[Audio] Freak You reMixes From Kid’s ‘Sun’



Yesterday we had Ride The Universes sweet reMix of From Kid’s new single, Sun, today we bring you Freak You’s take on the track. The reMix collection, Variations Of Sun, is out now on On The Fruit Records and also includes work from the likes of Lou Teti and PWNDTIAC. After showing the world his amazing new tune, There You Are (featuring Bright Light Bright Light) Freak You is on a roll right now, and this reMix shows there’s no stopping him.

While Ride The Universe brought dreamy LA Disco vibes to the track, Freak You heads straight to the dancefloor. This reMix is a driving floorfiller, sneaking in some House overtones to the track Freak You plays with purcussion and rhythm in unexpected ways but never looses the groove. As with all Freak You’s production, it delivers some interesting and intelligent elements and wraps them up in a lovely piano hook and an off-kilter synth riff in a track that just builds and builds.

♫ From Kid – Sun (Freak You reMix)

From Kid’s Variations Of Sun is out now.

Buy From Kid’s music from:

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