenno & Jesse Oliver reMix The Electric Sons’ ‘Breathing Electricity’


The Electric Sons

It’s been a  while since Finnish big-room maestros Lenno and Jesse Oliver teamed-up. In fact, their last outing together was to reMix Miami Horror’s Holidays back in January of last year, but these guys are together again and hell bent on delivering s storming reMix. Which they have, in the form of this soaring version of American Indie-Electro duo The Electric SonsBreathing Electricity.

This one’s truly epic, Lenno and Oliver raise the roof with a cavalcade of thick, uplifting synths. The track just seems to build and build as more an more layers of sound are added to this anaemic seven minutes. Good things always happen when Lenno or Jesse Oliver are involved, the sound is so fresh and clean you can’t help big be carried away by it’s peak time vibes. Huge ElectroPop done exactly right, but you’d expect no less from these two.

The Electric Sons – Breathing Electricity (Lenno & Jesse Oliver reMix)

The Electric Sons’ Breathing Electricity is out now.

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[Audio] Jesse Oliver’s ‘Purified’ EP


Kuva: Miikka Pirinen

Here’s something a bit special from Finnish artist Jesse Oliver of, one of our favourite production duos, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver, fame. Just released on On The Fruit Records is his solo Purified EP. This is a release that’s a little more personal, a little more experimental in it’s approach, and a little more conceptual that what we might expect from this guy, but the results speak for themselves.

The three tracks on the Purified EP haven’t been near a computer in their production. this is all analog or hardware synths, hardware sequenced and recorded to tape these tracks haven;t even been through modern mastering techniques. This is something Jesse has been wanting to try for a long time now and the results are meticulously crafted little gems. The EP kicks off with Red Door, a driving slice of Italo with a tiny Balearic sunrise flavour. Quite SynthWave in it’s angle, all urgent arpeggios and big tom rolls, yet also folding in Oliver’s big room know-how, 2211 mixes up dark future synths and B-boy beats to create a growling synth backing for some seriously nostalgic 80s hook and chimes to dance around the track. With a lush breakdown and and emotional resonance, this might just be the EP’s highlight. Which leaves the title track, a cosmic synth epic that 50% night drive and 50% galactic voyage that leaves you wanting more. Could these tracks have done with a little mastering. Possibly, but that doesn’t really detract for a collection of badass synthesizer workouts. How they’d sound in a club we can’t comment on, but they sounded pretty good in our speakers.

♫ Jesse Oliver – Purified

♫ Jesse Oliver – 2211

♫ Jesse Oliver – Red Door

Jesse Oliver’s Purified EP is out now.

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A.N.D.Y. & Vicente’s ‘Traffic’ EP


Today Discotexas release the long awaited début ep from Andy Faisca A.K.A. one half of Belgian analog Disco kings, Mustang A.K.A. A.N.D.Y.. Teaming up with fellow Belgian DJ Vicente (he of the BelgoDisco mixtapes) the duo have dropped the ‘Traffic’ EP containing two storming original tracks and work by a couple of our favourite producers.

‘Traffic’, the lead track is 21st Century Moroder gold. A.N.D.Y. and Vincente’s futuristic take on an Italo and Disco deathmatch, with Italo coming out slightly on top, the track powers long riding the wave of a smooth arpeggiated bassline. This is Sc-Fi Disco at it’s best full of pinpoint laser synths and cosmic sweeps, it;s a track that gently builds and builds upon itself until the finale is total Buck Rodgers bliss. ‘El Barrio’ provides the B-Side, and strangely the source for the reMixes. It’s a steady groover, more the deep analog Disco we’d expect from the ex-Mustang man. Dropping a kinda’ Tropical lead line over the top sets the tone but soon gives was to something a lot more Jarre-esque. ‘El Barrio’ is an emotional robot of a track, that rocks the beach part vibe, it just happens to be a beach on Titan. Our favourite Finnish production team, and rapidly becoming regulars on electronic rumors, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver take up the reMix challenge turning ‘El Barrio’ into a slick Nu-Disco floorfiller. Keeping a bit of the Tropical vibe, but then going heavy on the synth bass and wicked Disco licks, give the track a whole new tone, and when the massive synth stab ‘chorus’ drops the floor will go crazy. Bringing up the rear is The Supermen Lovers, who drops pretty standard The Supermen Lovers fare, hypnotic French Disco, you know what you’re getting. We always knew A.N.D.Y.’s début would be pretty stunning, and he’s lived up to every expectation.

♫ A.N.D.Y. & Vicente – Traffic

♫ A.N.D.Y. & Vicente – El Barrio

♫  A.N.D.Y. & Vicente – El Barrio (Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver reMix)

♫ A.N.D.Y. & Vicente – El Barrio (The Supermen Lovers reMix)

A.N.D.Y. & Vicente’s ‘Traffic’ EP is out today on Discotexas.

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Sohight’s new EP


We’ve featured Russian producers Sohight a few times before and always loved his tunes, so it;s good to bee Kiez Beats picking them up and dropping this massive single, ‘High School’

For this record they’ve teamed up with single Cheevy to produce one of the largest retro ElectroPop tracks we’ve heard in awhile. This thing is epic. The biggest sounding drums, the fattest synth sounds and passionate vocals belted out all make up the kind of huge nostalgic Dreamwave ElectroPop that we haven’t heard a lot of in the last few months. This’ll more than make up for that! Amongst the reMix package is Final DJs take on the track, which sees them bring that brand of Funky SynthWave to the tune. Their retro synths really capture the mood of the tune and they let loose midway with some killer soloing. Jesse Oliver steps up to reMix too, with an awesome mix that sounds a little like something Fear Of Tigers would come up with.

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – High School

♫ Sohight feat. Cheevy – High School (Final DJs School’s Out reMix)

♫ Sohight feat. Cheevy – High School (Jesse Oliver reMix)

‘High School’ is out 13th April and also includes a reMix from Kreap.

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Miami Horror reMixed by Lenno & Jesse Oliver


producer Lenno is fast becoming a name to watch with a string of amazing reMixes. This time he’s teamed up with Jesse Oliver to rework Miami Horror’s hit of last year, ‘Holidays’.

It’s a rapid fire bassline that keeps this tune pumping. Bright retro synths stab away at the tune but the machine bass never falters from it’s course and lends the tune a slight Italo flavour. Leno and Jesse Oliver have crafter a really nice Dreamwavey update to the song, keeping the Indie-Electro feel to the vocals but bringing them straight to an electronic dancefloor.

Miami Horror – Holidays (Lenno & Jesse Oliver reMix)

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