[Audio] Holy Ghost! reMixes RAC, MNDR & Kele’s ‘Let Go’



In all honesty we just weren’t that keen on RAC’s, MNDR and Kele featuring, Let Go, in fact much of their output ever since they transformed from reMixers extraordinaire to major label Indie-Pop outfit has fallen a bit flat in our opinion, it;s not bad, it’s just not particularly inspired. Being big fans of MNDR, we really wanted to love Let Go, we just weren’t feeling it. However, we very much are feeling this reMix of the tune from New Your Indie-ElectroPop heroes Holy Ghost!, so there’s always that. I wonder if RAC know that the RAC is actually a thing in the UK, like the AA.

So, Holy Ghost! do what Holy Ghost! do best, injecting the track with a ton of their raw synth Disco. Twisting analog lead lines and thick, bouncing bass permeate every second of the track. MNDR’s vocals in particular fit beautifully with Holy Ghosts! NYC groove, moreso than in the original, we’d absolutely love to hear more of a Holy Ghost!/MNDR collaboration. The result here is a smooth and breezy, but definitely urban, slice of synthesizer funk, heave and robust, that’s as playful as it is pumping.

♫ RAC (Feat. Kele & MNDR) – Let Go (Holy Ghost! reMix)

RAC’s Let Go is out now.

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[Audio] MNDR reMixed by RAC


The awesome MNDR’s current single, Feed Me Diamonds, from the amazing album of the same name has has a radical going over from RAC. The collective have completely stripped down the track and rebuilt it in a funky new form.

André Allen Anjos took up the RAC reigns for this one, removing all the quirky ElectroPop and replacing it with a solid Disco groove that rests on a piano hook and popping groovy bassline. And for such a departure from the original it really works. There’s a nice hint of plucked strings from the original in the chorus that adds a kind of dancefloor drama in this context. This is what a reMix should be, completely different from the original but just as good.

♫ MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (RAC Mix)

MNDR’s Feed Me Diamonds is out now.

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Chromeo Remixed by RAC


The RAC has quite a history behind it, which is why it seems odd that they are only now getting round to releasing a proper retrospective compilation, but that’s the facts. Chapter One is released 6th November and features this reMix by RAC’s André Allen Anjos of Chromeo’s classic Bonafied Lovin’.

Bonafied Lovin’ is one of our favourite Chrome tracks, so it’s with a critical ear that we hit play on this one. RAC do a fair enough job with the track. It’s a pretty standard synthy Disco reMix, but a thoroughly accomplished one. With a subtly Topical flavour and  layers of warm synths RAC have done the track justice. It’s not going to wow anyone, but it’s perfect for lazy summer nights.

Chromeo – Bonafied’ Lovin (RAC Mix)

RAC’s Chapter One album is released 6th November.

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Escort reMixed by RAC


We’ve got some Moroder Disco going on right now with this new reMix of Brooklyn Disco orchestra Escort’s Starlight by one or more of the Remix Artists Collective, RAC. Actually, we know who it was, it was Andre Anjos who put together this arpeggiated monster, but where’s the fun in knowing that?

So, we have the Italo-esque Moroder arpeggiated bassline forming the core of this track. And when you have such a huge Disco voice as Adeline Michèle’s to play with, the temptation not to go all Donna Summer must be overwhelming. On top of that a real vintage feel rides the groove with emotive stings and just the right amount of Cosmic flourishes. Retro future diva stuff right here.

Escort – Starlight (RAC reMix)

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The Magician reMixes RAC & Penguin Prison


So, we’ve been fans of RAC reMix work for a few years now, they generally tend to release high quality tunes, and long time readers will know we’ve been supporting Chris Glover A.K.A.  Penguin Prison  since day one, so these idea of these two entities making a tune together was pretty exciting stuff. The end result, ‘Hollywood’, was surprisingly, gangly guitar laden, Indie. We were kinda’ disappointed, it was actually a really good song, but far too guitary to grace these pages. Enter The Magician to make things all better.

The Magician strips things back al little with this mix. He makes the decision, we think the correct decision, to let the highly melodic vocal carry the track musically. Which is a good move, to many melodies would have cluttered the track and keeping things to a simply riff allows the track room to breathe. Basically, we’ve been dying to hear this track with a dance beat and synths, The Magician has delivered.

RAC (Feat. Penguin Prison) – Hollywood (The Magician reMix)

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RAC reMix Depeche Mode


OK, so,  Depeche Mode reMixes, particularly reMixes of ‘Enjoy The Silence’ are usually a sore point for us. ‘Silence’, as well as being one of the greatest songs ever written, is also one of the most reMixed and covered, and 99.9999% of the are shit. There’s barely a handful of reMixes of the track that are any good and only two covers that I can recall. So it’s actually high praise indeed when I say RAC’s rework of the tune doesn’t make me want to be violently ill.

RAC’s version has got a nice Disco groove going on. I’m not overly convinced by the horns but they do grow on you. With the synth bass and live feel to the drums they are on to a winner though. Is it better than the original? No, of course it isn’t. But it’s better than most reMixes out there.

♫ Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (RAC Mix)

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Gigamesh’s new EP


Nu-Disco producer Gigamesh has had a awesome year, building his reputation with some seriously solid reMixes. The man releases his long awaited self-titled début EP this week.

The lead track on the EP is ‘When You’re Dancing’, featuring Induce, is a boogie fuelled DiscoPop tune with a Quincy Jones vibe to it as Gigamesh adds a ton of soul to his synths and Induce brings a Jackson 5 quality to the vocals. reMixes come from Cassian and RAC. Cassian turn up the horn section and piano for a full on Disco workout while RAC brings things right back to the synthetic with their roboDisco take on the track.

Gigamesh has also crafted a follow up to his ‘Sunlight’ reMix of Theophilus London’s ‘I Stand Alone’, this ‘Moonlight’ version is pure ‘80’s soundtrack awesomeness, the prefect fit for your next training montage.

♫ Gigamesh (Feat. Induce) – When You’re Dancing

♫ Gigamesh (Feat. Induce) – When You’re Dancing (Cassian reMix)

Gigamesh (Feat. Induce) – When You’re Dancing (RAC reMix)

Theophilus London – I Stand Alone (Gigamesh Moonlight reMix)

Gigamesh’s new EP is out now in it’s Beatport edition and on the 18th everywhere with full reMix package.

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