[Audio] Awkoder’s ‘Need U’



French SynthWaver Awkoder turns his talents to sunrise House with his latest tune, Need U. We first heard his foray into this world on his reMix of Goldroom’s Embrace and he seems to have a knack for the sound. Check out his continuing journey into House on Need U, the man will be opening up the tune for free download when it hits 100 Likes on SoundCloud.

Easing you in with some warm keys, Need U soon sets up a filtered groove that flows into a euphoric and uplifting House tune. Balearic to it’s core, Need U’s playground is full of Island percussion and jazzy, 90s, melodies and a hint of a Tropical vibe. It’s a combination that demands to be spun in the sunshine; a surefire summer staple.

♫ Awkoder – Need U

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[Download] Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’ reMixed by Awkoder



With so many reMixes of  Goldroom’s excellent Embrace knocking about these days it’s pretty hard to make your stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this, we have realised from listening to dozens, it to truly make the song your own, you’re not going to out-chilled-Disco Goldroom so don’t bother, to make it different and unique. And that’s exactly what French SynthWaver Awkoder has done.

I’m not sure we can even call Awkoder a SynthWaver anymore, especially after this proto-Rave, slightly Deep House track. You can tell Awkoder comes from a retro background, there’s a whole heap of late 80s dance tropes going on, the melodic synth stabs really make the track, Pair them up with a deep digital bassline and a warehouse beat and you’ve got a new direction for Embrace. The reMix is loaded with vocal modulation too, making the original unrecognisable at times, how’s that for making it your own?

Goldroom – Embrace (Awkoder reMix)

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is out now.

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[MP3] Awkoder’s ‘Ho.Ho.Ho!’



The latest tune from French SynthWaver Awkoder sees the talented producer moving in a slightly Houseier direction. Trading his usually moody and atmospheric retro synth tunes for a gloriously nostalgic slice of Chicago House with Tropical overtone, Awkoder sets his sights of claiming the very last of the good weather in 2013. Even if skies are getting greyer, Ho.Ho.Ho! (despite sounding X-massy) will keep the summer vibes going.

If your in the market for some upbeat synth stabs and early 90s vocal sampling with your Island purcussion on full-on House beats, then you’ve come to exactly the right place. Awkoder had captured the excitement of dance music int he late 80s and early 90s and bottled in in his new track. Of course there is a totally addictive piano hook in tow, like the icing on the House cake. It’s hard not to smile at Ho.Ho.Ho!, and even harder not to dance.

Awkoder – Ho.Ho.Ho!

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[Mixtape] Awkoder’s latest mixtape


Awkoder – Mixtape #2 = Our SynthWave friend Awkoder has just dropped his latest mixtape. It’s a whole hour of laid back Disco and retro beats to kick off your week with.

Awkoder – Mixtape #2

The tracklist:

01. Chordashian – Illusion
02. Pool – Flex (Aeroplane reMix)
03. Sanza & Phunktastike – Locovox
04. Grizzly Bear – Gun Shy (Lindstrom reMix)
05. Strange Talk – Cast Away (Reflex reMix)
06. Lafayette – Mauvaise Mine (Jupiter reMix)
07. Bufi & La Royale – Paris
08. Charli XCX – You Ha Ha Ha (Goldroom reMix)
09. Plastic Plates (Feat. Simon Lord) – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved (Bufi reMix)
10. Shindu – Just Go (Reflex reMix)

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[MP3] Awkoder’s Breaking Lies’


Breaking Lies is the new one from France’s moody SynthWave master Awkoder. Only this time, he’s getting his groove on, with one of the finest SynthWave/House collisions we’ve heard in a long time. Taken from Glacis Records free compilation, Friendly, Breaking Lies is a huge slab of smooth, synthed out, dancefloor madness.

From the offset, you know Breaking Lies is going to be a little funkier than Awkoder’s usual output, a slick Disco lick leads you into the track soon accompanied by melodic vocal samples and a pounding House beat. But it’s around the 01m09s mark that the song truly comes into it’s own. A blisteringly epic hook jumps into the track, part Outrun, part ChipTune, giving the track it’s SynthWave sheen. It’s like the best of all worlds.

Awkoder – Breaking Lies

Breaking Lies comes from Glacis Records’ free compilation, Friendly, out now.

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[MP3] Awkoder’s ‘Your Love’


There’s a bit of a trend amongst SynthWave producers recently. More and more of then are delivering vocal tracks, whether collaborations or having a crack at vox themselves, we’ve seen a few of the scene’s heavyweights drop vocal fuelled masterpieces recently. It a trend we approve of here, and one that sees French master of atmospheric SynthWave Awkoder up next, as he joins forces with fellow Frenchman Phlore for Your Love, released this week.

Your Love ends up being one of this month’s nicest surprises. Awkoder handles a sung track with ease, his right, multi-layered synth sounds flowing in total support of Phlore’s impassioned vocal. These two obviously have a great love, and more than that a great understanding, of 80s Pop and why 80s Pop worked so well as they incorporate a nostalgic tone into this powerful ElectroPop tune. Mixing it up with a few Nu-Disco style flourishes and a screaming solo at the track’s climax, Awkoder and Phlore has hit on a definite winner right here.

Awkoder (Feat. Phlore) – Your Love

Awkoder’s Your Love is out now.

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Awkoder reMixes Tiam Wills

Tiam Wills

Awesome French SynthWaver Awkoder has dropped his latest reMix. A reworking of fellow Frenchman Tiam Wills’ new single Hardiscount and it’s a surprising massive Nu-Disco monster. Surprising because we’re more used to atmospheric synth epics from Awkoder, and this reMix is full of funk. Good surprising though.

Kicking of with a wicked Disco lick the track soon descends into a retro synth love-fest. Drawing in the particularly Disco end of the Italo spectrum, Awkoder whips up big slice of synth Funk a throws in a little French Touch filtering and some of those crisp SynthWave lead lines for good measure. Keeping the vocals to a hypnotic mantra, Awkoder lets them become the tracks underlay. A base on which his intertwining arpeggios and crystal clear chord stabs can play out with a nice late ‘80’s feel and a solid dancefloor leaning. This one’ll keep them moving at peak time.

Tiam Wills (Feat. Elsalou) – Hardiscount (Awkoder reMix)

You can download the whole Hardiscount reMix Single here, including work from Alex Carlson and Ben Flav.

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reMix competition ultra roundup part one: Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins


We don’t hate reMix competitions. Actually, that’s a lie, we do hate reMix competitions and every time a new one is announced it makes us shudder. For us it means that for the next few weeks our inbox is going to be full of every Dude with a cracked copy of Abelton screaming “look at me, I’ve reMixed some big artist!”. reMix competitions seem great for the original artist, they get loads of free promotion and free reMixes, but for everyone else it’s a tiresome flood of bedroom producers almost begging you to ‘favourite’ them or ‘like’ them in the most undignified ways possible. It’s like every time an even vaguely popular artist announces a reMix competition everyone looses all self respect and turns into musical savages. We do not look forward to it, and you’ll notice that more and more blogs are starting to ignore reMix competitions and their entries. The signal to noise ratio is just too much hard work for anyone. Once an innovative way to connect with fans, reMix competitions are so frequent now they just seem like a cheap way to get a load of free PR for the artist (by essentially using the desperation of unsigned producers) and a way for producers yet to prove their mettle to feel a big special with grown-up stems.

HOWEVER (in caps, because now that our rant is over we can get on with some good music), that’s not to say that these competitions don’t produce some gems. When a talented producer gets their hands on some class stems beautiful things can happen. Some of our favourite tracks of the last couple of years have been the result of reMix competitions. There’s currently two big competitions running and today we will be rounding-up some of the best of both. First up is Kris Menace’s Kiki Twins featuring ‘We Are’. We’ve already featured Final DJs reMix a couple of weeks ago. Here’s some of the best versions to have hit our inbox. Continuing a string of awesome reMixes comes The Big C, who rightly sees a big ‘90’s House vocal where there was one and reMixes accordingly with a proper Chicago vibe and a big piano line. SynthWaver Awkoder brings a cavalcade of tom rolls to the table alongside big synth stabs and twisting leads. Mac Stanton turns in a huge club oriented track, impeccable produced and really working the Diva vocals. Something different comes from Aussie Ren Riz. Taking the track to new, deeper, places Ren keeps the ‘90’s feel but puts the track squarely in the Warehouses of the time. Lastly Dusty Digital enters a bouncy version driven by arpeggios and shimmering lead lines. See, there are some good tunes in there, it’s just so much work finding them.

♫ Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (The Big C reMix)

♫ Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (Awkoder reMix)

♫ Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (Mac Stanton Highway reMix)

Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (Ren Riz reMix)

Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins – We Are (Dusty Digital reMix)

Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins’ ‘We Are’ is out now.

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Awkoder re-edits Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper and Awkoder? How can this be anything but awesome? The French SynthWave guru has brought a little Nu-Disco to that table with this re-edit of Lauper’s hit ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’. It’s a really good choice for an edit, if you strip away all the cheese connotations the last two decades have dumped onto the original track, you’ll fine it;s an insanely funky Pop number with elements ripe for reMixing.

Sure a lot of people edit Disco tracks, but this right here is a masterclass in editing ‘80’s Pop hits. What Awkoder has done is pretty simple, but very effective. Subtly adding a few elements, beats and arpeggios, and chopping the original track just enough to give it a kick, and no so much it sounds ridiculous (as with so many attempts at edits) he;s given this classic track a shot in the arm and made it fit for peak time in your set!

♫ Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Awkoder Re-Edit)

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Awkoder’s new mixtape


Awkoder – Mixtape Sauvage III = Here’s the new mixtape from SynthWave producer Awkoder. it’s an awesome thirty minutes that switches between huge Nu-Disco and quirky synth goodness. Save this one for the weekend!

Awkoder – Mixtape Sauvage III

The tracklist:

01. Vangelis – Pulstar (Anthony Atcherley reMix)
02. The Flirts – Passion (La Royale Edit)
03. Oliver – I Need You
04. Madeon – Icarus
05. Oliver – Dirty Talk
06. Thony Ritz – Rockin’ Feeling (First 2005 Club Edit)
07. Andre VII – La Merca
08. Ilo De Pancrate – Make a Hind of You (Francophilippe reMix)
09. The Shoes – Time to Dance (SebastiAn reMix)

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