Kelek reMixes Freedom Fry

Freedom Fry

Coming up right behind Starcadian’s amazing reMix of NYC Indie-Electro duo Freedom Fry’s Summer In the City, comes this mix from one of our favourite German producers Kelek. Where as Staracadian took a lush, urban approach to the track, Kelek goes all out 80’s Italo. No lazy, smooth electric pain here, this is aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

Kelek really knows how to work a melody, his reMix of Summer In The City works layers of synthesizer hooks into one powerful whole. A killer Italo bassline underpins the track, immensely energetic, providing a rock solid core for rich chords, sparkling leads and just the right amount of vocal to make this track a proper retro smash. Whereas Starcadian’s reMix was a chilled out, introspective vibe, this version of the track is all about dancefloor euphoria. It’s uplifting as hell, and catchy enough to stick in your heal all day.

Freedom Fry – Summer In The City (Kelek reMix)

Summer In The City  is out now.

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Jupiter Gang’s new tracks


The mysterious Jupiter Gang has returned with two new tracks this week. The shades wearer had dropped a couple of massive slices of Electro Boogie. One new track and a reworked version of the tune that originally caught our eye.

The new tune is Starz, and all-too-short slab of massive Electro Funk. Bouncy digital bass and big ‘80’s R&B twisting hook. There are few who get this kind of retro Electro Soul right, and Jupiter Gang is easily one of them, he’s a robo funk master.  We’re really hoping that this gets expended into a full six minutes of head spinning amazingness. Eighties Sun Movers is an expanded and reworked version of Movers, a track we’ve posted previously. It’s a Moroder-esque Disco groove with hint’s of DiCola style soundtrack work. And sounding better than ever.

♫ Jupiter Gang – Starz

♫ Jupiter Gang – Eighties Sun Movers

Check out more from Jupiter Gang on SoundCloud.

Two new tracks from Mental Minority

Mental Minority

One of Germany’s best SynthWave producers Mental Minority has not one, but two, new tracks for us. Both are something a little new form this guy, but still keeping the ‘80’s synth flavour. Two tracks, two moods, check them out.

So This Is For You is a drawn-back slice of synthesizer romanticism. Bringing the tempo down slightly and turning over the Italo beats and bassline to shimmering chords and bell-like chimes, Mental Minority crafts the kind of track that would hit the emotional beat in that ‘he finally gets the girl’ bit of an ‘80’s teen movie. These Old Photographs All Show Me Wearing Black is kinda’ a sentiment I can relate too as well as being a robo funk homage to the original Futurists. Channelling a bit of Kraftwerk and the likes of The Normal and Cabaret Voltaire Mental Minority has even added the hiss of old vinyl amongst the biting analog synths and cheap drum machine sounds. It;s a hunting Minimal Synth piece that just shows the depth of influences MM has, and how creative he can get with a synth.

Mental Minority – So This Is For You

Mental Minority – These Old Photographs All Show Me Wearing Black

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Tommy’s Outer Space Adventure with Jordan F & MegaDrive


The new album from leading light of the third wave of SynthWave, Tommy, is due for release in September. Outer Space Adventurer bills itself as a ‘Soundtrack for a Science-Fiction story’  and it certainly lives up to that premise as Tommy pulls out all his synthesizer wizardry brings Jordan F  and MegaDrive along for the ride.

Bringing his best Vangelis game to the table with the album’s title track Outer Space Adventurer, Tommy crafts a cosmic oddessy, a sumptuous tide of futuristic, rich synths set against the backdrop of a pounding mid-paced Italo rhythm section. Really capturing something magical and wondrous, Tommy takes the listener on a remarkable audio voyage through distant galaxies. A track to spark the imagination. Already Jordan F and MegaDrive have stepped up to the plate to work their reMix goodness on the track. Jordan, unsurprisingly, totally nails it. Keeping the mood but enhancing it with an air of romanticism with his beautiful, shimmering, melodies. The otherworldly sense of awe remains, but touched with something more emotionally human. MegaDrive gives the track a driving kick in the ass. Drawing out the tracks Italo side, MegaDrive even adds a little Acid into the mix, letting those sparkling leads play out over a grittier Electro groove. When Tommy’s Outer Space Adventurer album drops, you can bet it’ll be some of the best SynthWave you’ve heard all year.

♫ Tommy – Outer Space Adventurer

Tommy – Outer Space Adventurer (Jordan F reMix)

Tommy – Outer Space Adventurer (MegaDrive reMix)

Tommy’s Outer Space Adventurer is released 3rd September.

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WAT & Frederic De Carvalho

WAT & Frederic De Carvalho

So, we’re definitely now allowed to call French ElectroPunkers WAT We Are Terrorists anymore, right? OK Then. That’s all in the past. Anyhoo, WAT have teamed up with fellow French electronic luminary Frederic De Carvalho to drop a brand new single on KIEZ BEATS next month.

KIEZ really are pushing to become the cornerstone of the SynthWave/Outrun scene these days (I think Rosso Corsa might have a thing or two to say about that?), even going so far as to release a record called Out Run. Have WAT & Frederic De Carvalho crafted the ultimate Outrun anthem? Almost. It;s a really good track, a driving Italo bassline runs throughout accompanied by stabbing synth chords. So, it’s called Out Run, it’s even got artwork by The Zonders! It ticks every SynthWave box, but we would say this falls more into the melodic end of the Electro-House arena than proper SynthWave/Outrun. Nonetheless, Out Run is an awesome track. A hypnotic, electronic, odyssey that conveys a uplifting sense of euphoria. It’s one to get lost in.

♫ WAT Vs. Frederic De Carvalho – Out Run

Out Run is released 10th September.

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Lamet’s ‘Palermo’


We featured Russian Italo and House producer Lamet in our round-up of reMixes of Lifelike & Popular Computer’s Getting High, it was one of our top picks of versions of the track. Lamet has been quietly churning out massive tunes that, once again, prove Russia is killin’ it right now in terms of synth and dance music. His track have ranged from big room House to Disco. His latest offering Palermo is Italo gold.

Palermo brings a touch of Lamet’s House expertise to Italo with a nice layer of late ‘80’s House piano over the digital bass and retro synths. The lead line in Palermo is just that right kind of Italo haunting, the sort of melody that sticks with you all day. As will all good Italo, there’s a slightly otherworldly feel to the tune, but mostly it’s rooted in retro dancefloors, flashing ‘80’s disco lights and good times in the sun. This is proper Italo, done well.

♫ Lamet – Palermo

Check out more from Lamet on SoundCloud.

Garth Knight

Garth Knight

Garth Knight is a SynthWave producer from Glasgow. Named, of course, after Garthe Knight, the Hoff’s villainous doppelganger in Knight Rider. He’s been dropping a bunch of new track over the past few days that really have seen him upping his game. Is Garth Knight ready to go from SynthWave newcomer to SynthWave master?

This new crop of tunes thankfully eschew Knight’s previous tendency to slather everything in wailing guitar and sticks to everything that’s great about SynthWave. With a beautiful grasp of melody knight crafts synthesizer mood that effortlessly carry you along with them. Time the Healer is a perfect example of this. Haunting and subtly the moody Italo backing playing off against the more optimistic melody. Both the use of sound and the use of  melody in this track has a Jarre-esque quality to it and just shows how lilting SynthWave can be without loosing any of it’s toughness. City Streets brings things back to a rapid fire Italo place. This tune must be soundtracking some  high speed chase in a dystopian future, all flaying arpeggios and piercing synths fizzing, like rain on neon bulbs. Headstart makes for the best of both worlds, upbeat and poppy with a jump-up Italo bassline and some amazing playing with arpeggios. Garth Knight is definitely a name we want to hear more from in the future, just so long as he keeps a step back from the six-string.

♫ Garth Knight – Time the Healer

♫ Garth Knight – City Streets

♫ Garth Knight – Headstart

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New music from Cinnamon Chasers

Cinnamon Chasers

What an awesome end to the week! Cinnamon Chasers, easily one of our favourite producers of the last few years, has announced the forthcoming release of his new album. As yet the record’s title hasn’t been revealed, but what has been revealed is one of the tracks from it. Dreams And Machines.

It’s the prefect title for the tune. Dreams And Machine perfectly encapsulates what this song is about, the two elements flowing alongside each other in total harmony. The Dreams side of the equation is covered by lush, otherwordly synths. Warm and swelling, the tonal palette Cinnamon Chasers puts to good use here is one of Sci-Fi landscapes, hazy imaginings and cosmic journeys. The Machines bit comes in to play with the pulsating Disco beat, and cut up, vocoded vocals. It’s a brilliant introduction to CC’s new material, and everything we could have asked for. A body shaking bassline and piercing leads, what more could we want. So stoked for this album, roll on September!

♫ Cinnamon Chasers – Dreams And Machines

You can download Dreams And Machines for the small price of a Tweet, right here.

Cinnamon Chasers’ new album is due out 17th September on Modus.

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Jordan F’s ‘Aurora’


Hot on the heels of his reworked Summers Of Tomorrow EP Australian SynthWave superstar Jordan F presents us with a brand new track just in time for a scorching weekend. So if you’re in the mood for something slick and synthy to chill to over the next few days, look no further.

Aurora is a smooth, floaty slice of retro Electro. Fright from the offset, a rich synth melody and driving Italo bassline greet you, pulling you into the track. Walking the line between dreamlike and dancefloor friendly, Aurora tick all the boxes for a blissed out nostalgia jam. The track rises and falls like the ebb and flow of a tide, carrying you along with it. This has to be listened to wearing shades.

Jordan F – Aurora

Summers Of Tomorrow is available right now, for free, at Jordan F’s Bandcamp.

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Vincenzo Salvia’s new EP

Vincenzo Salvia

Italian SynthWave newcomer Vincenzo Salvia offers up the latest release on Future City Records. A new four track EP of some of the finest ‘80’s inspired synth that captured the very essence of the SynthWave scene yet manages to carve out a unique sound all of it’s own.

The Voyage EP kicks off with Midnight Breeze, a rockin’ slice of pounding Italo. The backing of this track is borderline Industrial EBM, marching machine gun beats and a relentless arpeggiated bassline power the track ever forward. But it’s not all hard hitting, this robot army backing track is tempered with some seriously beautiful playing. Salvia’s fingers must be a blur as he crafts, shimmering leads and soaring solos. Ocean Drive brings us closer to the rich ‘80’s movie soundtrack territory as Salvia lays down layer after layer of emotion synth work and melodies that ring out against sweeping cosmic pads. Seaside Cruise is, for us, the EP’s standout, and the track where Vincenzo Salvia indulges his Dreamwave side. Packed with feeling, this track really makes the synth come alive. It’s carefree, summery, nostalgic bliss. And not to be missed. The EP closes on it’s title track, Voyage. A perfect finale of ‘80’s synths, funky beats and uplifting melodies. We’ll definitely be keeping out eye on Mr. Salvia from now on.

Vincenzo Salvia – Voyage

♫ Vincenzo Salvia – Seaside Cruise

Vincenzo Salvia – Midnight Breeze

Vincenzo Salvia’s Voyage EP is out now.

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