[Audio] Johan Agebjörn and Mikael Ögren reMix Tommy ’86’s ‘Aurora’


Tommy ‘86

One of our favourite French producers, SynthWave genius Tommy ‘86, is set to drop his new EP this week. It’s called Aurora, a track that he débuted a while ago but is now getting a proper release with a couple of reMixes to boot. One of those reMixes comes from our Scandinavian friend Johan Agebjörn. He’s partnered with Mikael Ögren for the reMix, which we can première for you right here.

These two get their serious synth on right here. A mystical synth excursion for fans of Jean Michelle-Jarre, this reMix is a mid-tempo piece that envelopes you in it’s electronic magic as it pours out of the speaks. Using reverb heavy drums and sparkling arpeggios to craft an enigmatic mood, thee guys build up an exotic atmosphere before launching into some of the most captivating synth solos you’ll have heard in a while. Sit back and sink into this evocative and intoxicating track. It’s even got a little Sally Shapiro vocal sampling going on.

♫ Tommy ‘86 – Aurora (Johan Agebjörn and Mikael Ôgren reMix)

Johan has also currently got a reMix competition on the go for his track The Leftovers where you can win a Numark NS7, which is a pretty good prize for a reMix comp really!

Tommy ‘86’s Aurora is released this week.

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[Audio] Tommy ’86’s ‘Disco Machine’


Tommy '86

French SynthWave maestro come retro-Disco groover Tommy ‘86 (y’know, used to be just Tommy) today releases his brand new EP. Fittingly titled Disco Machine this is the latest in a long line of quality releases from one of the shining lights of the SynthWave scene. We’ve long been followers of Tommy ‘86’s career here on electronic rumors and are excited to hear each new tune. Check out the EP’s title track below.

High octane dancefloor thrills and spills is what your in for with Disco Machine. From it’s opening vocoded announcement, the track blares along on energetic Italo arpeggios and lush vintage keys. Tommy’s got to soling down pat on this one, as he delivers soaring lead lines over the rapid fire Boogie backing. Living up to it’s moniker 100%, this track truly is a Disco Machine.

♫ Tommy ‘86 – Disco Machine

Tommy ‘86’s Disco Machine EP is out today, you can pick it up here.

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[Audio] Ben Macklin’s ‘It’s Over’


Ben Macklin

Out today is the new single from Mr. Ben Macklin. Hot on the heels of his other outfit Cassette Club’s new tune, Collide, comes It’s Over. This new tune shows of Macklin’s smoother, more soulful side. Helped out in no small measure by the silky the vocals of Emma Brammer,

There’s something about It’s Over that reminds us of the classic Dance tracks of our youth. The smokey UK Soul vocals have a particularly very-early 90s vibe to them and Macklin’s piano led Nu-Disco certainly has a nostalgic flow that sweeps you away with it. Perfect lazy sunshine listening. Tommy ‘86 (yup, Tommy has assed an ‘’86’ to his moniker) amps up his cinematic Italo in a reMix that at first glance seems like a strange match, but soon warms you up with a lush 80s groove that finds it’s place with Brammer’s voice. A couple of classy tunes from these guys, and a great start tot he week.

♫ Ben Macklin (Feat. Emma Brammer) – It’s Over

♫ Ben Macklin (Feat. Emma Brammer) – It’s Over (Tommy ‘86 reMix)

Ben Macklin’s It’s Over is out now, exclusively at Beatport.

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[Audio] Tommy & Sally Shapiro’s ‘Why Did I Say Goodbye?’


Sally Shapiro

Top-of-his-game SynthWave producer Tommy is gearing up for the release of his new album, Frequency Modulations, due out next month on Girlfriend Records. Taking the plunge into the waters of ElectroPop, Tommy has collaborated with rad ScandiPop duo Sally Shapiro on one of the album tracks, Why Did I Say Goodbye? is a true meeting of minds.

Somewhere in the middle between Sally Shapiro’s lilting SynthPop and Tommy’s driving, emotional, SynthWave sounds, Why Did I Say Goodbye? powers along on an energetic arpeggio and evolving snyth melodies, tempered by Sally’s sweet vocal. Both haunting and frantic, the dichotomy of the track really does express the styles of the collaborators. Can;t wait for the album.

♫ Tommy (Feat. Sally Shapiro) – Why Did I Say Goodbye?

Tommy’s Frequency Modulations is released in March.

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[Movie] Rage



Right, are you sitting down? There’s a lot of information to take-in in this post so pay attention. We’re going multi-media crazy and a worthy cause is gonna’ need your help. Pay attention. Our good friend and top SynthWaver Arcade High is not only one of the most original retro-synth producers around, he’s also a talented filmmaker. Currently in his final year at film school, Ryan is attempting to put together a short movie, written and directed by himself and highly influenced by the 80s flicks he loves. The film is called Rage, about a man who returns from the dead and embarks on a bloody quest to rescue his girlfriend. The film will expand upon a blood soaked test scene filmed earlier this year. Check it out.

So, here’s where things get really interesting, not only are the looking to fans and enthusiasts to fund the movie over on IndieGoGo for special perks, but they are also already selling the soundtrack. Out on Telefuture, the album is a thirteen track compilation featuring tracks from some of the best and brightest in the SynthWave scene, including, but not limited to, Silenx, Arcade High himself, Betamaxx, Tommy​, Final DJs and Protector 101. The soundtrack costs $10, with all of the cash going toward the films budget. It’s a great funding strategy, and everybody wins. Check out some of the tracks, the release is loaded with top quality, ominous, pounding and pulsating synthesizer soundtrack music and relentless Italo beats. The soundtrack is on Bandcamp right now, and you can find out more about Rage and the crew involved in making it, along with donation options on their IndieGoGo page. Get involved!

♫ Tommy – Kurt’s Revenge

♫ Silenx – Rogue Vindicator

♫ Arcade High – Rise From Your Grave

♫ Betamaxx – Retaliation

♫ Protector 101 – Empty Shells

The Rage soundtrack is out now, all proceeds go towards the movies production budget. Get it here.

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[Audio] Betamaxx’s ‘Sophisticated Technology’ album



We’ve got to be honest, two albums in one year always raises alarm bells for us. There’s a big danger of quantity over quality with such a packed release schedule, and the feeling that there’s no self-editing going on at the production end. In a day and age where everyone just throws up every single thing the do on the internet, for artists trying to create a buzz there’s a strong chance that releases become so commonplace that no excitement exists anymore. That said, we are big fans of Pittsburgh based SynthWaver Betamaxx, who album Interface from January this year we are still loving, and he has just released a new full length record, titled Sophisticated Technology, on Telefuture.

We were pleasantly surprise to find that Betamaxx has kept up his high quality productions throughout 2013 next 13 tracks. The album launches itself on a collaboration with French synth wizard Tommy, Breakthrough, a track that wears it’s more robotic side of the 80s influences on it’s sleeve. A cavalcade of tweaking arpeggios and laser beam synth lines that, whilst futuristic, leans on the side of the optimistic. Dolby Dance and Zenith are next, a chilled Beach vibe slice of retrowave and a hyperactive Italo Pop tune respectively, both showing off slick arrangements but featuring a slightly out of place muted guitar. Maxximum gets things back on track, a pulsating slab of instrumental RoboPop that is as emotionally resonant as it is playful with it’s twisting lead lines. When Redlining 6th kicks off there’s a slight feeling that it;s all over the place, but that soon reveals itself to be organised chaos as the track descends into pinpoint precision, multi layered, driving SynthWave with a hypnotic solo. The enigmatic synthesizer squeaks of Inside Information lead us to Reel To Reel, featuring Mike McG. A heavy Synth Funk tune that pairs B-Boy beats with ghostly vocoded vocals and a storming lead line, sprinkled with just the right amount of metal dance to give it a machine groove. Chrominance and Memorex Discotheque are both frantic, Outrun style tunes that drive the album toward it’s conclusion of the synthesizer relaxation of New Horizons and hopeful euphoric mood of the album’s final, cinematic, track, Remembrance. Overall Betamaxx has beat the odds and delivered a second amazing album in one year, sure there are some really jarring guitars here and there on the record that largely feel tacked on, and some of the hi-octane tunes are a tad by-the-numbers, but on the whole Sophisticated Technology is more killer than filler and well worth your investigation.

♫  Betamaxx (Feat. Mike McG) – Reel To Real

♫ Betamaxx (Feat. Tommy) – Breakthrough

♫ Betamaxx – Maxximum

♫ Betamaxx – Redlining 6th

Betamaxx’s Sophisticated Technology is out now.

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[MP3] Daft Punk reMixed by a whole bunch of peeps



So, we’ve been a little weary of posting any of the myriad reMixes of tracks from Daft Punk’s awesome new album Random Access Memories. There’s a squillion of them out there, every producer and his dog wants in on the action, to ride the tailcoats of hype, and they run the gauntlet from ‘better than the original’ to ‘OGM just stop trying to be a musician right now’. ‘Cos there’s so many posting about them would be like opening floodgates we really haven’t got time for.

But this morning, Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin sent us his take on Doin’ It Right, it’s very good, and we got the itch to post it. So we though ‘let’s just get this done’ and get out there a round-up of what some of the reMixes that have been rockin’ us. This is the cream of the crop ladies and gentlemen. Brought to you in association with Reflex, Wolf Saga, Tommy, Shit Hot SoundSystem, Lifelike, Simøne and Roman Kouder.

Daft Punk (Feat Panda Bear) – Doin’ It Right (Ben Macklin reMix)

♫  Daft Punk (Feat. Panda Bear) – Doin’ It Right (Reflex reMix)

Daft Punk (Feat. Panda Bear) – Doin’ It Right (Wolf Saga reMix)

Daft Punk (Feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers) – Get Lucky (Tommy reMix)

♫ Daft Punk (Feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers) – Get Lucky (Shit Hot Soundsystem Edit)

♫ Daft Punk (Feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers) – Get Lucky (Lifelike reMix)

Daft Punk (Feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers) – Lose Yourself To Dance (Simøne reMix)

♫ Daft Punk (Feat. Todd Edwards) – Fragments Of Time (Roman Kouder reMix)

Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories is out now.

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[MP3] Sally Shapiro reMixes from Tommy and Tony Carrasco



The goodies just keep coming from Sweden’s finest ElectroPop duo Sally Shapiro, over the last few months we’ve had a brand new album, a handful of singles and remixes and videos, then, last month, a full reMix album. But wait, there’s more to come. Here’s two more new reMixes of tracks from the Somewhere Else album. the two coming from French SynthWave genius Tommy and House producer Tony Carrasco (Klein & MBO, Plastic Mode).

Tommy mix really nails the spirit of the album, delivering a head on collision between Italo basslines and 80s Pop riffs. Turning Lives Together into a full-on vintage floorfiller. You can imagine this one playing out to under lit dancefloors illuminated by rotoball disco lights. The whole package works perfectly, even braking into a little SynthWave emotion for the bridge. Sally’s vocals, Tommy’s synths, it’s a dream. Tony Carrasco ends up turning If It Doesn’t Rain into a hypnotic Deep House tune with serious 80s overtones. Bringing a little B-Boy Electro into the mix alongside some early Techno influences Carrasco creates a, sometimes weird, mostly compelling tune loaded with retro future synth sounds and warehouse beats.

Sally Shapiro – Lives Together (Tommy reMix)

♫ Sally Shapiro – If It Doesn’t Rain (Tony Carrasco (Klein & MBO, Plastic Mode) reMix)

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[Audio] Tommy’s new EP



French atmospheric SynthWave producer extraordinaire Tommy has signed on with that staple of retro synth music Girlfriend Records. We can’t think of a better match. GFR have long been on the front-line of SynthWave and have carved a name out for themselves that demands you pay attention to their releases, and Tommy, being one of the leading lights of the SynthWave scene, is a perfect addition to their stable.

The new release, High Fidelity, is five tracks of soaring synthetic goodness. The EP show a versatility to Tommy’s work, with tracks ranging from pure soundtrack Outrun Electro, to more groovy SynthWave, to luscious electronic ballads. The track on the release feel like a maturing of Tommy sound post-Outer Space Adventurer. There something a little more thoughtful, and a little more encompassing of a wider range of influences and emotional moods on this record. Amongst the EP’s flowing journey, highlights include the opener, Tommy’s Theme, which is a tour-de-force in melodic soloing. If you like your epic synth solos then this tune will make you very happy indeed. Set to a swirling synthetic mood, Tommy lets rip and teats us to an evolving electronic conversation. The EP’s title track, High Fidelity, is Tommy at his driving best. An arpeggio fuelled monster that lulls you into a false sense of Outrun security before launching a barrage of emotional chords and melodies at you. With a little Disco swing introduced at the mid-point, High Fidelity is the EPs energetic pinnacle, and Test Drive, a track that is such pure SynthWave as to set the bar for those that follow. With a Kavinsky flavour, Test Drive, growls it;s way though four minutes of asphalt churning, melodic madness. Tommy has really delivered the goods with his new EP, making him, more than ever, one to watch.

♫ Tommy – High Fidelity

♫ Tommy – Tommy’s Theme

♫ Tommy – Test Drive

Tommy’s High Fidelity EP is out now.

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[Audio] Patrick Baker’s ‘Slip Away’



Another day, another post about Patrick Baker. Anytime this guy want to take a holiday is fine, he must be knackered. Having seen out the end of last year with his Televisor and Hot Hot Hawk collaborations, so far 2013 has seen a single and a new track from the man himself and his vocals leant to tracks from 5 Reasons and Silent Gloves and now he;s bringing it back with another new single, Slip Away.

Bringing it back to the ElectroPop after his excursion on New Jack Swing, Patrick once again show us why no-one does 80s American Pop music quite like him. With a Breakin’ beat and punchy synths this track announces itself from the first bar. Add a sprinkling of Pop guitar and Patricks epic Pop voice and you have another catchy slice of nostalgia from the man out of time. reMixes come from DigitalNativeDance and this opus from French SynthWaver Tommy. Tommy bring it energetic and upbeat, with phasing drums and a driving arpeggiated bassline, in case you felt like bringing it to the dancefloor. Top stuff!

♫ Patrick Baker – Slip Away (Original Mix)

♫ Patrick Baker – Slip Away (Tommy reMix)

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