Escort reMixed by RAC


We’ve got some Moroder Disco going on right now with this new reMix of Brooklyn Disco orchestra Escort’s Starlight by one or more of the Remix Artists Collective, RAC. Actually, we know who it was, it was Andre Anjos who put together this arpeggiated monster, but where’s the fun in knowing that?

So, we have the Italo-esque Moroder arpeggiated bassline forming the core of this track. And when you have such a huge Disco voice as Adeline Michèle’s to play with, the temptation not to go all Donna Summer must be overwhelming. On top of that a real vintage feel rides the groove with emotive stings and just the right amount of Cosmic flourishes. Retro future diva stuff right here.

Escort – Starlight (RAC reMix)

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Chew Lips reMixed by Big C

Chew Lips

Sound your air horns! It’s a premiere! On his continuing quest to infect all our brains with his infectious, chilled out, Italo/Dub mix London based producer Big C has taken Chew Lips’ fantastic new single, Hurricane, and give it both a retro ElectroPop workout and an island swing. At the same time. It’s like a musical threeway!

Hurricane is the biggest, Popiest track we’ve heard from the newest Chew Lips album so far, and a highlight of their new live set, but in Big C’s hands it becomes an atmospheric groover that really draws out the sultry drawl in Tigs vocal. Haunting Rootsy piano plays nicely against the Euro-dancefloor arpeggios with an almost Morricone feel at times. It’s a mysterious, Caribbean vibe that shouldn’t go into retro Robot music at all, let alone Chew Lip’s eclectic ElectroPop, but Big C manages to combine all three elements with an effortless cool and seamless production. Basically, it’s like a Frenchman in a futuristic black and red leather suit sipping rum on a beach in Jamaica. Or a dreadlocked warrior living it up off the shores of Orion. Italo Dub should be everyone’s new favourite genre.

♫ Chew Lips – Hurricane (Big C remix)

Chew Lips’ new single Hurricane is out now.

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Final DJs’ ‘No More Youth’


No More Youth is the latest monster to come from the minds of Germany’s top SynthWave duo Final DJs. Spinning a little French Touch and Italo into the mix on this track, they’ve cooked up the prefect end to the summer.

No More Youth is shot though with a sense of slight sadness, and nostalgic longing, but that in no-way stops it from being a huge party tune. Final DJs work their synthesizer love to it’s fullest with lush retro chords, sparking melodies and an overall atmosphere of electronic bliss. Part beach, part galactic, Final DJs sound is now the epitome of the post-SynthWave Nu-Disco scene. Funkier than SnythWave, but more beautifully retro than Nu-Disco. They exist in just the right spot in-between.

Final DJs – No More Youth

Final DJs’ Gossip CountryEP is out now.

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Plastic Plates’ ‘Things I Didn’t Know I Loved’


The latest release from Mr. Felix Bloxsom, better known as the awesome Plastic Plates, is actually his début EP. Which seems weird as his tracks and reMixes have been gracing these pages for a while now, but if you are going to only just release your début EP, then you can do a lot worse than being picked up by Kitsuné Music as a label.

Simon Lord steps up for vocal duties on the EP’s lead track, Things I Didn’t Know I Loved is an upbeat, catchy slice of slick ElectroPop with a Disco groove. Maybe released just a little too late to catch the heights of the summer, the track nonetheless put you in a summery mood with it’s bouncy keys, infectious piano and smooth vocal. Toy’s is the perfect port-Italo track, the kind Kitsuné are really pushing these days, with a UK late ‘80’s SynthPop bassline and Disco drums the track sprinkles on a little rave lead and it’s all set to blow up dancefloors everywhere. The EP’s remaining original, More Than Love, is the deep Disco antithesis to the EP’s Poppier openers. Growling, funky basslines and a hypnotic Acid line underpin some seriously Cosmic synth work. Not on the EP, but a free download, is this reMix of the lead track from Amine EdgeDance, who turn the track into deep ‘90’s House territory.

♫ Plastic Plates (Feat. Simon Lord) – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved

♫ Plastic Plates – Toys

♫ Plastic Plates – More Than Love

Plastic Plates (Feat. Simon Lord) – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved (Amine Edge & Dance reMix)

Things I Didn’t Know I Loved is out now.

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Tommy’s ‘Outer Space Adventurer’


Yesterday Frenchman Tommy, one of the leading lights of the second wave of SynthWave producers, and hands down one of the best SynthWave producers out there, released his début full length album, Outer Space Adventurer. With a handful if singles and EPs behind him, Tommy’s body of work has always impressed and seen this prolific producer rise above his contemporises both in terms of musicality and production.Now his album is here we are glad to report, it was worth the wait.

The soundtrack to an imaginary space opera epic, Outer Space Adventurer is a musical journey, one track flowing effortlessly to the next, sliding from one mood to the next, as it lays out a narrative of interstellar exploration. Did we mention it was long too? Twenty tracks of blissed out Sci-Fi SynthWave ranging from high energy Italo workouts to dreamy introspective mood pieces. The whole album is quite the masterpiece, there’s far too much awesomeness to catalogue it all right here, so hear are four of our favourites from Outer Space Adventurer. Blast Off Into Space is the first proper track on the album and where the Italo vibe really gets going. Punchy arpeggios create a rock solid groove for Tommy’s shimmering space age synth line to dance atop. The combination of the rhythm section, steady and mechanical and the keys exuding a sense of wonder realty sets the scene for the album’s story. Destination Ultime is the kind of track where Tommy let’s his Vangelis-esque side shine. A beautifully atmospheric piece, layers of synthesizer goodness and soaring lead lines convey a total futuristic fascination. The Hour Has Come To Fight is, I suppose, the albums action set piece. Far from brutal though, The Hour Has Come To Fight is a bright slab of retro ElectroPop. Energetic and euphoric it really feels like the album’s kinetic high point. The duelling square and sine lead lines are pure synth joy. Fugitives And Hunters is another of Tommy’s more introspective works. Pounding ‘80’s drums and an ominous ambience are tempered with some optimistic sounding keys that seem to soar over the lush tonal pallet below. If you are at all a fan of synth music, of ‘80’s sounds, or even Sci-Fi, then Tommy’s Outer Space Adventurer is an essential album, and a benchmark for the new breed of SynthWave.

♫ Tommy – Blast Off Into Space

♫ Tommy – Destination Ultime

♫ Tommy – The Hour Has Come To Fight

♫ Tommy – Fugitives And Hunters

Tommy’s Outer Space Adventurer is out now,

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Alpha Boy’s ‘Heroes On Tape’ album

Alpha Boy

Berlin based SynthWave producer Norman Knight, better known as Alpha Boy, is fast becoming one of he most prolific artist on the scene. It was only April that he released his last compilation of work, the Blockbuster Album, and he’s already set with a brand new LP. Released today, Heroes On Tape cements Alpha Boy’s status as one of SynthWave’s unsung heroes. How does he keep the quality up?

From the second the album begins, with an intro piece titled Crus’n In 1982, it;s clear that despite his high quantity output, Alpha Boy isn’t just chucking out any old tracks. Heroes On Tape is fourteen track of some of the best ‘80’s inspired Electro around. The album is built around tributes to classic TV shows and movies of the decade. With titles like Master Of The Universe, Macgyver, Harold F., Flux Capacitor, BMX and Starman, the album is is the music equivalent of a night in with a stack of VHS tapes. Continuing the trend seen on Blockbuster, Heroes On Tape keeps the retro soundtrack feel, but moves itself away from standard SynthWave fare with musical nod to classic SynthPop and Pop of the era with rolling drum fills and catchy lead lines. Various tracks take on audio cues too, like Danielson [sic] (as in Daniel San), a homage to The Karate Kid, which gently covers the post-Italo electronics with an oriental feel and the tense sense of urgency found amongst I’m Coming To Get You. Highlights of the album have to be the warm Sci-Fi Italo melodies of Master Of The Universe, which dips and builds and never looses it’s dancefloor excitement. Harold F., a track so full of soaring synth leads that just listening to it is uplifting. Flux Capacitor, which powers along in rapid fire arpeggios, keeping things danceable amidst the hypnotic synths and evocate tones, and the nostalgic electronic pump of BMX. Alpha Boy has delivered another amazingly good body of work here, how he keeps up the pace is anyone’s guess, but he never seems to let the high output damage the music’s quality, in terms of either arrangement or production. Definitely recommended SynthWave.

♫ Alpha Boy – Master Of The Universe

♫ Alpha Boy – Harold F.

♫ Alpha Boy – Flux Capacitor

♫ Alpha Boy – BMX

Heroes On Tape is released today at Alpha Boy’s Bandcamp.

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Private’s Everywhere’, with Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine


Danish ElectroPop outfit Private is making a massive bid for worldwide appeal with their new single, Everywhere. Having scored a couple Euro hits a few years back, they are ready to unleash their massive Pop sound on an unsuspecting world.

Everywhere is a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster, made up of part from here and there all mixed into one big Pop beast. On the whole it’s a summery, slightly Indie-electro sounding hit that’s as catchy as it is slick. It;s an excellent example of contemporary ElectroPop. There is a ‘but’ thought, unfortunately the track is marred by some of the worst rapping we have ever heard. Both lyrically and in terms of flow, the rap, by someone called Genasis is just amateurish. But if you can ignore it, you’ll be rewarded with some summer fun. There’s tons of reMixes, but obviously the most exciting comes from the team up of Italo legend Flemming Dalum and Manchester’s finest Kid Machine who deliver the single package’s clear standout track, A shimmering Italo ElectroPop tune powered by space age arpeggios and haunting melodies. Flemming and Kid Machine bring a little retro cool to the single and make the vocals sound a bit more comfortable with themselves. Also amongst the host of versions of Everywhere are a massive Trance lead lead commercial dance mix from Aylen and JKF from MSTRKRFT’s noisy jump up Electro-House pit-bull-of-a-reMix.

♫ Private (Feat. Genasis) – Everywhere (Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine reMix)

♫ Private (Feat. Genasis) – Everywhere

Private (Feat. Genasis) – Everywhere (Aylen reMix)

Private (Feat. Genasis) – Everywhere (JFK MSTRKRFT reMix)

Private’s Everywhere is out now.

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Awkoder reMixes Tiam Wills

Tiam Wills

Awesome French SynthWaver Awkoder has dropped his latest reMix. A reworking of fellow Frenchman Tiam Wills’ new single Hardiscount and it’s a surprising massive Nu-Disco monster. Surprising because we’re more used to atmospheric synth epics from Awkoder, and this reMix is full of funk. Good surprising though.

Kicking of with a wicked Disco lick the track soon descends into a retro synth love-fest. Drawing in the particularly Disco end of the Italo spectrum, Awkoder whips up big slice of synth Funk a throws in a little French Touch filtering and some of those crisp SynthWave lead lines for good measure. Keeping the vocals to a hypnotic mantra, Awkoder lets them become the tracks underlay. A base on which his intertwining arpeggios and crystal clear chord stabs can play out with a nice late ‘80’s feel and a solid dancefloor leaning. This one’ll keep them moving at peak time.

Tiam Wills (Feat. Elsalou) – Hardiscount (Awkoder reMix)

You can download the whole Hardiscount reMix Single here, including work from Alex Carlson and Ben Flav.

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Arc Neon’s ‘Night Heat’ EP

Arc Neon

‘Night Heat’ is the new EP from London SynthWave producer Arc Neon. His second since moving on from Indie-Electro outfit Wolf And Yeti into the realms of ‘80’s soundtrack inspired electronics. Whereas his last EP, Wet Dreams, was very focused on samples from news reports etc… this new collection is much more a self contained imaginary soundtrack.

Kicking off with Prey For Your Life, the EP immediately sets itself up as an ominous musical narrative. This headmost track droops you right in the thick of it, with Italo basslines and stabbing lead synths conjuring feelings of oppressive city nights and the shady, desperate, lives of those within. Arguable the EP’s lead track, Night Heat Theme is a definite cop show classic, this is where Arc Neon shows if his musical chops. The track is five minutes of intertwining melodies, intricately crated, SynthWave, based on a vintage drum machine beat, that adds layers and layers of hooks lead lines until it reaches it’s emotional peak. At this point the the EP, you really start to feel how Arc Neon sets himself apart from a lot of the SynthWave pack. His retro influenced go beyond the standard soundtrack fare, with elements of Electronic Soul and B-Boy Electro permeating all of his track, not just in terms of arrangement, but production style too. It’s a refreshing take on the genre.  Midnight Madman is a chaotic mid-point of the EP, juxtaposing hard Industrial beats with euphoric leads to produce a schizophrenic aural assault. This a nicely followed by the moody respite of Breaking In By Moonlight, loaded with lush atmospherics and an urban bassline and The Golden Rule, the EP’s most standard SynthWave track, rich in progressions that inspire. The EP ends on perhaps it’s strongest track, Femmé Fatalé (Ending Theme) (although, soundtracks ending themes being their highlight isn’t exactly unusual). Femmé Fatalé revolves around a haunting melody that will be stuck in your head all day, it’s a unique production in the world of SynthWave, placing raw Electro Funk alongside heartfelt synth soundtrack work to brilliant effect. The SynthWave scene feels like it’s due for a shake up soon, the danger is there of it becoming full of copycats, and growing stale, Arc Neon is amongst those who could do the shaking.

♫ Arc Neon – Femmé Fatalé (Ending Theme)

♫ Arc Neon – Night Heat Theme

♫ Arc Neon – Breaking In By Moonlight

Arc Neon’s Night Heat EP is out now.

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Plexi Grace’s ‘Midnight Boy’

Plexi Grace

Time for some full-on retro dancefloor action now in the form of Johan Agebjörn and Le Prix, who are once again release under the name Plexi Grace. For their forthcoming new single they have teamed up with German singer Sylwia Van Der Wonderland for some early ‘90’s awesomeness.

And Midnight Boy totally brides the gap between early ‘90’s dance and Disco. The bassline that is pure Bomb The Bass alongside some classic orchestral hits bring that ‘90’s excitement to the tune while the smooth grooves are covered by a slick Italo-Disco feel. While all this electronic greatness is going on Sylwia’s sultry croon fills out the track, sliding from husky to ethereal with relative ease. Stick around, the track descends into an Acid workout toward the end. this is the kind of shit that make you want to go out and party.

♫ Plexi Grace (Feat. Sylwia Van Der Wonderland) – Midnight Boy

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