[Audio] DW’s ‘Nine Lives’ EP (+ reMixes from Mille, Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix and Flashworx)



As well as being one of the top futurist graphic designers in the game (you’ll have seen his work gracing countless electronic music releases cover art), Kilian Eng is also one half of Swedish SynthWave ElectroPopers DW alongside Amir Zaino. This EP seems to have taken, literally, years to be see the air, but that just makes this week’s release all the more sweet, and when you see the reMix line-up (Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix, Flashworx, Indiscreet and fucking Mille!) it makes this EP all the more sweet.

The EP kicks off with it’s title track, a track that really settles you into the tone of the EP. With five minutes to play with, DW bring a vintage SynthPop arrangement with retro future synths and a particularly Swedish set of vocals. Anthemic and uplifting, the track delivers all you could want from a nostalgic SynthPop tune. Parallel Persons takes things in a slightly heavier direction with a rolling Electro beat and a more enigmatic atmosphere. The surprising thing about this release is that is seems to have more in common with 80s SynthPop than the current SynthWave sound that you instinctively associate DW with (mainly due to the use of their artwork), there’s no big Outrun tunes here, this is pure vintage synthetic Pop, pitch perfectly produced. Razorblades and You And Me continue this theme, delivering rich, emotional, slightly chilly electronic music. Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix go full on Scandinavian ElectroPop with their reMix of Nine Lives, loading on on high calorie beats and swirling synths while Flashworx’s reMix of Parallel Persons goes in a more moody direction with an energetic Italo tune. They eyebrow raising inclusion here is a reMix from Swedish SynthWave genius Mille, on of our favourite producer who in recent years has had his attention occupied by his current band Autostrada, but returns to some of that Mille goodness to reMix You And Me, bringing his trademark ChipTune-esque Dreamwave ElectroPop energy to the EP and playing out the release in fine style, epic string breakdown included. A highly recommended EP..

♫ DW – Nine Lives

♫ DW – Parallel Persons

♫ You And Me (Mille reMix)

♫ DW – Nine Lives (Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix reMix)

♫ DW – Parallel Persons (Flashworx reMix)

DW’s Nine Lives EP is out now.

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Plexi Grace’s ‘Midnight Boy’

Plexi Grace

Time for some full-on retro dancefloor action now in the form of Johan Agebjörn and Le Prix, who are once again release under the name Plexi Grace. For their forthcoming new single they have teamed up with German singer Sylwia Van Der Wonderland for some early ‘90’s awesomeness.

And Midnight Boy totally brides the gap between early ‘90’s dance and Disco. The bassline that is pure Bomb The Bass alongside some classic orchestral hits bring that ‘90’s excitement to the tune while the smooth grooves are covered by a slick Italo-Disco feel. While all this electronic greatness is going on Sylwia’s sultry croon fills out the track, sliding from husky to ethereal with relative ease. Stick around, the track descends into an Acid workout toward the end. this is the kind of shit that make you want to go out and party.

♫ Plexi Grace (Feat. Sylwia Van Der Wonderland) – Midnight Boy

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Lissi Dancefloor Disaster & Le Prix

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster

We took a look at Swedish ElectroPoppers Lissi Dancefloor Disaster’s video for their new single, ‘Singing My Heart Out’ earlier in the week, so now is as good a time as any to get involved with the single and a stunning reMix from one of our faves, Le Prix.

If you checked the video you’ll already know what ‘Singing My Heart Out’ is all about. It’s a rich, beautiful ElectroPop track that gets it’s serious Disco groove on. Deep rushing synths and marching drums create something instantly recognisable as Scandinavian but with just the right amount of groove in there too. It’s a rousing and involving slick of alternative SacndiPop. the main reMix, alongside a Glichty Lo-Fi version from Den Svenska Björnstammen), comes from Le Prix, who provides a laid back synthy track chock full of Le Prix’s trademark SynthWave atmospherics that compliments the impassioned vocals really well. Lissi have been around for while, but we think this is their best work to date, and hopefully the single that gains them some of the attention the so readily deserve.

♫ Lissi Dancefloor Disaster – Singing My Heart Out (Le Prix reMix)

♫ Lissi Dancefloor Disaster – Singing My Heart Out

‘Singing My Heart Out’ is out now.

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Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix reMix Lindbergh Palace

Lindbergh Palace

Wow, we haven’t featured Brooklyn based ElectroPoppers Lindbergh Palace! Over a year in-fact, and coincidentally, the last time we wrote about the was about Fear of Tigers reMix of their track ‘Day’s Don’t Fade’, that was November 2010! That track is finally seeing release as part of the ‘Day’s Don’t Fade’ single alongside this storming mix from Sweden’s top-dogs Johan Agebjörn and Le Prix.

Johan and Le Prix’s version of the track is massive, big room, undulating mix. the duo lays thick that wonderful mixture of post-Italo groove, retro SynthWave and Sweden’s knack for perfect ElectroPop all rolled into one huge tune. Lush is the best word to describe this track, roomy, cosmic synths fill the track on top of the relentless Italo bassline, up[lifting the introspective SynthPop of the original into a fully fledged Dance classic. This is a reMix in return for Lindbergh Palace’s version of Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix’s ‘Watch The World Go By’, we’re really not sure who got the better end of the deal, maybe everyone’s a winner, especially us!

Lindbergh Palace – Days Don’t Fade (Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix reMix)

‘Days Don’t Fade’ is out in June and also includes the Fear Of Tigers reMix and a mix from Alcala.

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Le Prix’s ‘Cosmonova’

le prix

We feel like we’ve been waiting for this single to drop for ever! Finally sees the long awaited (around here certainly) ‘Cosmonova’, the new single from Le Prix and the first commercial release from Girlfriend Records. Girlfriend have, of course, have a good few years of supplying us with the best in Dreamwave and SynthWave for free, so let’s all show them some support as the move into this new phase.

‘Cosmonova’ is a piece of cosmic SynthWave that is pure bliss. Built around a rolling late ‘80’s House beat, it’s a ten minute journey to other galaxies. Worth of Vangelis’ more spacey work, Le Prix takes his time, building an otherworldly synthetic atmosphere. With an infection lead riff, one that will seriously stick in your head, and layers upon layers of Sci-Fi synths Le Prix has delivered what con only be described as a interplanetary SynthWave masterpiece. reMixes come from FM Attack, who turns in a killer retro synth Disco track with strong Italo overtones. It’s a beautiful, haunting dance track with a hint of Pet Shop Boys about it. The main thing to take away from this reMix is that FM Attack truly is a master at what he does and we don;t hear nearly enough from him. Meanwhile Johnatron keeps the space age riff in place and applies tit to a thick, warping, Disco groove before bring in some Acidic synth action and some late night dancefloor chaos. The ‘Cosmonova’ package was worth the wait, and a stunning entrance into the world music market for Girlfriend.

♫ Le Prix – Cosmonova

♫ Le Prix – Cosmonova (FM Attack reMix)

♫ Le Prix – Cosmonova (Johnatron reMix)

While we’re hear let’s take another look at the awesome trailer for ‘Comosnova’, apparently it was planned to be turned into a full length video, but timing constrains on animator Kilian Eng prohibited that. Even at 43 seconds though, it’s spectacular.

Le Prix’s ‘Cosmonova’ is out right now on Girlfriend Records.

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Johan Agebjörn’s ‘Casablanca Nights’ revisited

Johan Agebjörn

Swedish purveyor of all things ElectroPop and Disco Johan Agebjörn’s ‘Casablanca Nights’ album was one of our top records of last year, a series of collaboration with some of the best electronic artists and SynthPop singers in the world and some cracking songs. Now two of those cracking songs are getting repackaged in some new and interesting ways.

First up, ‘Watch The World Go By ‘ is finally seeing the release of it’s reMix package. We’ve been waiting for it for a while since it was originally going to be released under the name Plexi Grace. Now, a change of label to Paper Bag Records and it’s back to plain old Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix and a whole host of awesome reMixes. You should all be intimately familiar with the, Lake Heartbeat featuring, slice of ElectroPop bliss by now, and if you’re not what have you been doing with the last year? The reMix package kicks off with German DJ Jam El Mar’s ‘Tripomatic Fairytale’ mix, and pulsating crossover between Nu-Disco and Deep House with some nice eclectic percussion. The track is basically an audio sunrise and sets up the EP perfectly. Along side a majestic workout by Young Galaxy and a couple of smooth reMixes from SynthPoppers Lindberg Palace (a name we haven’t heard for a while) you’ll find Nicolas Makelberge’s version which melds a few frantic elements and tempers them into a chilled Balearic retro Pop track. In addition to this release we also have 80’s Disco legend Alan Cook with an Agebjörn &  Lovelock (Steve Moore) produced cover of ‘Casablanca Nights’ title track, and the three of them go full on Italo amazingness here. I cannot stress how good this track is, it’s not even 80’s Italo influenced, it just is pure 80’s Italo. The track’s tempo has been increased, the arpeggios fly and the both the music and vocals are majestic and shot through with that dramatic darkness that calls for a video shot in a dark, neon lit, alleyway that’s inexplicable full of smoke, but it;s in a studio anyway.  Amazing Stuff.

♫ Alan Cook – Casablanca Nights (Original Mix) (Produced By Johan Agebjörn & Lovelock)

♫ Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix (Feat. Lake Heartbeat) – Watch The World Go By (Jam El Mar Tripomatic Fairytale reMix)

Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix (Feat. Lake Heartbeat) – Watch The World Go By (Nicolas Makelberge reMix)

Alan Cook’s ‘Casablanca Nights’ is released 26th April on 12” and Download on Disco Evolution/Flashback Records. Paper Bag release ‘Watch The World Go By’ today!

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Le Prix covers U-96


Le Prix’s long-awaited ‘Cosmonova’ EP is coming very, very soon on the awesome Girlfriend Records, along with it’s amazing looking video. To tide us over until then, though, the Swedish SynthWave producers has dropped this cheeky cover of U-96’s ‘Love Sees No Colour’ from 1993.

Bringing the tempo slightly down (this ain’t ‘90’s EuroDance anymore!) Le Prix allows the riff from the original to slip into something a bit more retro sounding and let the emotional qualities of the chord progression shine though. The result is something that, apart from the main arpeggio, it’s quite different from it’s inspiration, a more contemplative meeting of post-EBM, pre-Trance, European dance music and ‘80’s soundtrack inspired Dreamwave Electro. Cannot wait for the EP!

Le Prix – Love Sees No Color (U-96 Cover)

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Plexi Grace


So, by now you’re all familiar with Johan Agebjörn ‘Casablanca Nights’, on of the best albums of the year that saw Johan teaming up with a plethora of talent throughout the record, noticeably fellow Swede Le Prix. The two of the have decided that future collaboration between the two will fall under the moniker Plexi Grace.

The first released from Plexi Grace will be a selection of reMixes of the first track we heard from ‘Casablanca Nights’ featuring this team-up, the Lake Heartbeat featuring ‘Watch The World Go By’ the reMix package will be released on Fektive Records and contain work from Jam El Mar (the Jam from Jam & Spoon) who turns the track into a lush big room tune. Agebjörn will be returning the favour by reMixing Jam & Spoon’s ‘Find Me’, to be released in 2012.

♫ Plexi Grace (Feat. Lake Heartbeat) – Watch The World Go By (Jam El Mar Rmx)

The ‘Watch The World Go By’ reMixes are out soon.

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Le Prix’s ‘Five Miles (On The River) Mixtape’ and new single news

le prix

Le Prix – Five Miles (On The River) Mixtape = Le Prix have the honour of their forthcoming new single ‘Cosmonova’ being the first commercial release by the awesome Girlfriend Records, who, let’s face it, have given us so much great music for free it’s about time they started seeing some of the benefit. I’m sure we’ll all support them as they go forward. To celebrate the news, Le Prix has put together an eclectic 45 mins of electronic sounds with a Disco and ElectroPop flavour.

Le Prix – Five Miles (On The River) Mixtape

Girlfriend Records will be releasing Le Prix’s ‘Cosmonova’ early 2012, check out the teaser video here.

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Le Prix reMixes Queen Of Hearts


Queen Of Hearts is so down with the Swedish SynthPop crew, and rightly so, she fits right in with a country where ElectroPop has always had a home (even when certain other countries forced it underground).

So, Stockholm DiscoPop producer Le Prix has worked his magic on ‘Shoot The Bullet’. It’s actually not what we were expecting from him, but infectious nonetheless. More raw, more live sounding, than you’d think of when considering Le Prix, his reMix delves deep into a rough and tumble version of late ‘70’s synthesizer Disco. It’s like a party in an analog synth factory, and everyone’s invited!

Queen Of Hearts – Shoot The Bullet (Le Prix reMix)

Queen Of Hearts’ ‘The Arrival EP’ is out now.

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