Final DJs’ ‘No More Youth’


No More Youth is the latest monster to come from the minds of Germany’s top SynthWave duo Final DJs. Spinning a little French Touch and Italo into the mix on this track, they’ve cooked up the prefect end to the summer.

No More Youth is shot though with a sense of slight sadness, and nostalgic longing, but that in no-way stops it from being a huge party tune. Final DJs work their synthesizer love to it’s fullest with lush retro chords, sparking melodies and an overall atmosphere of electronic bliss. Part beach, part galactic, Final DJs sound is now the epitome of the post-SynthWave Nu-Disco scene. Funkier than SnythWave, but more beautifully retro than Nu-Disco. They exist in just the right spot in-between.

Final DJs – No More Youth

Final DJs’ Gossip CountryEP is out now.

Buy Final DJs’ music from:

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