[Audio] LoFrames’ ‘In Love With You’ (+ Monsieur Adi & Aashton reMixes)



LoFrames continue to go from strength to strength. Ever since these guys got together they have been quietly making waves with the people in the know. Even before they teamed up they were a couple of our favourite producers; James Yuill and out very own Franck from Freak You (one of our favourite people full stop) have had blistering carriers of their own, so them coming together, and bringing their respective SynthPop, House and Disco talents to the table, was something pretty special.

Their first release, Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love), from the start of the year was a deep Pop House tune that remained on our playlist well into the summer. The duo are just now following up with their brand new single. In Love With You is actually a cover the 2003 French House classic by The Paradise. The Paradise were, of course, was Alan Braxe and Romuald; Braxe himself has given LoFrames’ cover his seal of approval.

LoFrames version of the tune is a sumptuous, hypnotic jam. Like a warm blanket of dancefloor sounds LoFrames’ In Love With You lays out building blocks of warm synths and slightly metallic leads into Dance soundtrack that is so rich, heady and uplifting it borders Progressive. The snatches of vocals drift in and out of the smokey sounds begging to be followed onto the tunes depths. We were also pretty pleased to see a return of the epic sax from get Real, we’re hoping the sax is a mainstay of LoFrames sound moving forward.

Among the reMixes served up on the singe are these two gems, from a couple of our favourite producers around. Monsieur Adi is back and laying down one of his massive ElectroPop reMixes. This one harkens back to his Electro-House roots a bit with big gritty synths and a stomping beat but in true Pop style Adi revels in having that drifting sax to play with. Brightonion Aashton gets all dreamy with the track on his kinda’ smooth affair. Walking the line between Tech and Deep Aashton’s hypnotic House mix brings a sweltering groove to the release.

The original and Adi mixes are free downloads for a limited time too!

LoFrames – In Love With You (The Paradise Cover)

LoFrames – In Love With You (The Paradise Cover) (Monsieur Adi reMix)

♫ LoFrames – In Love With You (The Paradise Cover) (Aashton reMix)

LoFrames’ In Love With You is our now.

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[Audio] LoFrames’ ‘Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love)’



We’ve been waiting for this one for a while now. You may have noticed that the B-Side of the electronic rumors released Freak You’s There You Are was titled The Last Track. This was because it was literally Freak You’s last track as he left the Freak You moniker behind to team-up with long time production collaborator James Yuill (who also mixed There You Are) to form the brand new outfit LoFrames. James and Franck’s début single is released next month, check out Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love).

Seamlessly blending epic Pop, Deep House and warm Electro, LoFrames serve up a track that strips dance music and electronic Pop back to it’s core elements. Concentrating on the minimum viable product (that’s a business term!) the duo offer refined SynthPop, perfectly crafted for both the heart and the feet. Warm bass and razor leads drift over a solid groove to create a strong foundation for an introspective and heartfelt vocal. The icing on the cake is a drifting dusting of Sax that floats through the track like smoke amid the machines. This is seriously luxurious stuff.

♫ LoFrames – Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love)

LoFrames’ Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love) is released 9th March.

Check out more from LoFrames on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Freak You & Bright Light Bright Light’ ‘There You Are’ reMixed by Cosmonaut Grechko


Bright Light Bright Light

Are you ready for some of the biggest Chicago House tracks you’ve heard in a long time? Next week electronic rumors is crazy proud to release the new single from French producer and On The Fruit Records shot-caller Freak You featuring Welsh Londoner and SynthPop superstar Bright Light Bright Light. There You Are is already an acclaimed Pop House track, and the reMix package we are presenting is just the icing on the cake. We’ve lined up Edwin Van Cleef, Starcadian, She’s The Queen and this monster from Cosmonaut Grechko.

Grechko serves up a complex House tune that though it’s layers of melodies and hooks sounds utterly authentic. The is early 90s piano House at it’s finest, in 2014. From the sine bassline, to the sample snatches, to the digital sax, to the infectious as hell piano hook, this on is full on dancefloor nostalgia the works just as well stacked up against contemporary floorfillers. Grechko’s been quite quiet for a while, we’re glad he back if he’s going to be treating us to the like of this killer tune.

♫ Freak You (Feat. Bright Light Bright Light) – There You Are (Cosmonaut Grechko 1991 Mix)

Freak You’s There You Are is released 2nd June as a Beatport exclusive, 19th June elsewhere.

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[Audio] Freak You reMixes From Kid’s ‘Sun’



Yesterday we had Ride The Universes sweet reMix of From Kid’s new single, Sun, today we bring you Freak You’s take on the track. The reMix collection, Variations Of Sun, is out now on On The Fruit Records and also includes work from the likes of Lou Teti and PWNDTIAC. After showing the world his amazing new tune, There You Are (featuring Bright Light Bright Light) Freak You is on a roll right now, and this reMix shows there’s no stopping him.

While Ride The Universe brought dreamy LA Disco vibes to the track, Freak You heads straight to the dancefloor. This reMix is a driving floorfiller, sneaking in some House overtones to the track Freak You plays with purcussion and rhythm in unexpected ways but never looses the groove. As with all Freak You’s production, it delivers some interesting and intelligent elements and wraps them up in a lovely piano hook and an off-kilter synth riff in a track that just builds and builds.

♫ From Kid – Sun (Freak You reMix)

From Kid’s Variations Of Sun is out now.

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[Download] Freak You & Bright Light Bright Light’s ‘There You Are’


Freak You & Bright Light Bright

There You Are is the latest tune from French producer and On The Fruit Records shot-caller Freak You. This lush ElectroPop opus boasts a whole host of amazing collaborative names. Not only was a touch of production wizardry lent by Mr. James Yuill, but vocal duties on the this track are carried out by none other than Bright Light Bright Light. Can it be anything other than amazing?

With a slight dusting of House, and an even subtler dusting of Tropical sounds, There You Are is a deep, warm and mesmerising ElectroPop tune with enough dancefloor funky to be considered Disco-y but Poppy enough to storm the charts. Rod’s vocals are simple but very effective, choosing to opt for a hypnotic refrain while Franck delivers on the promise of full beats, body shaking basslines and big emotional rushes in all the right places. Intelligent SynthPop at it’s finest, not pandering to any trend, just serving up quality.

Freak You (Feat. Bright Light Bright Light) – There You Are

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[Download] Freak You reMixes Natural Animal’s ‘Who You Are’


Natural Animal

Freak You is so classy. Seriously, every one of his reMixes in the past couple of years has avoided bandwagons, avoided fads, avoided genres even. He just delivers, classic sounding, somewhat timeless, dance music tunes that always hit the right note with the track being reMixed. His latest work is a mix for Toronto based duo Natural Animal and their song, Who You Are.

Freak You takes the almost Tropical sounding Bedroom Pop track and morphs it into a brooding epic. Flipping Who You Are’s Island hook into a hypnotic refrain gives the track an anchor and frees up the rich strings and reverb washed vocals to freely ebb & flow in and out of the track creating an enigmatic, but emotionally resonant mood. Freak You works his sound pallet to it’s fullest, teasing every ounce of humanity out of the track yet keeping both feet planted firmly on the dancefloor.

♫ Natural Animal – Who You Are (Freak You reMix)

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[Download] Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’ reMixed by Freak You



It’s fair to say that in the last week or so our inbox has been pretty inundated with reMixes of Goldroom’s excellent Embrace. We kinda’ expected it when Goldroom sent the stems free into the wild, we really haven’t got the time or the inclination to bring you all of them though. However, you really need to wrap your ears around this blissed out mix from On The Fruit Records own Freak You, it’ll make your Monday morning orders of magnitude better.

Freak You has delivered another of his classic dance music pieces. Free of genre or era, he whips up a timeless floorfiller with ingredients from House, Disco and Trance with a pinch of R&B. With an early 90s, golden age, feel to it, this reMix powers along, dividing it’s load between a grumbling bassline and an optimistic piano line. The deep club nature of the tune tends to lend Ariela Jacobs’ vocals a new, almost urban, flavour. Unlike a whole heap of the reMixes of Embrace that have landed on out virtual desk, Freak You’s reMix really does transform it into a brand new song.

Goldroom – Embrace (Freak You reMix)

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is out now.

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[MP3] Cavaliers of Fun’s ‘Valley Of Dreams’



It’s been a while. This is Dreamwaver Cavaliers Of Fun’s first proper single of the year, and right slap-bang in the middle of a heatwave is the prefect time to unleash such laid-back summery bliss.Valley Of Dreams delivers everything you’d want from a hazy beach tune. Nostalgic, funky, slightly ethereal and all covered in island vibes. All brought to you by ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

Pouring Tropical Disco and Dreamwave into a mixing bowl Cavaliers Of Fun cooks up only the finest of both. It’s the kind of song we all wigged out to in the summer of 2010, but updated with slick Disco licks and Tropical purcussion. A solid Disco beat is complimented by hazy, heavily effected guitars and a bouncy synth bass. As Ricco Vitali presents his passionate croon, thick synths create an irresistible sunkissed mood. The Single is loaded with reMixes too, Freak You strips the beach vibe from the tune and morphs it into a Technoid stormer with 90s House overtones. Riddled with noisy effects and a heavy Rave leads and rolling snare fills, this one’ll have you grinning and dancing. Saint Pauli uplifts the single with a big room mix where they take everything big. Big lead stabs, Big Disco snyths and a Big stomping beat. Fellow Holographic Peopl-er Shelby Grey’s Bonus Beats Dub is pretty special too, possible the EP’s highlight, a proper 12” extended mix that strips the original to it’s synth basics and layers orchestral hits, robo synths and a rocking B-Boy beat. We’d love to hear this one with the vocals. These tunes sit alongside a luscious Poolside Disco mix from Poindexter on a release that is, surprisingly, free to download. There’s need to be no discussion, download this right now.

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Freak You reMix)

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Saint Pauli reMix)

Cavaliers Of Fun – Valley Of Dreams (Shelby Grey’s Bonus Beats Dub)

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[MP3] M83 reMixed by Freak You



Brining some old school Bronx beats to your ears right now is French producer and On The Fruit Records godfather Freak You with his officially sanctioned reMix of French Electro-Indie superstar M83’s single Steve McQueen.

Kicking off like an early 80s right on the New York subway, Freak You drops guitar stabs amidst B-boy beats and swirling vocals, easing you into the groove with Sci-Fi synths and rapid clap rolls. Bringing to mind the best experimental period of Electro’s history, Freak Yuo works the Breakin; vibe until he;s ready to get all Juan Aitinks on out asses with a solid House beat and Chicago bassline. This hybrid of Chicago House and New York Electro is exactly the same kind of thing Aitkins was doing with Cybotron, and creating Techno. Freak You brings a similar vibe whilst keeping it soulful.

M83 – Steve McQueen (Freak You reMix)

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[Audio] Freak You reMixes Dead Astronauts


Dead Astronauts

Kick off your week with the latest from On The Fruit Records head honcho Freak You. This month Franck turns his attention to Seattle based Modern SynthPop outfit Dead Astronauts’ track Weathered Wolves, to be released soon on Nueva Forma. The track comes from Dead Astronauts’ forthcoming album, Constellations, which is due for a summer release.

Having not heard the original of Weathered Wolves we can’t really comment on the differences, but we’re getting a classic SynthPop with Goth overtones from the track. The vocals and lyrical content have a very mid-90s German SynthiePop vibe to them, a vibe wich Freak You plays to, bringing in big, undulating, euphoric, EBM-lite synths and growling bass tones. Of course, a Freak You reMix is going to a a lot funkier than dated 90s FuturePop, and Franck deliver with a stunning, dramatic rhythm section, loaded with flourishes and evolutions. Also, there’s a little drum fill in the first bar of every bridge that make us really happy.

♫ Dead Astronauts – Weathered Wolves (Freak You reMix)

Dead Astronauts’ Constellations is released this summer.

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