[Audio] Ilya Santana’s ‘Big Foot’ reMixed by Future Feelings



Mediterranean Cosmic Disco master Ilya Santana has released on most of the top Disco labels at one time or another, and now the Spaniard is preparing to unleash his latest single via London’s Retrospective Recordings. It’s called Big Foot, which immediately makes us think of those shaped ice creams, which, we guess, adds to the laid back summery groove in some way. Right here we are premièring our friends, Mexican Nu-Disco outfit Future Feelings, take on the tune. Deep and synthy stuff to follow.

Future Feelings take the very organic Disco sounding original and inject it with a healthy dose of robo-boogie. The Cosmic vibe is still in place, but in this more synthetic environment takes on a Jarre-like quality as it rides over an undulating electronic groove. The bass hammers home while the leads fly. Analog Disco at it’s best, this reMix is a galactic journey through a 70s lens. Buck Rogers would have loved this one!””

♫ Ilya Santana – Big Foot (Future Feelings reMix)

Ilya Santana’s Big Foot is released (that just sounds weird) on 12” and digital 29th September.

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[Audio] Ben Macklin reMixes Julian Sanza & Future Feelings’ ‘The Feeling’



Well this is quite a meeting of talent! Julian Sanza, Colombian groovemeister, and Mexican Nu-Disco outfit Future Feelings’ smooth The Feeling has been previously released via Eskimo Recordings on their The Blue Collection album. Now, courtesy of Nein Records it’s getting a full reMix package that’ll feature the likes of Tronik Youth and Avanti serving up versions of the track alongside this summery jam from London’s Ben Macklin.

Macklin serves up a lush, breezy, House tune with one foot in a Disco groove. Getting well into the laid back vocal, Ben washed the track in hazy synths and a shimmering piano hook. Set to a choppy bassline, this reMix delivers all the bright and uplifting sounds you want from a feel good sunshine track, but keeps things strictly in the chilled out zone. The weather has turned pretty awful here in the UK, but as soon as the sin comes out again this one is on repeat.

♫ Julian Sanza (Feat. Future Feelings) – The Feeling (Ben Macklin reMix)

Julian Sanza’s The Feeling is released 1st September.

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[Audio] Future Feelings & Dan Solo’s ‘I Feel Nothing’ (+ In Flagranti reMix)


Future Feelings

The latest release from France’s On The Fruit Records comes in the form of Mexican producer Future Feelings, who is no stranger to this website, teaming up with fellow Mexican Dan Solo for some deep electronic grooves. The new single, I Feel Nothing, also comes packed with reMixes from Bufi and In Flagranti. Check it out.

I Feel Nothing is a bass heavy House track with more than a couple of nods to early Bronx Electro. With it’s old school drum sounds, it mixes up a laid back Disco groove with a strobe light warehouse vibe. Boasting twisted Acid synths and an ominous voice of doom, this one’ll get the floor moving. In Flagranti’s take on the track hit slightly more bouncy notes while keeping the ominous mood. Eventuating the 303 burbling with shiny stabs it’s a journey into dark funk.

♫ Dan Solo & Future Feelings – I Feel Nothing (Original Mix)

♫ Dan Solo & Future Feelings – I Feel Nothing (In Flagranti reMix)

Dan Solo & Future Feelings’ ‘I Feel Nothing’ is out now.

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[Audio] Aimes reMixes Future Feelings & Simøne’s ‘Right There’


Future Feelings

Released this week is the new single from Mexican Nu-Disco producer Future Feelings. The Simøne featuring Right There is double A-sided with The Disco Feeling and comes equipped with a whole host of reMixes. Including this one, from one of our favourite Brooklyn producers, Aimes.

Aimes keeps things deep and Cosmically funky on this one. He creates a sense of space, despite the tight punch of the track. Layered with Sci-Fi snyths and flourishes set amidst the driving Disco backing Aimes’ reMix  delivers something for both the feet and the mind. Prepare for five minutes of galactic grooves and spacey vocals.

♫ Future Feelings (Feat. Simøne) – Right There (Aimes reMix)

Future Feelings’ Right There/The Disco Feeling is released 20th November.

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Future Feelings’ ‘Odyssey’ EP

Future Feelings

Future Feelings is a Mexican producer who is mixing up a bit of vintage synthesizer Funk into his Nu-Disco sounds. He’s just released his ‘Odyssey’ EP and it seems like a must buy for anyone into analog Disco, Electro Boogie or Cosmic SynthWave sounds.

The ‘Odyssey’ EP is four tracks of space age future Funk. Future Feelings likes to mix things up in the studio, rocking classic synths from Moog, Roland and Oberheim into Ableton so his tracks retain a pure nostalgia and a warmness to their robotic grooves. ‘Drive’ is the standout on the EP, a wicked upbeat Nu-Disco track that combined late ‘70’s Disco with and Italo influence and some sweet B-Boy beats and vocoder. It’s got everything you need. The whole EP is a masterwork of analog Disco, with the  deep funkin’ Moog basses and squelchy synths of early New York Disco meeting more driving European dance flavours and resulting in an exciting, retro, journey though neon and glitterball lit dancefloors. It also contains some of the bas bass playing and Herbie Hancock keys you’ll hear this side of Shook.  The whole thing is wrapped up in a kinda’ SynthWave sheen, but is generally far groovier than SynthWave. Basically is like an attack of Disco robots from the future in about 1983. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Future Feelings – Drive

♫ Future Feelings – Odyssey

♫ Future Feelings – Wicked

Future Feelings’ ‘Odyssey’ EP is out this week.

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