[Audio] Arc Neon’s ‘Technicolor Workout’


Arc neon

Technicolor Workout is taken from London SynthWaver Arc Neon’s just released new EP of the same name. Arc Neon has always been one of the standout artists in the genre for us, innovative and detail oriented with an authentic, but not copycat, sound. The new EP is a little too liberally sprinkled with rockin’ guitar for our tastes really, some may dig it, but we prefer our 80s inspired electronic music untainted. the title track, however, is a tour de force in British 80s Pop music.

Featuring the vocal stylings of Abbey Bretts, Technicolor Workout burst out of the speakers sounding like it should have been on Top Of The Pops circa 1984. The sweet vocal over popping and squealing synth leads lends the track a smooth energy. Upbeat, but not frantic, it’s a silky but dynamic tune who’s electro tom roll laden drums are pure vintage class. This one’ll have you itching to dance,

♫ Arc Neon (Feat. Abbey Bretts) – Technicolor Workout

Arc Neon’s Technicolor Workout EP is out now.

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Arc Neon’s ‘Night Heat’ EP

Arc Neon

‘Night Heat’ is the new EP from London SynthWave producer Arc Neon. His second since moving on from Indie-Electro outfit Wolf And Yeti into the realms of ‘80’s soundtrack inspired electronics. Whereas his last EP, Wet Dreams, was very focused on samples from news reports etc… this new collection is much more a self contained imaginary soundtrack.

Kicking off with Prey For Your Life, the EP immediately sets itself up as an ominous musical narrative. This headmost track droops you right in the thick of it, with Italo basslines and stabbing lead synths conjuring feelings of oppressive city nights and the shady, desperate, lives of those within. Arguable the EP’s lead track, Night Heat Theme is a definite cop show classic, this is where Arc Neon shows if his musical chops. The track is five minutes of intertwining melodies, intricately crated, SynthWave, based on a vintage drum machine beat, that adds layers and layers of hooks lead lines until it reaches it’s emotional peak. At this point the the EP, you really start to feel how Arc Neon sets himself apart from a lot of the SynthWave pack. His retro influenced go beyond the standard soundtrack fare, with elements of Electronic Soul and B-Boy Electro permeating all of his track, not just in terms of arrangement, but production style too. It’s a refreshing take on the genre.  Midnight Madman is a chaotic mid-point of the EP, juxtaposing hard Industrial beats with euphoric leads to produce a schizophrenic aural assault. This a nicely followed by the moody respite of Breaking In By Moonlight, loaded with lush atmospherics and an urban bassline and The Golden Rule, the EP’s most standard SynthWave track, rich in progressions that inspire. The EP ends on perhaps it’s strongest track, Femmé Fatalé (Ending Theme) (although, soundtracks ending themes being their highlight isn’t exactly unusual). Femmé Fatalé revolves around a haunting melody that will be stuck in your head all day, it’s a unique production in the world of SynthWave, placing raw Electro Funk alongside heartfelt synth soundtrack work to brilliant effect. The SynthWave scene feels like it’s due for a shake up soon, the danger is there of it becoming full of copycats, and growing stale, Arc Neon is amongst those who could do the shaking.

♫ Arc Neon – Femmé Fatalé (Ending Theme)

♫ Arc Neon – Night Heat Theme

♫ Arc Neon – Breaking In By Moonlight

Arc Neon’s Night Heat EP is out now.

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Arc Neon’s début EP


We wrote about new Synth wave crafter Arc Neon a while back. Rising from the ashes of Indie-Electro outfit Wolf And Yeti this London based producer has a knack for blending vintage synth sounds and samples from ‘80’s TV. News reports, adverts, you name it, Arc Neon will make a track out of it.

The man has just released a new EP, Wet Dreams, his début complete release. And an impressive début it is too. Kicking of with is standout track, Spring Break (Lisa’s Theme), a complex and intricate five minute epic . Whilst the track’s rich electronic tapestry and sense of dark drama never really mesh with teenage rabble rousing of the Spring Break news report samples, this doesn’t detract from what is a driving and emotionally resonant synth tune. There’s some insanely good riffs in this tune and a multi layered Italo style production that gets pitch perfect at times. On Riot the music and sampled subject matter gel a lot better. The report of prison riots plays well with the arpeggiated, almost old school EBM, bassline and switchblade lead lines. Also house within this package are the previously posted Beyond Our Control and synthetic sleaze-fest Looking For A Goddess. Arc Neon has laid down his manifesto here, and it’s one that will no doubt see him shoot to the top of the SynthWave scene.

♫ Arc Neon – Spring Break (Lisa’s Theme)

♫ Arc Neon – Riot

Arc Neon’s Wet Dreams EP is out now.

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Arc Neon

Arc Neon

Arc Neon is a relatively new UK producer who was previously part of London based Indie-Electro four peice Wolf And Yeti. With a new name and a new sound Arc Neon promises to deliver socially charged SynthWave with a melodic edge.

Arc Neon isn’t the first SynthWave artist to use ‘80’s news report samples for the basis for a track, but they way he does it certainly blends better than most. Running throughout ‘Beyond Our Control’ is an unsettling recap of some of the major disasters, both natural and man-made, that plagued North America and The World during the ‘80’s, this narrative both sits in a musically subtle place and adds an air of nervous tension to the track. This allows Arc Neon’s lush retro synths and attention to the importance of hooks and melody to shine, the melancholic rhythm section contracting with lead line full of optimism and the samples lending import to the whole track. Well be keeping out eye on Arc Neon in the future, he’s got an EP out soon.

♫ Arc Neon – Beyond Our Control

Arc Neon’s EP is out soon of Future City Records.

Check out more from Arc Neon on SoundCloud.