[Audio] Ben Macklin’s ‘Think Of Me’



We reckon you’d all know London based producer and all-round nice guy Ben Macklin by now. Not only one half of the UK’s answer to Chromeo, Cassette Club, but label boss and particularly talented producer in his own solo right too. Ben delivers the sound of the summer each and every time with warm, laid back tunes that draw on the wealth of Disco, House, SynthWave and SynthPop. Ben’s tune are just…nice. we’re not sure of there’s a better word to describe them, like a sunshiney afternoon spent with good friends and good drinks, for four minutes a Ben Macklin production can make you forget your worries and let you sink into the comfortable groove.

The man is pretty prolific these days, even if there isn’t nearly as much new Cassette Club material as we would like going around. Regular releases have been coming out on his Modal label over the past year and a half or so. Barely a month goes by without a new single and, surprisingly these days, this hasn’t for a second translated into a drop in quality. Take his latest offering, Think Of Me. The track’s release has been perfectly timed to coincide with a break in the UK’s bizarre gloomy mid-summer period and as we write this piece the sun is blazing down and Ben’s new single is the perfect soundtrack. The release sees him once again teaming up with fellow Londoner Emma Brammer (of Dare and It’s Over fame) on vocal duties who’s smoky croon lends an air of enigma to the track.

For such a cosy tune, the bassline in Think Of Me is pretty spikey. A razor sharp digital Funk bass that would impose a robotic dominance over any other track, but Macklin tempers it with washes of glowing and intimate tones that breeze between lush pads and starlight chimes, all rolling over a solid, but unobtrusive House beat. Leading the way on Think Of Me is a soothing electric piano hook and Emma’s enticing vocal. As Ben peppers her voice with the occasional Dub-like effect to weave it in and out of the tune, Emma’s slightly melancholic holiday daydreaming carries you away as much as any element of the music. In the car, in the headphone, on the boombox, DJ’ed by the pool; this one should be enjoyed in the outdoors in good company.

If Think Of Me makes you want to relax in the sunshine, then AIMES stellar reMix of the track will have you heading straight to the dancefloor. injecting the tune with a little Boogie, a little Italo and a little vintage Disco; one of Brooklyn’s finest, AIMES, hits the end of those big snare rolls running with orchestral stabs and the unrelenting machine Funk of the reMixes’ machine gun bassline. Mid-way point the reMix explodes in a symphony of strings and intertwining synth lines, all perfectly crafted to keep the dancefloor energy at it’s highest. Hold tight for the killer synth solo! Likewise, German synthesizer head Final DJs (‘Final DJ’ goddamnit!) delivers a densely layered electronic odyssey.

♫ Ben Macklin (Feat. Emma Brammer) – Think Of Me

♫ Ben Macklin (Feat. Emma Brammer) – Think Of Me (AIMES reMix)

♫ Ben Macklin (Feat. Emma Brammer) – Think Of Me (Final DJs reMix)

Ben Macklin’s Think Of Me is out now.

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[Download] Empire Of The Sun’s ‘Wandering Star’ reMixes by Final DJs



Germany’s première SynthWave outfit Final DJs have turned in another one of their monster, euphoric, slices of synthesizer gold. This time of target of the Sci-Fi workout is the Southern Hemisphere’s most mystical ElectroPop duo, Empire Of the Sun. Final DJs have got to grips with their track, Wandering Star, and turned it into a cinematic synth masterpiece.

There is some absolutely gorgeous sounds in this reMix. At it’s heart the tune is a deft mix of SynthWave and Nu-Disco, pretty standard dancefloor fare, but coupled with Final DJs’ flair for vintage synths and soaring solos the tune is elevated to a higher place. A hands-in-the-air moment for the Dreamwave crowd, this tune should be soundtracking peak time at retro synth nights across the globe.

Empire Of The Sun – Wandering Star (Final DJs reMix)

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[Download] Final DJs’ ‘All That Matters’


Final DJs

Final DJs as a solo act still makes my brain hurt something chronic. I absolutely hate writing it, he really should drop it down to ‘Final DJ’ at least, having to write “Final DJs is” is a crime. Well, at least the music is still coming, and still pretty awesome. Check out his new tune, All That Matters for some sunshine bliss on these increasingly cold evenings.

Final DJs delivers a buoyant House tune here with a touch of a SynthWave sheen over the top. Chirpy beats, think synth bass and a euphoric sample bounce around the track with a carefree glee; awaiting the moment those lush, warm synths slide into serve up their solo. Add in some sweet vintage chimes and you’ve got a nice slice of contemporary retro. It’s a free download too.

Final DJs – All That Matters

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[Download] Final DJs & Dana Jean Phoenix’s ‘We Are The Night’



Stop the press. There’s a new tune from the newly solo and still pluralised Final DJs. This time Final DJs has enlisted the help of SynthWave scene staple Dana Jean Phoenix on vocal duties, and the Canadian songstress adds that little bit of nostalgic flair to an otherwise Housey tune. Check out We Are The Night Below.

Crisp and clean, We Are The Night wears it’s Nu-Disco and French Touch roots on it’s sleeve. Warm basslines and heavy filtering underpin proceedings, creating a groaning core of some lush synth stabs and chirping leads. Dana’s vocal glides over the track like silk, tying everything together nicely and giving the track the human touch. Excellent summer evening listening.

Final DJs (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – We Are The Night (Short Vocal Cut)

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[Download] Final DJs’ ‘Teardrops’


Final DJs

Teardrops is the first new original tune from the newly solo Final DJs (yeah, we’re confused too, just try not to think about it) and it;’s really something you should pay attention too. Collaborating with British duo Frett, Final DJs have managed to serve up something quite original in a sea of sound-a-likes. Check it out.

There’s a lot of music around these days that takes it’s cues from 80s Sci-Fi soundtracks, and straight-to-video classics; but in a scene that is increasingly sounding nothing like it intends to as it fuels itself, Final DJs leans toward the Jarre end of the electronica spectrum whist delivering some authentic sounding soundtrack sounds. He brings the beat too, with a rumbling Disco groove running throughout. The vocal performance from Frett slips into the track with style, layering a passionate lament over the moody sounds. A track that bodes well for the future.

Final DJs (Feat. Frett) – Teardrops

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[Download] Final DJs reMix George Michael’s ‘Father Figure’


George Michael

Germany’s Final DJs is back in the reMix business, this time taking on another of his favourite 80s tunes. This one come in the form of a blissful rewording of George Michael’s 1987 hit single; Father Figure. Retro synth goodness to follow.

Upping the tempo somewhat, Final DJs layers on thick synth bass and a laid back Disco beat. Capturing an 80s mood with his reMix while still completely retooling the song, they deliver a bouncy, pumped up version that utilises the Gospel chorus for a full-on energy blast.

George Michael – Father Figure (Final DJs reMix)

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[Download] Final DJs reMix The Knocks And St. Lucia’s ‘Modern Hearts’



So, Germany’s Final DJs are a little late to the Modern Hearts party. By now everyone and their dog has reMixed the track and we may have said we weren’t going to write about any more reMixes. But we’ll just sneak this last version of The Knocks and St. Lucia’s masterpiece in here as a bit of Summer 2013 nostalgia. Enjoy.

Final DJs whip up a rollicking piano led Disco-House jam right here. Infusing the piano hook with wicked little Disco licks the duo keep things light, airy and synthy. The track’s breezy keys counterpointed with a rich and spongy bassline. It all works wonderfully with the vocals, making the track infectiously fun and headed straight for the dancefloor. Another fine piece of work from the Teutonic twosome.

The Knocks (Feat. St. Lucia) – Modern Hearts (Final DJs reMix)

The Knocks’ Modern Hearts is out now.

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[Audio] Final DJs reMix Kovary’s ‘Black And Green’



Out this week is the new release from Hungarian producer Kovary. Teaming up with vocalist Tamas Morocz he’s released Black And Green, a big Disco-House tune that comes equipped with a loaded reMix package. In amongst that package you’ll find this gem from Germany’s Final DJs, who give the tack a 80s Buck Rogers Sci-Fi sheen.

Turning their SynthWave machine up to 11, Final DJs really deliver the huge, powerful, futuristic Disco grooves. Rocking along on an insanely funky synth bassline, the track is loaded to bursting point with lush sweeping synths, Disco pops and gritty leads. Balancing tough and funky nicely, Final DJs have delivered another storming tune.

♫ Kovary (Feat. Tamas Morocz) – Black And Green (Final DJs reMix)

Kovary’s Black And Green is out now.

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[Audio] Pole Position release ‘50’


Pole Position Recordings

One of the countries finest Disco and House labels, Cardiff’s Pole Position Recordings has reached the big five oh. No not in years, in releases. And to mark their fiftieth release they have put together a storming compilation of some of the last couple of years highlights. But that’s not all, the album also contains four exclusive, brand new tunes from Honom, Dato, Deep Sound Express.

Encompassing everything the label stands for, slick Disco tunes, good-time vibes and hazy, dream synths alongside some hypnotic Deep House tunes the album is jam packed. The collection really shows off what a mental couple of years Pole Position have had, going from a new start-up to one of the scene’s staples and a mark of quality on any release. Just look at the line-up that includes the likes of Black Magic Disco, ODahl, Deep Sound Express & Raha, Final DJs, Phunktastike and MiDiMAN as well as tones more tunes from Satin Jackets, Sixth Avenue Express, Arcadis and more. We wish Pole Position all the best heading toward their century of releases.

♫ Black Magic Disco – Downtown (ODahl reMix)

♫ Deep Sound Express (Feat. Raha) – After Rain

♫ Final DJs – Moonshine (Phunktastike reMix)

♫ MiDiMAN – Dreams come true (Original mix)

Pole Position Recordings’ 50 is out now.

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[MP3] Final DJs reMix Janet Jackson’s ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’


Janet Jackson

One of our favourite German exports, the awesome duo Final DJs, are on a bit of a reMix roll at the moment. having recently turned in a storming mix of Stevie Nick’s Stand Back, the guys now turn their attention to Janet Jackson’s 90s hit That’s The Way Love Goes. Unusually choice for a track, but the Nu-Disco twosome really run with it.

More House oriented that Final Djs usual output, this reMix keeps the original’s soulful swing and pairs it with a shuffling, Garagey beat and pulsating warehouse bassline. Staying true to the early 90s sounds of the Jackson single, Final DJs conjure a Pop-Dance vibe true to the era. sustained strings, a trope of the time, are utilised to great effect here, tempering the tough groove to allow Jackson’s vocals to flow over the track like water.

Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love Goes (Final DJs reMix)

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