Michoacan’s ‘Disco Sucks so Good’ reMixes


Michoacan’s Disco Sucks So Good, or D.S.S.G was originally the B-side for his 2006 Lectroluv 12” Basshead. It seems the track made such an impression on those at Eskimo Recordings that six years later they are about to present the track, and a ton of remixes, fresh for 2012.

Disco Sucks So Good is a wicked crossover track Indie-Disco in a LCD Soundsystem or The Faint vein with an added injection of heavy Dub. A haunting raucous electronic workout that somehow manages to keep a groove while post-punk vocals wail over the top. The reMix package has been expertly chosen. Kasper Bjørke delivers our favourite as he holds on to the space Dub feel of the original, but mixed it deftly with some hypnotic Disco and Italo (maybe ‘Italo Dub’ is a thing after all?). Making Vito Areoplane’s monthly mix tape this month is Martin Dubka’s take on the track, who brings an explosive Moroder Disco style to the tune and takes the spaced-out Dub effects into Cosmic Funk territory. Also on the release you’ll find an Acid Funking mix from tiger Stripes.

♫ Michoacan – Disco Sucks So Good (Original Mix)

♫ Michoacan – Disco Sucks So Good (Kasper Bjørke reMix)

♫ Michoacan – Disco Sucks So Good (Dubka reMix)

Michoacan’s Disco Sucks So Good is out 29th October on Eskimo Recordings.

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Mad Professor Dubs up Van She

van she

So, Van She made a nice, poppy, Tropical song called Jamaica, which was a sweet summer anthem, but who do they turn to when they really want some authentic island vibes? None other than legendary Dub master Mad Professor, who delivers a pitch perfect rendition of the track, taking just the right hits from it and drawing our the Dub.

A Mad Professor reMix of Van She’s Jamaica does exactly what it says on the tin, but of those of us who appreciate the Dub, this is everything we could have wanted for this meeting of minds. The little Tropical melody is present and correct and makes a nice lead for the subby bass to follow. Space echoed snatches of vocal and guitar and cosmic effects run wild on the track. This is the proper summer vibes right here.

Van She – Jamaica (Mad Professor Dub)

Van She’s Jamaica is out now on Modular Recordings and also features mixes from Unicorn Kid, L-Vis 1990, Plastic Plates, and Riva Star.

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The New Sins’ ‘Don’t Break My Heart’

The New Sins

London outfit The New Sins newest release is dropped last month on Tigersushi, it’s a slick 80s DiscoPop tune that sees the duo of New Young Pony Club’s Lou Hayter and Nick Phillips taking on a UB40 classic and giving it a 303 based Boogie going over.

The New Sins’ version of Don’t Break My Heart glides out of the speakers like liquid audio. With a laid back, vintage, beat and a burbling Acid bassline underpinning the track, the silky pads and Lou’s sultry vocal shimmy across the tune with an effortless cool. Quite Minimal, but never sounding like it, this is smooth ElectroPop at it’s best. Add a few nice Dubby touched, a nod to UB40’s Reggae version and you’ve got a winner, even more so with the Dubbed out B-side version. Alongside finishing up The New Sins’ album, Lou has also embarked on another project, teaming up with AIR’s JB Dunckel called Tomorrow’s World, which should produce some exciting results.

♫ The New Sins – Don’t Break My Heart

Don’t Break My Heart is out now on Tigersushi Records.

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Chew Lips reMixed by Big C

Chew Lips

Sound your air horns! It’s a premiere! On his continuing quest to infect all our brains with his infectious, chilled out, Italo/Dub mix London based producer Big C has taken Chew Lips’ fantastic new single, Hurricane, and give it both a retro ElectroPop workout and an island swing. At the same time. It’s like a musical threeway!

Hurricane is the biggest, Popiest track we’ve heard from the newest Chew Lips album so far, and a highlight of their new live set, but in Big C’s hands it becomes an atmospheric groover that really draws out the sultry drawl in Tigs vocal. Haunting Rootsy piano plays nicely against the Euro-dancefloor arpeggios with an almost Morricone feel at times. It’s a mysterious, Caribbean vibe that shouldn’t go into retro Robot music at all, let alone Chew Lip’s eclectic ElectroPop, but Big C manages to combine all three elements with an effortless cool and seamless production. Basically, it’s like a Frenchman in a futuristic black and red leather suit sipping rum on a beach in Jamaica. Or a dreadlocked warrior living it up off the shores of Orion. Italo Dub should be everyone’s new favourite genre.

♫ Chew Lips – Hurricane (Big C remix)

Chew Lips’ new single Hurricane is out now.

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Major Lazer’s ‘Get Free’ video

So, the internet is all a-buzz about the new single from Major Lazer, featuring Amber of The Dirty Projectors, Get Free, which is enough for us to be really dubious about it.

But it really is very good, a eclectic Dubby track that demands repeat listenings. Check out the SoMe directed video.

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Violet Tremors reMixed by hardCORPS & Medora

Violet Tremors

Are hardCORPS tracks like busses? You wait decades for one then loads come along at once. It was only this week that an unreleased track from the ‘80’s pioneers surfaced (quickly followed by a couple more), and now that are on the reMix for our favourite ladies of Minimal Synth Violet Tremors. hardCorps’ Clive Peirce teams up with his Medora partner in crime Phen to take on the girls Future Love from their rad Time is The Traitor album of last year.

Future Love was actually one of our picks of the album and Peirce and Phen take the abrasive ElectroPop and smooth it over with an almost Dubby sheen. Reverb washed synthetic percussion and a rolling Dub bassline from the rock on which Jessica’s mantra crashes. the end result is very Cabaret Voltaire, that mixture of Experimental Dub influenced electronics and early SynthPop harsh deadpan delivery alongside otherwordly synths could have come straight out the early ‘80’s underground.

Violet Tremors – Future Love (Clive Pierce (hardCORPS & Medora) & Phen (Medora) reMix)

‘Time Is The Traitor’ is out now.

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Big C reMixes Alex Metric & Charli XCX


Yes, we are still obsessed with Charli XCX’s new single, You’re The One. No, we don’t really need an excuse to post about her, but it doesn’t hurt that the man Big C has dropped a new reMix of XCX & Alex Metric‘s End Of The World. Careful now, it’s not what you’re expecting.

What we have here is probably the cream of Big C’s productions so far. What it is also is a big Dub tune. Coming from Bristol I have a massive soft spot for Dub, especially electronic Dub, it’s kinda’ in my blood, and Big C works it here to pretty stunning effect. Not only is the reMix innovative, it’s pretty slickly produced too. It’s a reMix that isn’t just going through the motions, it really understands the original and works with it in a completely organic way. In retrospect the original totally opens itself up to a Dub mix, but it’s taken Big C jumping on that to see it to it’s fullest potential.

Alex Metric (Feat. Charli XCX) – End Of The World (Big C reMix)

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